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Sea World Manta "Track Spotting" Photo Contest!

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Hey TPR Members!


You guys ready for a little challenge with a lot of fun? Check this out....


The Sea World Manta "Track Spotting" Photo Contest!


At some point VERY soon (we aren't saying exactly when) the "main track" for Sea World's new Manta (giant B&M Flying Coaster) will be on route from Ohio to Orlando.


The contest is simple - The first person to post a picture of the main track on route to Orlando wins the grand prize!


BUT! There will also be bonus prizes for additional photos!


Here are the contest categories:


- Track Spotting! - See the track...TAKE A PICTURE! The first person to post wins the grand prize, but there will be runner up prizes for more photos...KEEP TRACK SPOTTING AND KEEP POSTING!


- Track Spotting Psycho! - The person who gets photos of the track in the most different locations as possible wins a TPR Bag-O-Random Stuff!


- State Track Prize! - Be the first person to snap a photo of the track in another state and you win a TPR Bag-O-Random Stuff! (The track is traveling from Ohio to Florida, so there are several chances!)


- Most creative shot! - Once all the photos are collected we will host a "most creative shot" contest where all TPR members can judge. So BE CREATIVE when you take pictures of the track! The winner will get a TPR Bag-O-Random Stuff!


- YOU and the track! - Get a picture of you with the track in the background! *NOTE* please do not do this while driving! The trucks will have to stop at rest areas, get gas, etc...also please DO NOT climb on the track! The winner will get a TPR Bag-O-Random Stuff!


- Manta Track Photoshop contest! - Once all the track photos are in, we will host a photoshop contest with all the track photos. The most creative photoshop job, WINS!


Remember! To submit your photos -


Or EMAIL them to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com


The grand prize package includes:

Two admission tickets to SeaWorld Orlando (valid for one year).

Front-of the-the-line access for two people for a ride on Manta (opens summer 2009). If the winner visits SeaWorld Orlando before Manta opens, they can choose front-of-the-line access on either Kraken or Journey to Atlantis.


Travel expenses, meals, etc. are not included.

Employees and contractors of Busch Entertainment Corporation and their families are not eligible.


Please NOTE - The contest doesn't end with the first photo posted! Keep looking for the track and sending in the photos. There may be additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and maybe more photos that have been submitted!


Additional Rules of the contest -


We realize that some of you know the location of the B&M track facility. Please do not camp out at the front of the factory waiting for the trucks to roll out.


The photos MUST be of actual "main track" - supports, lift hill or station track do not count.


To be fair and to give more people a chance, one person can only win in one category.


The route being taken by the trucks as they ship the main track is: From Clermont in Batavia, OH to Sea World in Orlando, FL -- Rte 32 West out of Batavia to Interstate 275 South … I-275 south to I-75 South to Florida … I-75 south to the Florida Turnpike … Florida Turnpike to Interstate 4 … Interstate 4 to the Beachline (SR 528) … Beachline to Sea World Orlando.




We look forward to you all participating in this contest!


--Robb Alvey


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For those of you who don't live in the Ohio to Florida area you'll still be able to be involved with the photoshop contest and judging for the most creative photos!


So don't give up hope just yet!




Great Idea.


Even if you can't get out there, you can still win. I love this little "games" that you do, just like the Mystery GCI.

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SeaWorld is really bringing up the hype for Manta by providing this contest to numerous sites.


I love that they are doing this because it shows that they pay attention to their audience and by getting them involved, it shows that they are committed to their guests and want to provide a world class experience for us all.

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^That's okay...really!!!


I know some people IM'd Robb saying they were just going to camp out at the factory and wait for the track to leave...




I would totally disqualify those entries if it was up to me, as that's totally pointless and not what the contest is about!

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Wow! Taking pictures of fresh new tracks almost straight off the belt. Sounds like a grand idea! Shame I'm on the other side of the waters.

Guess I'll just do some strange Photoshop thingy. May not get grand prize, but that's ok because I don't really have the money for travelling expences. Gonna see if I can save up something for a Euro trip, if at all possible. <.<

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Wow! Taking pictures of fresh new tracks almost straight off the belt. Sounds like a grand idea! Shame I'm on the other side of the waters.


For me the same on the otherside of the water.


keep up the great work.


Kind regards

Sjaak van Horne

Dutch Resident

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