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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Wow Goldy Porn overload! Great to see all the engineering aspects as well regarding the electrical and magnetic brake systems! So it looks like the queue will go under the station and then up the stairs; from tunnels to covered stations and pathways, this is the most shade I've ever seen on a ride at CGA!

I think the rest of the park should get this level of shade, waiting in line while exposed to the elements is not very fun. I also think the park should be properly equipped with misters, those would help greatly on really hot days.

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Definitely tons of Gold Striker porn to digest! What I like about the queue...it's open air (rather than confined/stuffy) yet the lift provides some nice shade from the afternoon sun...oh, and a covered station too (if we didn't mention that enough times already). Other parts of the park really could benefit from even simplistic shade...like the perimeter of the Flyers, FD's station, Demon's switchbacks...you get the idea. Grizzly's area though by far was the worst to wait in during opening weekend's visit. Combine no shade, switchbacks and horribly slow moving line with the blazing afternoon sun...hope you all brought your sunscreen!


What I'm really diggin' with Gold Striker is how close the queue gets to the track! Thinking of other coasters in the area, much of the queue is covered up when passing under a coaster or all the switchbacks and paths have no interaction with the track (crossing under, running alongside...)


Some nerd moments watching the POV: Carousel now has gold roof/doesn't look funky/flattened, and the Gold Striker Gifts shop now sports its new color scheme! It is still (according to the rendering) the world's first brakeless coaster, and has the world's first floorless transfer building

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I'm sure the park itself is continuing with the theming as well. They have a talented crew and it shows when they are actually recycling some old elements for theming...being the boulders that lived on the whizzer site, now entrance theming.






The staff at the park actually cares about the theming around the park, so with out a doubt Gold Striker will indeed have more. There is one more thing that they plan on recycling it's just a matter of if they will be allowed to do it. Plus there is still some more theming that is going to go up around the park, such as the music. (which is still being worked on at the moment.)

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^Totally spot on. The fact that things are turning around for the better and that they're getting the funding to do it speaks volumes. Also the fact that they are reading the boards and listening says a lot, which reminds me looking forward to another themed element returning to the park, I won't spoil it but it's a nice "welcome" and a "sign" of things to come...

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I noticed that last night, I'm sure the pranksters think they're hilarious. But just seems dumb to me...


If I was going to be in SF a fortnight earlier I would totally have put up a decent bid to get on one of the first trains.

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So hopefully they will indeed close in the bottom... supposed to be in-fill underneath the tracks... what is "in-fill"?


Again the PR on the website says

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Gold Striker’s 174-Foot Tunnel Is The Longest Initial Descent Tunnel On A Wooden Coaster


SANTA CLARA, CA – The newest roller coaster at California’s Great America, Gold Striker, will now include the world’s longest covered initial descent tunnel on a wooden coaster.


Adding intrigue to the record setting feature, Gold Striker’s 174-foot tunnel will be enclosed by wood on both sides, corrugated metal on top and in-fill underneath the tracks, to replicate a true gold mine feel. The only visible light on Gold Striker’s initial descent, which will hurl riders down a 50 degree slope at almost 54 miles per hour, will be following the first turn, creating a nearly pitch black visual.


“This fully-enclosed, twisting tunnel truly is a special element among wooden roller coasters,” California’s Great America Vice President and General Manager Raul Rehnborg said. “Gold Striker riders will experience the unique sensation of rapid acceleration in almost complete darkness.”




It says the only visible light will be following the first turn. Thus I conclude the tunnel is not finished... despite the rendering.


Second, the queue line will pass under the station is looks... so it will like be another themed cave like when it passes through the back of the retail shop.


Is this an example of in-fill under neath the tracks?... I've noticed on GCI coasters before... here are two a pics of GCI's El Toro:


Photo from RCDB.com


Photo from RCDB.com


& GCI's Thunderbird

photo from RCDB.com

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Is the tunnel supposed to be pitch black on Gold Strikers first drop? In the updated POV the bottom has light shining through the track.


Also, from the new POV rendering, It does not show the underside of the tunnel being filled in... but I thought in the PR they said all sides would be covered. This defeats the advertised purpose of a tunnel because its not going to be truely dark.... makes it seems like it was in reality, indeed, a scream shield/barrier.


Its just a rendering, not the exact ride. It could simply have been overlooked when they made it, or simply decided to not bother with it...cause its only a rendering...
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