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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

P. 476: Cedar Fair sells park land, CGA to close within the next 11 years

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Yes our Grizzly is really just drawn out! While the Eastern Grizz has multiple humps between turns, ours just kind of...just goes through a looooong flat curve. Why ours got neutered/designed this way is beyond me.


Just RMC track this bitch or TAER it down! two cents>

Fixed. Needed a little extra kick to it.

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You think if you just sat there still, that you could ride it without any restraint? Seems like it is just an awful dreadful ride


You could be napping in the station while seated in the train, have the ride dispatch, run the course, and likely still not be awakened.




I think something happened with the restraint system a few years ago because the lapbar doesn't even lock. It's held down by that stupid buckle.


They would not run the train if the only thing holding the lap bars down was the belt.

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Still surprised that Cedar Fair hasn't ordered new trains, cause even Six Flags phased out all of their Morgan trains, with Monstre at La Ronde being the last one in the chain. Their now being replaced with 4 brand new PTC trains.


Actually, Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain still runs Morgan trains. However, if the rumors of it getting a Rocky Mountain makeover are true, those will only be around for another year or two.


I might be completely wrong, but I've got a feeling once Gold Striker opens Grizzly's popularity will drop significantly (even though it is more of a family coaster and Gold Striker is more of a thrill ride). I could definitely see Cedar Fair keeping the current trains for a while, and then once it is time to retire the trains they just tear down the ride and put something new in. I doubt new trains would really improve the coaster, and Grizzly just doesn't seem like the right type of ride for a Rocky Mountain treatment.

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If they did remove Grizzly, do you think CF would replace it with another Coaster being it took so long for them to get GS, or do you think it would be replaced with a flat or two?

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If they did remove Grizzly, do you think CF would replace it with another Coaster being it took so long for them to get GS, or do you think it would be replaced with a flat or two?


I know Grizzly is wanted to be torn down and has been brought up a million times on this thread, though I don't see the coaster leaving anytime soon. Grizzly has good ridership and is one of the most popular rides in the park.

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Today I went to the park for a few hours as I had some family members that needed to process their passes. When walking up to the entrance I was immediately able to see the shiny metal that has been added to Gold Striker's tunnel. The sun really reflects off that metal and really "strikes" you as your looking directly at it. Once inside the park, the pass processing line went much smother than last weeks opening day.


Fast forward to about noon, my brother and I decide we will wait for Grizzly since the line is only and the station and it should go quick right? WRONG, we waited over and hour because of the insanely slow dispatches, then mother nature decided to rain so they had to shut down the coaster an put one train in the transfer track. All said and done we finally got on, an hour and a half later.


Here's a video of them pushing the red train into the transfer:



Other than that it was a pretty good day! The park was crowded which I didn't like but im really glad to see that attendance is much higher this year.


Lots of Gold Striker pictures ahead!


Before heading into the park lets take a quick look at the stadium. It's shaping up quite nicely!


Walking up to the main gate. Hey what's that shiny stuff on Gold Striker's tunnel?


They have started to put the metal roofing up!


Even closer look at the roof.


Looking at the ride entrance but wait, something is missing!


That's a little better! ;)


Looking into the queue.


Some of the awesome landscaping near the entrance!


Possible pathway for Fast Lane? I know the exit will go through the gift shop/on ride photo booth.


Possible Fast Lane path under the station?


A look at the Celebration Plaza turn.


I'll end the update with a shot of Vortex's loop.

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90 minutes to ride Grizzly is just nuts, especially if it was just a station wait Too bad earlier's light mist crippled Grizzly operations even more than it already is...Reducing Grizzly down to single train (in its current situation) is like getting kicked in the balls while being blindfolded...

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