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  1. The Haunted Mansion was odd since they had 60 minutes listed on the entrance and on the app, but it ended up being almost two hours mainly due to the FastPass line being just as long, they filled 90% of the room with FastPass peeps then topped it off with folks from the standby line. We were in line for Jingle Cruise for about 10 minutes and then they came of the loud speaker telling us our 90 minute wait was now 170 minutes so we bailed. This was the Monday after Thanksgiving, we did the Studios in the morning and when we were able to get FastPasses for MK most of them were gone.
  2. Went to MK on Monday afternoon/evening(did Studios in the morning) and wow was it crowded, waited almost two hours for Haunted Mansion and never made it on the Jingle Cruise or the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Are crowds that size the norm now, even during a "Value" day?
  3. It was a blanket statement. I'm not being sensitive. Milwaukee's Best is a Miller beer. You're out of luck again. No... you were being sensitive and saying something that I didn't. Time to go local. Schlitz it is. Schlitz is owned by Pabst which is produced by SABMiller(South Africa), you best bet is Genesee which is one of the few American Beers still owned and brewed by an American Company.
  4. Do they have the sad & pathetic lines at either of the Tokyo parks?
  5. I'm planning a trip to Tokyo and I'm going to go either the end of February or the end of April, it all depends when I get my vacation at work. I see that it averages around 40 Fahrenheit during February in Tokyo but with the Disney parks right on Tokyo Bay does it get a lot colder and would rides and shows be shut down due to wind.
  6. You might want to look into getting hiring one of those Town Car/Van Services to take you directly from the airport to the hotel. You have 5 people to split it among and the cost of cabs and bus tickets could end up almost the same as the car service.
  7. They could totally do a Lost attraction and I'm surprised they haven't started the ball rolling on one already.
  8. I think most people are worried about 10 to 15 years from now, when the Spanish company has a change of heart and puts new people in to replace the retiring Kennywood folks or the biggie they sell the park to someone like Cedar Fair or Six Flags.
  9. Thank god the park and some rides are Historic Landmarks, because in 15 to 20 years after the park has changed hands a few times and is a shell of it's former self the chances of someone buying it and leveling it to build a shopping center or office park are less.
  10. Disney get's a good number of one day vistor's during the summer, I know alot of people who go over to Disney for a day when they are on a vacation at one of the Florida beaches.
  11. Sadly pro-wrestler death's have become so common many people have become numb to it but this one is such a shocker since Benoit was amazing in the ring and his wife and 7 year old son also passed. Here is the latest from Dave Meltzer's website. www.wrestlingobserver.com/wo/
  12. Anyone else think this could be some sorta land scam, in the past I have seen stories about Disney buying land in Texas for a new theme park yet I havent been to Disney Texas yet. I could see the scam working like this. 1. Find a place about and hour or so drive from a tourist area or growing metro area. 2. Pick out a parcel of land for a new "Disney" Theme Park 3. Buy a bunch of land along highway's and what could be main road's near the Theme Park parcel. 4. Create a company located in Burbank, CA and/or Lake Buena Vista, FL. 5. Buy the Theme Park parcel with the Burbank/Lake Buena Vista company and then start rumors about Disney buying it and opening a park. 6. Go to the local government and ask for road improvements along the highway's and future main roads for the new Theme Park. 7. Sell your land along the Highway's and future main roads to developers at a huge profit. 8. Sell parts of the Theme Park parcel to rubes who think they are buying land Disney want's.
  13. Just to update everyone I had an interview on Thursday and a second one on Friday and they will let me know in two weeks if I got the job, got on a list if one opens up within six months or t.s. you didnt get it. They asked all technical questions about equipment that I have used and would use on the job, none of the teamwork or good or bad things stuff. I guess I did ok on the second one they asked some questions outside of my current field which I didnt know and I blew a very easy question, so I put my chances at 50/50. The one thing they wouldnt talk about was the payscale which they hold off on until they offer you the job, it sucks because if it is way to low I would of told them no right away so I wouldnt be wasting their time.
  14. I have almost every episode on VHS and even made the trip up to Minnesota when they had a con and live show.
  15. I'm going to Wrestlemaina and I will be sitting in a luxury box, a friend of a friend got a bunch of people to chip in for it and somehow I was included.
  16. I have some job prospects in the Orlando area and I was wondering what are some nice area's to look for apartments in.
  17. I sent my resume out to a bunch of places and to my surprise Walt Disney World casting called me today, I have to fill out some papers they emailed me and then set-up a phone interview. Has anyone ever done one with them before and if so what type of non standard interview questions do they ask. I have been at my current job for almost 8 years and I'm somewhat freaked out about the interview process since I havent done one in ages. The never said what the job is but it's in their Stage/Audio-Visual Technicians and Management Department which is pretty much the field I'm in now.
  18. It was closed before I moved up here but I have been told it was a decent park until the early 80's then it went down hill and by the late 80's the only thing it was good for was watching fights between Detroit Street Gangs and Canadian Motorcycle Gangs.
  19. Rob and Amber have some show on the Fox Reality Channel where they move to Las Vegas so Rob can become a pro poker player, I watched about 10 minutes of it and it was ok. I'm glad they brought back Jon Vito and Jill they did great on their season but hit a string of bad luck when they missed a train by seconds that would have given them a huge lead and then they lost it at a road block where they had to shoot a bow and arrow but came in last because Jon Vito had a messed up eye and couldnt aim right.
  20. Disney needs to make Disney/MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom all day parks before the talk of building a new park comes up. Also I don't think Disney will build another theme park in Florida for a long, long, long time, the way Disney has it now a family most likely spends around a week at WDW throwing out travel days that gives them 5 days to spend in parks which Disney hopes will be a day at each theme park, a day at a water park and the travel days spent shopping and/or using the resort amenities.
  21. For me it's a tie between Ellen's Energy Adventure and The Great Movie Ride both are way to long and very dated.
  22. Check the rates at Bally's first since it's dead center on the Strip and a great hotel for the price, after that check The Flamingo and Harrah's both are good hotels and have great locations. Don't stay off the Strip unless it's the Rio, Palms or Hard Rock as the chain hotels and motels off the strip are a rip-offs you end up paying the same as the big hotels and have none of the amenities. All of the Strip hotels have hookers working the bars after midnight if one starts chatting you up just tell her your not interested and she will move on to someone else, also around 4:30 am it's fun to watch the Pimp's and Ho's parade as security boots them all out because they want to close all but one of the hotel bars and get them out of there before the senior citizens start coming down from their rooms to play slots.
  23. I'm rooting for the Dad and Gay Daughter just because his name is Duke and I think it sounds cool.
  24. Wow that is alot of driving for a day as Canton and Latrobe are in two totally different directions. Steelers training camp is always great but getting autographs is always hard because the players are on a tight schedule and can't really hang around before or after practice and tons of fans show up every day.
  25. My parents retired about an hour away from WDW and I was planning on hitting a park or two every time I go down to visit and it seems the cheapest way is to get the 10 day park hopper with no expiration for $443 so it comes out to $44.30 each day which isnt bad if you can afford the $443 upfront. When I was down there last winter Universal had a deal at the gate both parks for $75 so don't be shocked if the other Florida parks go hard after the day trippers with great deals.
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