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Photo TR: Coastin' by the Ocean with Derek and Nicole

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Derek and I attended the Coastin' by the Ocean event at Morey's Piers this past weekend. It was my first trip to Morey's, and my first visit to a seaside park in the US, so I was pretty excited. And Morey's didn't disappoint! We had a great time, and felt like we got our money's worth even though we only stayed for 1 of the 2 event days.


Conner loved it so much he made Kerri ride twice! Many more pictures to come!


Bret and Conner are ready to go!


Kerri looks stoked. (kinda)


Your chariot awaits.


But before we rode the Nor'Easter, we decided to ride the Flitzer, which back in the day was Derek's first coaster! (aww!)


When we entered the park, they were cleaning EVERYTHING, including the Great Nor'Easter's supports!


And got some SWEET loot bags! We already got our money's worth with wristbands that were good on all rides and both water parks, TWO teeshirts apiece, a water bottle, a $10 off coupon at Jumbo's for food, and a discount coupon for the upcharge rides and souvenirs!


We registered for the event at this cute little tent.


You can ride bikes on the boardwalk until a certain time. They had some really neat multi-person bikes that you could rent. We saw one for 6 people!


Ah, there's a coaster or two. But we're not going to that pier until later.


Heck no! We're going to ride some coasters!


Did we just decide to drive to Philadelphia to take some pretty pictures of the city skyline?


It's 6:30 AM on a Saturday... WHY are we in the car?!?!

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More pictures


We wouldn't ride Cygnus X-1 until later, because Atmos-fear was so cool we had to ride it twice! :)


Next, we rode Dante's Dungeon, a dark ride with a couple good scares. The outside really reminds me of Blackpool's ghost train, down to the demon guy in the middle breathing smoke.


Bret, Karri, and Conner take a spin.


Next, we decided to ride the Doo Wopper, a cutely themed Wild Mouse.


This place makes me really miss Blackpool.


This lazy river looks very relaxing. And it has clear tubes "so they can tell if you're drowning". I think it's really so the lifeguards can have a better view of all the hot Jersey babes in bikinis. ;)


Random kid goes flying down the tube slide!


Very cool theming.


This waterpark has a huge chess board and checkers board, and also a swim-up bar (for adults only, obviously).


We like it. Too bad there was nobody around to take our picture and we had to do it Myspace-style.


THIS is why they call it Coastin' by the Ocean!


Morey's has two separate water parks. This is the one located on Surfside (?) Pier. We did not go in it, but it looks pretty cool.

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And yet more!


The park's mascot is a seagull, and with good reason. Those suckers are everywhere! More to come!


I saw jellyfish and a conch for the first time, and collected some pretty shells.


We also headed to the beach.


This lazy river was great, but I had a hard time getting into my tube! Stupid deep water! :)


Lilly pads and a fun wide slide, that's more of my idea of fun!


WHY is this considered fun?!?!


This is the family slide, where you can ride with a buddy or alone. You go down several small slides, landing in a pool each time and the lifeguard there chooses which path you will go down. I had never ridden a slide like this and I really enjoyed it!


Next, we went to the water park. Derek wanted to ride this torture device of insanity, but I said "No way Jose!"


And "Hi, Derek!" Phew, glad I got that out of my system! Let's carry on, shall we? :)


Time for some TPR cliches. SIDELOOP


While not too brutal with Derek's patented Vekoma defensive riding strategy (hug the restraint the whole time), it messed up my hair pretty good. But it was almost... dare I say... fun?!?!


I love how the white stands out against the pretty blue sky.


It's a Vekoma Boomerang.


Time for another credit for me, the Sea Serpent


We just did not have time to ride this carousel, although it is very pretty.


Mariner's Landing has another fun assortment of rides, and the other water park.


Does Piers live here?!?!?!


Next, we decided to venture down the boardwalk to the middle pier, Mariner's Landing


One more picture cause it's just so darn photogenic. :)


While still kidney punching and painful (Dear Vekoma, please invent a train where all wheels touch the track at all times. Love, Nicole), the new trains made the ride much more tolerable and we actually rode it twice! All SLC's should get these new restraints!


In fact, they are just like the flyer restraints, which I liked. You can actually talk to the person you're sitting next to!!


Hmmm... ok, these restraints don't look so bad.


Usually my SLC experience is somewhat like the following: "OWW! MY BRAIN! MY KIDNEYS! WHYYYYYYYY"


Great Nor'Easter is an SLC that just got the new Vekoma SLC trains.

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This is the family slide, where you can ride with a buddy or alone. You go down several small slides, landing in a pool each time and the lifeguard there chooses which path you will go down. I had never ridden a slide like this and I really enjoyed it!


Reminds me of one of the tube slides at Wild Water Kingdom in Toronto. Except on that one they send you down in like groups of 20. Pure chaos when you're in big group.

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The previous pictures I posted were larger than I wanted. Sorry about that! Let's continue on!


This place is Nicole approved!


Dulce de Leche and Coffee ice cream swirl?! Best idea EVER!!


But first, a stop for some ice cream.


It was time to "watch the tram car, please" and head over to Adventure Pier.


My real body is better than this cardboard cutout! Why am I standing here?! Anyway...


I'll never understand why this has over-the-shoulder restraints, but it was still fun.


Right next door to that is Rollie's Coaster.


It's a boat dark ride with those awful 3-D glasses. But thankfully the ride was better than Garfield's Nightmare!


Also on Mariner's Landing is Pirates of Wildwood.

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Adventure Pier!


This dark ride fan is sad to miss out on another credit.


