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Nickelodeon Universe / American Dream Discussion Thread

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These folks run two successful malls, gasp, that's right successful. We can complain about their way of doing business but it's getting done and with a hell of a lot more included than the original plans had.


Our plan is to leave from New York for a month long trip to Europe in Summer 2019, maybe I'll get to check it out.



Oh, and on the subject of how their other projects are going




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I'm going to just quote the article here since that site was so awful and even took me like three tries to get the text as it kept auto-clicking me onto some other page and when I tried to go back I was on a different article...


About 600 construction workers are now on site at American Dream Meadowlands each day, an executive with the developer said Monday – and that number will keep increasing until the peak of 3,000 workers per day is reached in late 2018.


Triple Five Vice President Paul Ghermezian also told a crowd of more than 100 at a press conference inside the 2.3 million-square-foot, decade-old structure in East Rutherford that work on the grounds of the unbuilt indoor water and amusement parks would intensify this fall.


The news came as part of a press conference led by Gov. Chris Christie, who appeared on the site Monday to discuss declining unemployment numbers in the state this year.


Much of the increase in employment in the coming months will become apparent for commuters who take Route 3 west past the site – that is the location of the planned 639,000-square-foot park complex.


Triple Five, which is partnering with Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation for that segment, has a similar complex at its West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. Triple Five also operates the nation's largest mall complex, the Mall of America in Minnesota.


Ghermezian also showed a brief video that, he noted, "is a very stark contrast to what you see today." Instead of erratic patches of orange, blue, yellow and other colors, the revamped exterior of the shopping and entertainment complex is to feature white and gray as well as massive glass walls that Ghermezian said are designed to "tease" commuters near the site.


The exterior remodeling is 28 percent complete, said Ghermezian, who again noted that he is aware of the unpopularity of the previous design for the outside of the building.


The closing on a complex $2.8 billion construction financing package in June – including more than $1 billion from the sale of bonds – marked a turning point for the long-delayed project. That locked in place the funds needed to complete it.


Christie estimated that 16,000 construction jobs would be created at the site over the next two years, with 23,000 permanent jobs at the location once it opens. Administration officials also say the $390 million tax break for Triple Five – which was part of the bond sale – will generate nine times as much revenue for the state over the next 20 years.


Christie said there were two "co-low points" of the saga for him. The first came not long after Christie was elected in November 2009, when he and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno took a tour of the indoor snow park planned for the site.


"They turned on the snowmaking machine and the chairlift, and it was freezing in there," Christie said. "They tried to impress [Guadagno] and I – and we weren't impressed. I concluded, at that point, that we were in a bad place.


"[The project] was just sitting there, and it would cost an enormous amount of money to knock it down and dispose of it," Christie added.


The other low point, Christie said, came in struggles by state officials in 2013 to broker a truce between Triple Five and the Giants and Jets over operation of American Dream on "football Sundays" each fall.


"That was a week or two of some of the most frustrating conversations I have ever engaged in during the eight years [as governor]," said Christie.


The high point, Christie said, came when Triple Five entered the picture in late 2010.


"We knew that they were serious people who knew how to create not just a shopping mall, but also a destination where people would travel to see what they have done," Christie said.

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While not anything very new it seems Gerstlauer have a model of the 2 coasters they have planned for this park at this years EAS.




This matches up with the description of the rides for the park given WAY back at IAAPA in 2014.


Triple Five Mall, New Jersey, United States of America: On the site of the Xanadu Mall, which has been under construction but has never been opened for financial reasons, the Canadian shopping center operator Triple Five will open a funfair complex in the style of the well-known Mall of America in Minneapolis by 2016. The DreamWorks Amusement Park is to be equipped, among other things, with two intersecting roller coasters from Gerstlauer.


The 1000 meter long LSM coaster is identical to Takabisha in Japan: Directly after the station, a heart roll with drop is positioned in the launch, followed by further high-inversions like Corkscrew or Dive Loop. The last splint is given a vertical pencil. Overall, the over 40 meter high roller coaster will offer seven inversions. The second railtraction is a spinning coaster with single vehicles, which offers not only classic mouse curves but also various trips and departures, which will be fully integrated into the LSM Coaster.

http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/achterbahnneuheiten2014/achterbahnneuheiten2014.shtml (IN GERMAN)

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It took me forever to figure out what the hell I was even looking at with that layout. That's insane.


This looks awesome. I'd be excited about this but... you know.



Pro Slide has a video up on it's facebook page on the water park features they are installing at American Dream.



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It took me forever to figure out what the hell I was even looking at with that layout. That's insane.

For those of you that aren't able to make sense of it, it's Fuji-Q's Takabisha with a custom spinning coaster intertwined within its layout.

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I was pretty sure it would open when Triple 5 took over, after they milked every bit of freebe money from the gov't teet, they'd get it open. They already operate two similar properties, it was a no brainer for them.

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Are they going to put these two coasters indoors? It's going to have to be a pretty hugea$$ building as Takabisha is a pretty decent sized coaster. If so, then I can see myself traveling the 2 1/2 hours in the winter just to ride this thing!

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