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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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^So are we looking at the possible closure of all RMC rides?


Nowhere did anyone say Outlaw Run was closed. And it isn't a permanent closure. They are just investigating the accident and will reopen the coasters with whatever modifications (if any) or added.

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Spent the day at the park today, and it was a hot one. A park guest directly in front of me passed out while waiting for the Boomerang, and before I began to administer first aid (I am certified lifeguard/CPR/AED/first aid), this guy came and was like, "yeah, I used I be a boys scout," and took over. Out of respect for the park guest, I stepped aside as to not crowd her personal space and possibly make the situation more embarrassing for her as everyone in line was watching. The line never got passed the three switchbacks next to the station so everyone in line was clustered and saw her go down. She hopped right back up, walked into the station and later was just as fine as she was before, even laughing about it. Here's the map out of the day:


Goliath- x2, 10mins, one train operation- The line was longer in the morning, and later in the afternoon at 6pm was a walk on, but it was my sister's (age 11) first time on it, and first time on a B&M invert. She liked it. It's the 3rd batman clone I've been on, but I still enjoy it and find it to be forceful.


Boomerang- x2, 10mins/walk on- Yes, I rode the Boomerang. It's usually a one and done for me, but the first time was to ride with my GP-ish cousin and the second was also my sisters first time on the ride and her first time going backwards. Again, she liked it!


Poltergeist- 1x, 10mins, one train operation- I waited for the front. My GP-ish cousin did not expect the launch to be as forceful as it was. Hilarity ensued. Still runs great!


Superman- 2x, 10mins/walk on, two train operation- Waited for the front first time, second time snagged an empty row with my sister. It definately has the rattle, but it could be worse. The paint is real faded at the top of the lift/ turnaround and the interlocking corkscrews. Paint doesn't matter too much but it sure looks nice when a coaster is all freshly painted.


Twister- 1x, walk on- the only flat I rode today. I actually enjoyed it. It didn't hurt my thighs, but it was very crowded on the ride; I felt like my personal space was violated almost. Kind of like an "in my bubble" feeling but it was bearable.


Tony Hawk's Big Spin Pandemonium- 1x, 5mins, 4 cars- Getting bumpy, but still nice. Younger cousin (age 9) loved it!


Scream- 1x, 15mins, 2 towers- When my cousin and I entered the queue, one tower was open, but they opened up a second one and got the line moving. Although smaller, I find it more intense that S:TOP up in Arlington.


Road Runner- 1x, walk on, 2 train operation- I love this ride. Bumpy, but brings memories. It's older, I didn't expect it to be smooth. Perfect family ride.


Bugs Bunny Log Flume- 1x, walk on, several boats- they're ere doing a leave one empty, load, empty, load pattern, but the line never got long. I rode to ride with the family. Nice flume! Great theming and you don't get too wet which is always a big one for me. I love the splash, but love it even more when it's directed away from the boats!


Rockville show- The performers can actually sing! Short, but entertaining and the family enjoyed it.



Iron Rattler was closed, and I was asked by a park surveyer if I planned to ride, and I just replied yes even though I knew it was closed. Disappointing for sure, but I got to ride it for the travel channel film shoot so I wasn't too disappointed. It will be there next time. Let her rest.


Park operations were 9/10. Few employees seemed like they didn't want to he there but all the others were enthusiastic, happy, and ready to work. Props to the Boomerang ops who were working at the time of the medical emergency for handling it well. They apologized for the delay and kept the line moving well after the incident. Crowds were minimal and the park was clean. Definately worth the visit! Always fun to go to Fiesta Texas, ad it's nice to see a park that's beautiful as well. The waterfalls were running today. As always, I had a great time!

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I was at the park yesterday. At 3:00 PM boomerang broke-down. at park opening I don't think goliaths train was off the transfer track, it opened at about 11:00 AM.


Poltergeist ( 1X )


Scream ( 1X )


Superman: Krypton Coaster ( 1X )


Road Runner Express ( 1X )


On to the water park!


