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Photo TR: Knott's Berry Farm

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Hey everyone!


It's that time of year again. For the past three years, Brent and I have gone to KBF together in February. We always go on a Sunday, because Sundays are empty, and most of the rides are open. This time, it was a bit more crowded, but as always, we had a great time. Giovanni's credit count went from 37 to 41, and mine went from 64 to 65. I have to hit 70 sometime soon!


We got to the park at around 10:15, and rode Ghostrider first. It was running GREAT! I was really surprised at how smooth it was compared to it's normal operations. We made a lap of the park, and waited 30 minutes for Sierra. I enjoyed it, but it's certainly not very intense. We looked at Pony Express construction for a little while, then rode the Screamin' Swing. Giovanni loved it, but thought it was too short. Xcelerator was running intense and smooth as always. IMO, Intamin is the best coaster company out there.


We did other stuff, but I'll let the pictures and captions tell the rest.


Enjoy the pics!


P.S. Thanks for going with me Brent. I hope you had as much fun as I did.


Don't look down; your head will explode!


This ride makes me appreciate Intamin drop towers even more. This S&S may be 300 feet tall, but a 200 foot Intamin is way more intense.


Here we are, in line for Supreme Scream.


Group picture of the people who are crazy enough to get drenched in the winter!


Wow! That was fun! Let's do it again since it's 68 degrees outside!


Look at our faces!


125 feet straight down to the water! This is by far the most intense water ride drop we've ever been on!


This lift was so cool! It never clicked, and was nearly silent! I actually felt like I was being pulled up by a cable lift.


Thumbs up and ready to go. It's quite weird going on a water ride with OTSRs!


Now it's time for the awesome Perilous Plunge! Brent and I look happy, but I think Giovanni's trying to get a job as a Haunt monster!


Prepare for launch! Oh wait....."Hold Up!" says a older ride op. He walks over to Giovanni and checks his bar a second time. Then, he tells him he'll have to check his height. He gets measured, and he doesn't get to ride. Darn! So close!


We're all locked in! They've checked everyone's lap bars.


Ok, Here's the story. Giovanni is 51 inches tall, and he really wanted to ride Xcelerator. My parents agreed to let him try to get on since he's only an inch too short.


Ooooh. Ahhh. MMMMM. Intamin goodness.


Thanks to Giovanni wanting to sit with Brent, I had to sit with this guy who said "Oh Shit!" throughout the ride!


Wow. Both of these faces are funny!


Let's give KBF $15.00 so we can enjoy 20 seconds of swinging floater air!


Yay for Dragon Swing! It's better than Buccaneer because you can do "twisting" on it. ;)


Why are we riding this? To try to touch the trees of course!


Credit 41 for Giovanni!


Drop! We're towards the back.


Credit 40 for Giovanni!


Time for Monte! It was running fine as usual. The launch doesn't get my stomach anymore, but it's still fun.


This coaster is very "wheeee". It has some fast moments, and a little G-force though, so it's definitely enjoyable.


........Backwards people! (Credit 65 for Antonio)


Forwards people...............(Credit 39 for Giovanni)


Credit number 38 for Giovanni! He says he likes Colossus better.


Yay for smooth running Ghostrider! We actually got ejector air!


Walking to the gate!


Giovanni wanted to make sure Oddish wasn't going to miss out on this trip! We put him between the doorknobs so we wouldn't forget him.

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Nice TR! I approve of the numerous "thumbs up" pics... I do that all the time to the point where people make fun of me for it. I think they're just sad they're not as cool as us thumbs up people. Mmmmhmmm.


Aww you beat me to it.


This TR wins the award for the most thumbs-up pics in a TR. Only bummer was no construction pics. Great TR anyways!

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Great TR. Love all the various thumbs-up pictures. Thumbs-up is my "go to" pose when I don't know what to do in a photo. Oh yeah, and you're crazy for going on Perilous Plunge in that kind of weather (then again, I probably would have went on with you).

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Heh. Winter. What winter? It's California! It's always freaking SUMMER over there! What was it, a "chilly" 68 degrees? Wimps.


Other than that, the pics were cool, although IMO you should have taken more of Silver Bullet, I think it's pretty photogenic.


-Tanks "I'm freaking cold and bored in Central New York" 4me05.

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I was there Sunday the 17th, too. We waited about 45 minutes for Jaguar aka Line: The Ride featuring a weird boring tram at the end to take you to the exit ramp. None of us had been there before so we had no way of knowing. We actually had more fun waiting in line for it than we had on it.


Everything else about the park was pretty amazing, though. Sierra Sidewinder was a huge surprise. I thought Silver Bullet was near perfect. I asked Ghostrider to marry me.

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^Hey, 68 degrees is pretty cold when there's a breeze! But then again, i'm used to warmer weather.


If it was 68 degrees right now I'd have on shorts and a T and I'd be outside doing ANYTHING. It's about 30 right now in Missouri, and the other day we had highs of 18.




If you look in the Pony Express thread, I posted some in there.


Sweet! Ill be sure to check them out.

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Cool, nice views of the seats/cars for Perilous Plunge and Sierra. I remember having the same experiance as a kid trying to get on Top Gun. Sooo close. They told me I couldn't ride and everyone boo'd.


Same thing happened for me with top gun.


As for 68 degree weather... please, I'd ride that in 50, and ill wear shorts in 20...

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^Well you guys are not from California. If it goes below 70 then my a$$ is freezing.




That's exactly how I feel.


^Where I live in Northern California, the high today is supposed to be about 57 because it's raining. Next week it's suposed to be in the high 60's.

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Thanks again for an awesome day, can't wait for this summer.



Thank you for joining me! I can't wait for the summer either!


Anyway, Thanks for all the comments guys!


In no way am I saying that 68 degrees is cold. I'm saying that riding Perilous Plunge in 68 degree weather is cold!


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Really nice TR, Antonio! You and Brent look so different from a couple of years ago, you're making me feel old!


What's with all the Ghostrider love here?! Ghostrider is seriously I think the only coaster in my count that I would actually enjoy watch burn... I don't think I've ever experienced so much pain on a coaster, except perhaps on Stampida at Port Aventura, but even that had some redeeming features! I've vowed to never ride Ghostrider again but all this praise is making me wonder!


Nice pics, there were actually a lot of things I liked (individually) at Knotts, even though the park overall didn't impress me much. I really enjoyed Perilous Plunge, although I hate those OTSRs. And Xcelerator was goooood.

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