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The InBev/Busch Discussion Thread

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^It's a huge stretch, yes, but I would trust them with BGE in terms of maintenance and atmosphere. If InBev is willing to split the parks up for individual sale, I think it would be feasible for them to snag BGE. Disney would probably snag Discovery Cove and the Sea Worlds (since they put a bid on the Sea World parks (Orlando and San Diego) at the time that A-B bought them), and Merlin or some other foreign company could purchase BGA and maybe the other Sea Worlds.


Just a few thoughts...

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Umm... at point was I infering that ALL people who drink beer are alcoholics? Don't be so sensitive.


And yeah, I'm switching to Milwaukee's Best now that this Coors news has been discovered. They gotta be owned by Americans. Right?


It was a blanket statement. I'm not being sensitive.


Milwaukee's Best is a Miller beer. You're out of luck again.


No... you were being sensitive and saying something that I didn't.


Time to go local. Schlitz it is.

Schlitz is owned by Pabst which is produced by SABMiller(South Africa), you best bet is Genesee which is one of the few American Beers still owned and brewed by an American Company.

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Budweiser just started tasting even worse.



I said the same thing for the Wal-Mart family, and I'll say it again for the Busch family. How wealthy do you need to be? Honestly, there are a million small mom and pop businesses out there that are legitimately feeling the strain of the economy, but the current situation is not threatening any major executive's lifestyle at A-B. In fact, their yearly salaries combined could probably take care of St. Louis' population for decades.


Naturally I'm concerned about the parks; however, I'm more concerned about corporate America. Pride in one's family, and/or national tradition just don't matter anymore.....and that's sad.

Given the cheap dollar, I don't think there was much AB could do. InBEV could have gone higher. Hostile takeovers are nasty things.


What's next? The White House: sponsored by ___________?


That was done years ago, except the sponsors want to remain nameless.


Just found this on MSNBC:




Kind of depressing.

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I was drinking Belgium beer at SeaWorld Orlando last night, and while we were walking around, we noticed that all signage that said "American Owned" has been removed or painted over!


I didn't take my camera, but will tomorrow if I head back down.


Just a sign of what's coming. The employees in the beer house also all have the attitude of, "Who cares, I'm losing my job anyway" right now. Non seemed to really care anymore, after all, they have been told to preach Americanism through the roof but the power of money is stronger than that!

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Go with Sam Adams now.


In my opinion, Sam Adams is the one of the few American beers that doesn't taste like crap (except micro's of course)! I am only a few hours from the Genesee brewery, but I can't bring myself to drink it...I just can't!


Funny that I didn't see anyone mention Yuengling? As long as people are throwing in wild speculations and fears...what if this company stepped in and bought the parks to keep the family/beer friendly environment?? I can see it know - 'Yuengling Gardens Europe and Tampa'! They even have a brewery in Florida now, so you just never know!


They are America's oldest family-owned brewery (1829) in Pottsville, PA and even outlasted Prohibition. The tour mentions how they originally invented the eagle logo, which was basically ripped off by AB years later.


While I am not a huge fan of the lager, the black and tan is pretty good. The free tour of the old brewery is way cool (they take you down in the keg refridgeration caves) and then give you two free drafts at the end!


I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. I don't think that it is too far away from Knoebels and Allentown.


I am all about Sam Adams, or Yuengling buying the Busch parks if they are put on the chop block. If they remain as an Inbev/AB park, at least we will be able to buy decent beer at the parks (Stella/Becks)!!!! It could be a win/win for beer lovers like me!!!


Who doesn't love old, spooky beer caves??


If they bought the parks, the eagle flowers could remain!!!!


Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, PA

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While at the park tonight, I overheard a couple of supervisors talking about the sale and one of them mentioned that the Busch family is seriously considering purchasing the parks. If park management is talking about it, then this could be a serious possibility.

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According to the latest issue of Williamsburg's Virginia Gazette, Candover, a British equity firm, is looking at buying all the Busch parks for around $4 billion. (I couldn't find the story online--I read it in the print version.)

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According to the latest issue of Williamsburg's Virginia Gazette, Candover, a British equity firm, is looking at buying all the Busch parks for around $4 billion. (I couldn't find the story online--I read it in the print version.)


Candover is the company that acquired Parques Reunidos back in 2007...I was really waiting to see how long it would take Parque to put their bid in for the parks, considering they are trying to expand their market in the US. It'll be interesting if this acquisition goes through, especially after the Kennywood Entertainment deal being finalized.

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From Screamscape:

(8/21/08) After seeing as how self delusional PETA was in their public statement claiming victory over getting Six Flags to stop asking guests to eat live cockroaches for Fright Fest, I guess I should have expected this next move. According to the Orlando Sentinel PETA is now claiming that they will put in a bid to buy at least one of the SeaWorld parks for the sole purpose of setting all of the animals free and replacing them with “virtual-reality or animatronic displays.” PETA claims to have a very wealthy donor willing to pony up a large sum to try and make it happen… but it wont! This wouldn’t happen in a billion years, even if they were able to pony up the cash to buy the entire BEC theme park chain. It would be irresponsible for the Anheuser-Busch InBev board of directors to even consider such a sale, knowing PETA’s intentions. This just another PR stunt to keep PETA’s name in the headlines after last week’s Six Flags story got national coverage. Want a little more? Take a look at PETA’s website and you can see that they have also sent a letter to InBev’s Carlos Brito asking him to ‘retire’ the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Boy… that kind of sounds threatening and ominous doesn’t it? I suppose they’ll be asking Disney to ‘retire’ Mickey Mouse next.


PETA never knows when to shut up.

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I think this is just another way PETA is trying to get national attention...


SeaWorld does a lot to actually help animals and to educate us about them. Everything from their Education department, to the millions of dollars they have donated to help rehabilitate animals to the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.


Just my opinion but I believe most people would visit SeaWorld over a regular zoo so they provide a perfect place to have fun while at the same time be educated about animals we share our world with.

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