Twister ( 1X )


Six Chuter ( 1X )


Texas Tumble ( 1X )


Tornado ( 1X )


Hill Country Racer ( 1X )


And back out of the water park!


Goliath ( 1X )

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Did anyone have any trouble with bees during their visit? The 2 days I spent at the park in July, the bees were eating the guests alive! Everywhere I turned guests were trying to shoo bees away from their drinks in souvenir cups and such. This happened to me whilst I was in line for Skyscreamer. Bees were after my souvenir cup full of Poweraid. This happened again on the way up the lift hill on Iron Rattler. Even though I didn't have my souvenir cup at the time, bees kept coming at both me and the guy next to me. We kept fighting them off until we finally started down the first drop.


Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe I just picked a bad couple of days to visit the park.

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My guess is you were dealing with yellow jackets more than bees. Yellow jackets don't make honey or pollinate and are more aggressive than bees. They love sugary stuff like half drunk sodas put in recycling cans or trash cans, and in mid / late summer reach their most aggressive state. If the drink containers were reusable and washable and washed in dishwashers instead of thrown out in the cans this problem could be almost entirely prevented.


I hope iRat's down time ends soon, I have plans to visit this fall and if the ride won't open by then I'll reschedule for a time when it will be fixed. There's probably not much more to investigate, the only question is what changes, if any, will be made to the lap bars and whether seat belts will be added. My guess is yes on both, similar to the Intamin Supermen.

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^ So what were they after on iRat's lift hill. Neither I nor the guy next to me had anthing "sugary" in our posession at the time. Although I'm a sweet natured guy, I'm not that sweet. Yeah, I'm thinking they were yellow jackets, they seemed larger than normal bees. And yes, they were very aggressive.


Another thing, shouldn't the city health department step in? A yellow jacket infested theme park has to got to be some sort of health code violation.

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Guys, it is SAN ANTONIO!! Right now were aren't getting a lot of rain so the bee's/hornets/jackets/wasps are out. This is going to be where ever you go, not just the amusement parks. There is nothing you can do about that. I'm sorry. It's an amusement park with a bunch of food, drinks, and weird scents that attract this flying creatures. Not much can be done about that. If your outdoors, experience the outdoors.

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^A lot of states won't allow you to kill honey bees anymore. Heck, my state won't allow the killing of hornets! They have to be moved by a professional for some reason. I can understand the honey bee removal, as they seem to be dying off and it's concerning a lot of people.

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Very interesting concept. Looks like Diving Coaster Vanish mashed up with Titan at SFOT. It would have been sort of an interesting ride experience; but, it's a Togo. It probably would have been a painful one. It looks like this area was developed into what is now occupied by Superman, which is by far a better investment.


Thanks for sharing this!

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Aha! So that's what the long lost steel coaster would have looked like.


That was a long time ago but I remember it was supposed to have opened alongside the Rattler and would have been the tallest steel coaster in the world (I think the height was to have been somewhere in the 250 ft range, which should have been plenty tall back in the early '90s when it was conceived). That model looks like the real deal because I distinctly remember hearing that it was supposed to have had only one loop, though as I remember the story as it was told to me Vekoma was going build it (but again, that was a long time ago and they may have been fishing for builders). As the story went, at some point they scrapped the steel coaster in favor of the water park for the '92 opening and pushed back the steel coaster for '93 or '94, but when they had the ambulance chaser problems with the Rattler they pretty much shelved the coaster and went with the Boardwalk instead (blah). I still remember looking over where Superman is now back in late '92 fully expecting to see the footers starting on their record-breaking steelie.


Thanks for sharing that, I always wanted to know what that coaster would have looked like. I had heard of people seeing the blueprints but never knew there was a model.


EDIT: thinking about it some more they may have been on the fence about Togo vs Vekoma building it, I can't remember 100%. Albert Alcala might remember.

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