Um... okay... it's boarded up.. never mind.


Hmm, maybe they'll surprise us and open it up?


They made us actually walk by the ex-dark ride on the way to the shop tour! :(


Speaking of "used to be a dark ride"... :(


On the way back for our Coaster Shop Tour... used to be a dark ride. Waah!


Also on this pier is quite possibly the worst dark ride I've ever been on. And I LOVE dark rides. This one is about 20 feet long and has literally 3 gags, none of which are any good.


Great White is in a beautiful location right next to the water.


You get some really good views from the skyride!


I think I'll just stick to watching it from the skyride.


We rode it once in the back, once in the front. It was pretty rough, and I passed on riding it any more. A shame, as it looks so fun.


Time to ride the Great White, the park's CCI woodie

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This is the family slide, where you can ride with a buddy or alone. You go down several small slides, landing in a pool each time and the lifeguard there chooses which path you will go down. I had never ridden a slide like this and I really enjoyed it!


Kennywood's Sandcastle water park also has these slides, I actually quite enjoyed those too.


That and all of these Jersey Boardwalk and Trimper's trip reports are actually making me crave visiting Wildwood one of these days. There's just a certain charm about a boardwalk.

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Now for the dorky part of the report.


This kid totally looks like he doesn't belong on the ride, but he freaking loves it! He's crazy! :)


He's not!! He's 3, he's tall enough to ride, and he LOVES IT! He rode it twice in a row!


Doesn't Conner look scared?


This ride didn't look like much, but it was really fun and intense!


Another of my favorite rides there was Atmos-Fear, a really cool themed drop tower ride.


And a "dark ride" portion. Sweet!


Complete with 2 lift hills!


By the way, Morey's has a really awesome log flume. Zoom Phlume.


Here I come! Wheeee!


"Hold on to the middle here and lean forward, you'll go faster" says the ride op. Ok! Check! (by the way, they only let 1 person go down at a time)


Much to my surprise, the ride op at the bottom handed me a big grey t-shirt and told me I had to put it on in case I landed on my back at the bottom of the slide..... ok! Brown sack, check! Grey t-shirt, check!


This was the first ride at Morey's, this is where it all began!


I call this next part "Carpet Slide: The Experience"


They gave us pretzels and water, which was really appreciated as it was a bazillion and a half degrees outside and I probably would have passed out if I wasn't constantly drinking water. There were also super secret plans but you can find those elsewhere. ;)


They had a cute presentation area set up.


OMG SLC!!!! "Maybe they're going to raffle it off" ;)

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Great photos! Did they talk to you guys about the Golden Nugget Ride at all? I so wish they would move it to a different pier.. and what was some of the T-shirts they gave out?


Thanks! During the Q&A, someone did ask about the Golden Nugget and the Moreys spoke about it briefly. I heard a rumor somewhere that they were considering moving it but there was something about the structure that couldn't be moved. Don't know if there's any truth to that though. Mr. Morey did say that they had companies come in and quote how much it would cost to refurb. Every year that cost would go up, and they do not know if they are going to do it. It looks to be in pretty good condition to me, but who knows what the condition of the gags inside are.


The t-shirts they gave us were a "Coastin' by the Ocean" shirt and a "Fly the Great Nor'Easter" shirt.



It would of been really cool if they could've installed the coaster without interfering with the dark ride, but alas...

Oh but they can... on the plans the dark ride shows up intact. So there could be hope yet!

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One last set of photos! The luau! They set up part of the one water park with our dinner. It was really cool being in a tropical themed water park area eating dinner with an SLC flying over our heads.


That's it for my trip report! I hope you enjoyed it! I had a wonderful day at Morey's and I can't wait to return! :) It also made me REALLY miss Blackpool!


Especially the SLC! The light colors change on it. It was INSANELY busy that night! I couldn't believe it! I guess everyone spent all day at the beach then headed to the rides at night.


Everything looks so cool at night!


After dinner, we decided to lounge on some chairs. Conner joined us!


Derek agrees!


Woohoo! Such fun!


Another AWESOME thing we got to do was make smores!!!!


Here is the seagull mascot! Rylee loved him! She loves real seagulls too, the silly baby! Workers were walking around giving kids stuffed animals of this guy, and also a few toy guitars. Cha-ching, money's worth obtained yet again!


And I decided to crash his party!


Derek decided to enjoy his on a hammock


Woohoo fruity drinks!

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Glad you enjoyed WildWood. If I wasn't out of town this past weekend I could have been your tour guide and told you some good places to eat. I have a home 5 minutes outside of the island. Did you try Mack's pizza? It's the best. Come back soon and we can hang out. I am going to help Big Mike get his credits down there pretty soon for the big Mike Road Show 2008. We have been hearing rumors about the GN for some time now as to whether it is feasible for the Morey's organization to reopen it. It would be nice to see it reopen, it used to be my favorite ride when I was growing up and spent summers down in WildWood.

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This was a great report and a joy to read. Got a kick out of the Sea Serpent hair picture and the one of the fried Oreos and Pretzel stand. Also enjoyed the water parks and agree the themeing is cool.


BTW I'm also a Keen fan and was looking at buying the Venice H2s Derek has. How's he like them?

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Awesome TR! Makes me miss the old family vacations out there! Too bad the hotel we stayed at burnt to the ground! haha.


I was amazed last year after having not been there for 5 years how much nicer the area surrounding the Boardwalk has gotten. Especially the northern part.


No pictures of how awesome the ferris wheel is at night?!


Again, great pictures and report!!


Eric *had his first steps at Wildwood* Geiple

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