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Photo TR: BGE's Passholder Preview Day


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Well, it's March, a Sunday, temperatures are in the 40s, and it's raining, which can mean only one thing: time for Euroburg's Passholder Preview Day! Yes, I can't remember a preview day when it wasn't cold and damp (hell, it snowed a bit last year).


But tradition is tradition, so off I went, and it turned out to be plenty of fun, with a moderate crowd and just two glitches: 1) the Big Bad Wolf kept breaking down, possibly because it was off its medication, and 2) DarKastle went a bit out of sync, which happens to the best of us from time to time.


So, I thought I'd whet the appetite of you East Coast trippers a bit--here's a look at Euroburg on Sunday, March 16, 2008.


"General Lee will not tolerate any brawling in this park, suh." And being as this is Virginia, we all must do what General Lee says. More to come.


As long as you don't get all beered up and start a brawl.


. . . and eat a nutritious lunch.


. . . after you pay due respect to Huge Hummel Boy . . .


Well, I guess you could go and ride stuff. . .


How about some polka ERT? No?


I know! Barbeque ERT! Perfect! You can cook for thousands of people!


You could toss a stray relative to these hungry wolves.


Or you could listen to the singers in Killearney as they perform their wee hearts out for ye.


What? Too cool for that? Well, maybe you can play with this dog.


. . . or play with these adorable little signs! Yes, garden-shop ERT would, indeed, rock.


Just think! The whole shop to yourselves, where you can check out fancy birdhouses . . .


And there's the new garden shop! Maybe you guys will get garden-shop ERT! (BTW, the woman in gray is Irma.)


So, what's new at BGE this season? Well, Guest Relations is now over there.


Yep--there's Chico. You guys might bump into Chico at BGE. But I can't promise that.


Hey, looks like my neighbors Chico and Irma are here.


Let's see--TPR hoodie over long-sleeved shirt, water-repellent jacket? Check, ready to roll.

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More from Passholder Preview Day, which is in no way to be confused with Passover.


Here's a bit of park trivia for you. The Catapault used to be indoors where Castle O'Sullivan is now, when Killearney was still "Hastings." They used to project pictures of the Battle of Hastings on the walls as you spun around. One more batch of photos to come.


. . . absolutely nothing is happening at the moment.


But these Roman Rapids runners may be the gutsiest of them all. And what about all those permits BGE applied for that are causing so much speculation? Well, I can tell you, without fear of contradiction that . . .


How about the "testicular fortitude" displayed by this young man on Escape from Pompeii?


But what about water rides on this chilly day, you may ask. Well, there were some brave souls on LeScoot.


. . . Alpie flips you off.


A brief "brake," then . . .


That's inversion number 2, which in no way is meant to imply any other sort of "number 2."


Alpie was fine, but it seemed a bit more "out of control" last season.


Those of you with "unusual body proportions" might want to note this sign. Just a suggestion.


Not much of a line for Alpengeist yet.


. . . and kersploosh! (Note the intrepid kid on the left on this chilly day.)


Up and over, around and down . . .


OK, off you go!


Wait for it!


OK, I've toyed with you long enough. Here's what you came to see.

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Chuck is right, Pass Preview Day is always a cold, damp affair and we wouldn't have it any other way. Today was a good day though I think. Didn't get to ride the Wolf because of said breakdowns and yeah DarKastle was being weird on us, but it's all good.


I do however want to share a special moment I witnessed between two strangers at the park entrance. I got to the park so early that I was probably one of the first 20 people to walk through the gates. While Clink Novak and the rest of my party were processing their passes, I had chosen to be a loser and enter alone.


Right as I entered, there was this couple getting their picture taken by the fountain at the entrance. Right after the employee snapped the picture, the guy drops down to one knee and pulls out that magical ring box. You know what came next. She said "YES" and they both hugged and cried....and a total of 3 employees and myself clapped in celebration.


The guy was really embarrassed/nervous/happy. But on top of everything else, I don't know if he appreciated my fast acting camera skills as I captured this moment.


"Honey! Nothing could be more perfect than a cold, wet, cloudy Season Pass Preview Day at Busch Gardens Europe! Will You Marry Me?"

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Well, this will finish off this TR. Really.


. . . but she's still one of the most photogenic coasters around. Thanks for reading.


. . . and she can be a bit rough from time to time . . .


Yeah, Nessie isn't the tallest or the fastest . . .


And finally, the Loch Ness Monster, where all this "ERT" business began--at least according to this plaque.


Remember to smile for the camera here.


Apollo terrorizes the Roman Rapids.


. . . and Angle 2.


One hump from two angles. Angle 1 . . .


And there's always Apollo's Chariot. Here we see the initial plunge toward "Lake Fabio" from the Rhine River Cruise.


People used to stand watch the preshow video, once upon a time. Now they just file past it. Sigh . . .


There's always DarKastle.


. . . or not.


Well, East Coast trippers, they should have BBW sorted out by August. But if not you can always go shopping for your very own wolf hat . . .


This is an unusual picture of the Big Bad Wolf today because there are actually people in the trains. They were cycling empty ones most of the day. It broke down again about ten minutes after I took this one.

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Great TR, Chuck! It just wouldn't be right without it being cold and rainy. Heck, I dare say I love hoodie and layers park weather!


But on top of everything else, I don't know if he appreciated my fast acting camera skills as I captured this moment.


I should sure hope he would appreciate it! I love how the park photo person is just standing there...how is she not taking a (million) shot(s) of it? That would be a 100% sale if I ever saw one. Thanks for sharing..even if it was a crappy day, you can't beat the reaction and that moment you captured. :sniff:

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Great TR, Chuck! It just wouldn't be right without it being cold and rainy. Heck, I dare say I love hoodie and layers park weather!


You are crazy then. Paul and I spent four days in the rain, and cold riding coasters this past summer. Yuck! I'd gladly take a nice sunny day.


I have no idea why, but this reminded me that I haven't renewed my Six Flags season pass. Busch, Six Flags......yeah, those are almost the same.

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Thanks for the comments, folks. Paul, let me know if you're coming down to meet the crew (you can crash at my place). Elissa, when I walked past the kiddie swing ride I found myself speculating about whether it was KT friendly.


It warmed up later in the afternoon when the sun finally came out to stay, but my early afternoon ride on Griffon was, let's say, "invigorating."

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Thanks for the trip report! 2007 was the only year I have not visited BGW (as we used to call it in the biz) since I worked there from 1991-97 and came every year since. Nice to see the German Show is still up and running.


I always liked the early part of the season, but when there are no leaves on the trees, it looks kind of barren. I prefer the late fall when the leaves change and then the park looks spectacular!


(500th post....woo hoo!!!)

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Nice TR, Chuck. BGE was on our list of parks to visit this year, but I don't know if Julia would be for going to a park with you again, she's still mad about being out in the rain at King's Dominion, and BGE doesn't have scooters for her "fix". I'll see if I can talk her into it just for the coasters, though.


-James Dillaman

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^^^Nice to see you on the job at Alpengeist again, John. They should let you run the control board all the time--no stacking. But when you switched with that other guy, stack city!


As for the rain, tell Julie to look at it this way, James--unless there's lightning, BGE won't shut everything down. I wouldn't mind seeing some flyers at Euroburg, myself.

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