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Kings Dominion opening day pix!!

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Today was awesome, weather was perfect, park wasen't packed and no waits at all. Well you know, the usual long lines, Volcano, Flight of Fear, I think that was it. There are some changes, but not a lot... they still have a lot to do... well here we go!!


Dom from the parking lot/layout is complete!! Our new parking lot coater...lol.. I luv the location, fits just right.



Ticket booth is gone, and my frind noticed they repaved the front, I didn't notice it.


Me, chilln in front of the new KD sign.



Berserka new color, the uglist thing in the park, I hope they haven't finished...


Entrance way to Dom, WoooW thats a huge loop!!



Beautiful pic of ET.


R.I.P XLC...


Parking lot wasen't full


Pix of Dom. from ET...




Whats wrong here, why do they still have this up...get it together KD..lol


...and they still had the backwards train in the station, matter of fact the backwards train has not been changed around yet, but the new track rehab now is really smooth.


New signs...




Drop zone yellow covers are gone





Anaconda going up lift...


Going verticle.


Anaconda comin from out the tunnel





Dom. view from Scooby-Doo...




... and until then.


As the sun sets on the park...


New ticket booth location, which is very small now.


Dominators merchandise





XLC R.I.P, more shots of its formal spot.

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Here's my trip report on the day. I arrived at about 10:15am, and I had my friend with me. She went to purchase her ticket which is a 2 day pass, so she is going to hopefully be back for Dominator's opening. I met Clint Novak at 11am for the in the loop podcast, then afterwards I did Volcano, Back Lot Stunt Coaster, and Drop Tower. Other than that I met back up with Clint & Rose, and waited for Will Holder to get there. We went over to XLC's site and did some photos. Here are the photos, enjoy!


XLC Site


The Crypt


Rebel Yell sign is dirty


In the loop podcast crew for dominator


the volcano grill signage is still present


the movie plaques are gone


Me & Clint Novak paying our respects to XLC


the kings dominion theater


kd direction sign


the action theater


the hurler building has no more paramount logo


flight of fear


XLC site from the eiffel tower


Dominator from the eiffel tower


Drop Tower Scream Zone


Dominator from my car in the parking lot


no name for the former bubba gump shrimp shack


Berserker is blue now


back lot stunt coaster

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My mini-non-photo itinerary of my day:


- Arrived at 1ish, got passes,

- gawked at Dominator,

- Flying Eagles

- Grizzly,

- Hurler,

- weeped at the lose of backwards Rebel Yell while "enjoying" forwards,

- Drop Tower,

- Shockwave (not as painful as I remember...),

- Swings (lady friend loves these things... meh)

- lunch at the unnamed shrimp place,

- Backlot Stunt Coaster

- Anaconda

- Avalanche

- A final ride on Grizzly (surprisingly long line at this point because of one train operation)

- Left around 6ish


Volcano had issues when I was around congo and had a bit of a long line, same with FoF, and I have a puppy at home so I would have felt bad leaving him all alone at home all day and night... Its cool, I'll be back at least once more before Dominator opens and plenty after that.



Edit: I'm definitely not crazy about "Drop Tower", and I was hoping they would put something down (some planters or something) in the old XLC site so it wasn't just a big blank slab of pavement, but its cool.

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Why don't I live in USA (when it comes to parks) I'm really jealous on you - you've all the great coasters and big parks!!


Haha, I know what you mean Steffen, but Europe has some pretty rad coasters too.... er at least Germany does...

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^Steffen, I'm really looking foraward to checking out many of your European parks in June. Remember--"the other man's grass is always greener."


Flight of Fear hasn't had an entrance sign for a few years now. I guess the sign budget went for all the renamed rides. As for the movie plaques around the Eiffel Tower, those have been gone for at least a year (along with the old movie props); my theory is that they just flipped them over.

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Nice pics. Dominator is beautiful. I really, really hope they don't leave Berserker that color. UCK, OMG, whoever picked that color needs to be shot along with the person who picked the original colors on X!!!


Unfortunately they probably will, Southern Star at Carowinds is that color.

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Is it just me, or does it look like Cedar Fair hired a 12yr. old for the new logos?


Nice photos, and while I disagree with the changes Cedar Fair has done, Kings Dominion still looks like an enjoyable park. While I dislike Dominator's color scheme, I must say that it looks really impressive.

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I went on Easter for a quickie and will now share all my random thoughts:


1. I really like Dominator's new colors but I understand they're leaving the vertical loop yellow. Dumb.


2. Lots of new wood on Rebel Yell. The front seat was dreamy-smooth. However, the back seat managed to actually jackhammer worse than last year. I seriously thought I might need to call 911 from the turnaround.


3. Easter Sunday, March 23. That's the last time I rode the Grizzly in 2008. The only time I've ever been more miserable on a woodie was on The Villain in pouring rain.


4. The area where Hypersuck used to be looks empty, but better. I think a giant frisbee is in order.


5. Overall, I have to say I'm really surprised at how much the removal of paramount theming, goofy new ride names and bobo logos have brought the overall park feel down.


I hate being so critical, but with the exception of getting one sweet new ride right at the front gate, KD seems to have gone from mediocre to mediocrer. I hope they have some plans.

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Rebel Yell in the back beat the crap out of me on Saturday as well. Every hill was petty miserable, at least there's decent airtime on the first drop and and turnaround back there.



I'm surprised you hated Grizzly that much... I thought it was far better in the front this year then last, much smoother and more air. I got airtime on every hill and it was very smooth up there... When I rode in the back it was the same as always, insane as heck and boarder line painful... Its rough back there, but I think its worth it for the insanity in the tunnel, the airtime and lats on that little hill in there are awesome, imho.

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