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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^ & ^^ We stayed at their campground a couple of years ago and it was quite nice. It was in the off-season, so it was like we had the place to ourselves & it wasn't really hot.


Although we didn't use it, it looked like they had a shuttle to the park too.

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^ If it's on Travel Channel, they'll make sure it has some jackass like Bert the Conqueror hosting it.

I never understood why they made a show out of him riding, for example, Cedar Point's four tallest rides, then hyped it up to make it seem like he accomplished something. The show with the self-proclaimed "enthusiasts" bugs me even more.

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^ That was literally the only episode I watched. The whole time I kept saying "Anyone with a virtual queue can do that 'challenge.'" I forget was the name of the "challenge" was, but it was completely made up for him and the stupid show. I'm just glad they finally cancelled it because it wasn't entertaining at all. If I want to see an idiot scream like a wimp on Top Thrill Dragster, I'll just ride the damn thing.

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^ i tried joining it. my season pass has been renewed and i entered the right numbers it asked for but it wouldnt let me join.



In other words, i think cedar fair should invest in a little something like Maverick for KI. The only problem is where to put it. I would say either between the racer and flight of fear and then use the area where Son Of Beast's "Rose Bowl" was or they could take out the Vortex and put something there. By all means i love the Vortex for what its worth, but over the past 5 years or so, its just got rougher and rougher every year. I say 2016 is a good year for KI and maybe possibly a new coaster. (KI almost always gets a new coaster a year after Cedar Point does )

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Honestly, I think Cedar Fair is going to leave Kings Island alone for a little bit. I don't see more than a flat ride for 2016, because I'm pretty sure the relatively new management at Cedar Fair is focusing on the smaller parks for the next couple of years. I would love to see a terra-coaster back there, though.


But then, a wonder mountain -eseque ride could also be on the menu eventually... Should they ever remove the action theater, that is.


This is out of nowhere, but I was thinking about the current layout of the park, and realized that if they ever get rid of dinosaurs alive/include it with park admission, it would be pretty easy to connect a path from its location to X-Base. They'd just have to move those buildings next to the racer. That's not speculating too big, is it?


edit: and a dinosaur theme would work fantastically with a terra-coaster. PR people: I know you read these boards. Do this. Make this a thing. ASAP and/or now. k cool that's all I have to say

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