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Dominator track at KD

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^Patience young grasshopper, I bet within the next few weeks or so we will have a press release.


As for kraxleRIDAH, you have even more spare time than I do. A pat on the back for actually being funny, which is something I try too hard to do.

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I don't understand the "butter smooth" and "run as good as it did at Geauga Lake" comments. I remember Dominator as the roughest B&M floorless with the most potential. If you did not sit in the first row or two it woudl shake your fillings out.


Hopefully reconstruction treats this one kindly as it does have GREAT potential.

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Yeah, I've never had a problem with Dominator being rough, no matter where I rode. During it's last few years, it started to develop a slight rattle, but nothing that effect the quality of the ride. I still would have classified it as smooth.


Well, I'm glad it's going to KD. I've been hoping they would get a floorless for about the last seven years.

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Im just glad they are FINALLY getting a B&M coaster...


I just wish they would also put in a massive B&M Hyper coaster T_T


oh well, I guess that could wait a little longer.....


Im just thanking God that they finally have a B&M...


....also they need some damn padding in seats of the Italian Job coaster.....


hopefully we'll see some real construction before the winter, I might go up next friday and look around outside the gates.......


and Dominator needs a better color scheme

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I agree that the current color scheme is bad & it should definitely get a new paintjob to reflect it's new location.


Now if they'd only get a nice B&M hyper in the near future that'd be so sweet! although the rumors still hint at Headspin being a possible replacement for HS:XLC in 2009.

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