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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^ if you are going on a weekday in the summer, try and ride the good rides (Diamondback, Beast, Vortex etc.) in the mornings. Bnahsee's line should be hopefully about 5 - 10 minutes long. Depends on the how fast the crew goes in the station. But last year at about 12:30 and until about 3:30 i rode banshee about close to 10 times since the line was short. Its up to you on how you wanna do it though.

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that we can see either a Giga coaster come to KI in the next year or two or three or maybe a floorless coaster? Maybe the worlds longest Floorless coaster since KI likes to break records like CP?


I definitely don't see a Giga coming to KI. A floorless would be a nice addition, though.

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I can definitely see a giga coming to Kings Island. They have the popularity, the draw, and most importantly... a butt-ton of space to build it. Given the recent CF trend, I think we can practically expect one from B&M... no matter how much I'd like to see one from Intamin.


I'm still standing by my previous statements that a terra coaster through the woods back there would be epic, so here's to hoping that happens.

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^ um. honestly i think cedar fair is trying to get parks like Canada's Wonderland and Carowinds coasters that they needed. After all Cedar Fair does like to break records sometimes. Plus you have to remember if the GP wants something more thrilling and unique the park does go with different ideas and sometimes its a good thing to try something different. Honestly I really do t see how you can say diamondback banshee fury and leviathan are all wastes of money. They have brought really good attendance since they have been put in

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