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Phobias and Fear

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Snacks with cheese dust. Yep, that means Cheetos, Doritos, Cheese Puffs, and other snacks of the sort. I got dared to eat one and I almost threw up. I can stand Goldfish though.

Although I don't have a fear of those, I do agree, those snacks are nasty.

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Fears, & things that 'disturb' or horrify me

Swiss cheese; groups of asymmetrical/non-alike holes, i.e. in cupcakes or in mud on the ground


Haha, pretty much the same here. I'm fine with swiss cheese but things like when something is overly bumpy (can't look at an extremely acne filled face) I just cringe and want to scratch it until it is smooth.

Also... I can't look at a potato when they start sprouting the little twigs... I cringed in fear and started shaking just typing that sentence. If I see one I run away super fast and start jumping around. Its that horrible

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Several fears:

The Dentist: The sounds of drills grinding teeth, and the frightening experience I had as a kid when the vacuum caught my tongue...I also fear that they'll begin working when the Novocaine hasn't fully settled in causing extreme pain when they begin drilling, or the novocaine wearing off in mid session. Fortunately, the dentist I went to was really good, had a root canal done. He was so good that I could have actually just fallen asleep while he was working on me.


Spiders: Yes, I don't like spiders. I'm fine with the Daddy Long Legs but anything beyond that, I'll lock up and freeze. Spiders give me the chills. The site of their webs (even without the spider) also causes me to not step near.


Deep water: Up until recently, I didn't really know how to swim so the deep end of the pool always freaked me out. The illusion the water created made the deep end look even deeper. Now, it's no problem, unless I can't see the bottom/water is all murky and I don't know how deep it is. I also don't like to get too close to the pumps in a wave pool. I'm not sure how they work but I always feared that the water sucks in and pushes out, causing me to also get pulled into the vents at the bottom.


Claustrophobia: Depends on the situation. If I know I can get out easily then there's no problem. If I know it will take some struggling to get out, forget it! I even had a fear for enclosed body slides up until last weekend when I found out there's plenty of room, and I'll be out before I know it. Atleast that's the case with speed slides. The long windy cruising-type enclosed body slides, I sometimes worry about getting stuck mid way and having tons of water gushing at me with nowhere to go and nothing to see.


Blood: Yes, we've all got it, it's a part of us. But when I see a bloody mess (Not the fake stuff), I will not go near it. A puddle of blood also freaks me out. Blood in hospitals...let's not go there...bloodophobia?


Not sure what you'd call it but seeing people with serious mental conditions that causes themselves to not be more or less 'normal' would freak me out. This pretty much qualifies for those who would have to be thrown into a padded cell with a straight jacket on...Some mutations/deformalities (serious ones at that) also can be somewhat frightening, topping it off with the previous mental conditions I described (Say, that Rubber Johnny character found on youtube).


Lastly, I used to be afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises in general. When I was younger, I was sitting out front when someone lit an m-80 in front of our house on the street. Not knowing what it was, the loud bang and flash scared the living #### out of me. Then the site of forked lightning freaked me out when I was younger...not sure why, it just did. The more little forks it had coming off it, the worse it was.

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My Phobias:


Black Widows: Not Spiders, just those ones. Got bit by one once, it wasn't fun.


Candles: I went to blow out one of those crazy triple wick ones a few years back and the wax blew up in my face and got into my eye. We don't light candles anymore (except for birthdays). We use those candle warmer things now.


Being buried alive: Ever since that one Tales from the Crypt where that guy got buried alive (I think you can throw being burned alive or drowning into this one as well)

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I'm deathly afraid of heights. Going up on observation decks almost make me pass out. Though coasters and drop towers don't seem to get me though. It's probably because you feel a lot safer.


I think it has something to do with coasters and rides like drop towers, staying in motion. If they're moving, your phobia doesn't get too (pardon the expression) 'heightened'.


I had been afraid of heights for years and years, but still enjoyed riding coasters and (eventually) drop towers and (what I call) upsurge towers? And I have even ridden those awesomely OMG StarFlyers now!


I remember in the mid-90s though, stopping all of a sudden 1/2 way up the second lift hill of The Beast at Kings Island (it was a loading prob.at the main station), and that few seconds stopped on the hill, made me feel the whole lifthill was "tipping over" and/or our train was suddenly going to fall backwards down the lifthill, into a crash, etc etc. Never dug my hands into my buddy's arm more intensely than I did that day, I remember.


Good times, heh heh.


I think I am much better at handling heights than I used to be. Doing the tours with TPR and riding with groups of people, the same "rides with height" has certainly helped me deal better about doing it, even on my own, which I never did before, especially with anything involving a tower, lol.

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^I think staying in motion is one reason, and can also apply to other elements of a ride. For example, if someone is afraid of inversions, remind them that the entire ride is very short time-wise to begin with, and the inversion itself is only a small proportion of that.


I think another reason is that you know you're secure (well, assuming you trust the restraints). You can reassure yourself that you were perfectly secure in the station, and there's no reason for that to change. You know the restraints were designed to hold you in safely throughout the entire course.


By contrast, in almost every other commonplace activity (standing on a balcony, ledge, ladder, mountaintop, etc.), you're standing and walking around of your own free will, which may bring out a fear of making a misstep and falling.

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^Haha, not many people do venture out during a thunderstorm


I can see it now...


Bill: Hey! I see lightning!

Bob: YAY!

Jill: Awesome!

Barb: I'm so excited!!!

Bill: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!?!

Jill: Lets all go out to a wide open field and sit under a tree!

Barb: Better yet, we could climb the tree!

Bob: Lets all wear our trademark foil hats when we do it!


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Cockroaches in my bedroom.


I can deal with them anywhere else inside or outside the house, but NOT in my f*cking bedroom. If I hear one flying around my room (Yes, apparently Texas roaches FLY!!!) I literally can not sleep until I find it and know its dead. I also cant stand picking up dead roaches (with paper towels, napkins, etc.) because of the popping sound their legs make as they're breaking when you pick them up.


It just really effing freaks me out!




EDIT: Case-in-point: I just nearly shat myself, a little rubber dog toy from Bon Bon Land (That I got from a TPR Bag O' Crap. Thanks Robb!) was on my bed, and I thought it was a roach. I didn't realize it wasn't a roach until it hit the wall instead of taking to flight when I smacked it.

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Heights heights heights heights heights. So is my dad, so when we went to Chicago last spring to the Sears Tower I got out on the Skydeck for the sole purpose of freaking him out (and myself). I got a good picture, though.


For the uninformed, this is the skydeck...

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