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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

p. 393 - Pixar Place Hotel transformation will be completed on January 30th, 2024!

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Long time lurker, first time poster...


I REALLY wish MiceChat would stop with their lies. One such lie on my mind is one where they say Toontown will be replaced by a Star Wars Land.


To make matters worse, Jim Hill, WDW1974, Lee MacDonald and other such untrustworthy sources have perpetuated that lie.


Besides, DL cannot get rid of Toontown. Not only is it popular (especially with kids), but it's also landlocked combined with the fact that it has to close early every night for the fireworks.


They also just introduced new costumes for Toontown's cast members, further discrediting MiceChat.


I honestly have no idea whether or not Toontown will be replaced or not, but I will say that new costumes is hardly an indicator of Toontown having a future. That's a relatively small cost to absorb.


I disagree. New costumes ARE an indication. And it's not a "small" cost to absorb--it costs A LOT of time, money and resources to make new costumes.

Please stop with your stupid posts and arguments. First off, your initial post here was bashing another forum and trying to start a flame war. Not cool. Secondly, all you've done is argue totally stupid points with people who actually work in the theme park industry!


Trust me, they know a lot more than you do, I'm sure. And I just cannot tolerate pointless, stupid arguments. Please stop.

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The Disney parks Blog has posted about some of the upcoming merchandise that will be available for Disneyland's 60th Celebration, take a look.


Parks Blog



Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise Art Revealed

posted on January 30th, 2015 by Michelle Harker, Manager, Merchandise Marketing & Communications, Disneyland Resort


The countdown to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration is under way! I have the scoop on all of the merchandise hitting stores in May 2015 at the Disneyland Resort. Here’s your first look at the dazzling new art that will appear on three celebration collections and more than 500 merchandise items, including apparel, accessories, headwear, home décor, souvenirs, toys, pins, D-Tech, collectibles and more.

When I think about a diamond, words like timeless, brilliant and eternal come to mind, which is exactly what our artists envisioned, too. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Disney Design Group Creative Manager Cody Reynolds about the 60th anniversary, their inspirations and what our Disney fans can expect to find.




The ‘Character’ collection focuses on the characters, attractions and the rich history of the resort. “The palette is retro in style but has a slightly modern twist,” said Cody. “We thought about diamonds as a precious heirloom that can be passed down through generations or can be a promise of a bright new future. We wanted the art to speak to the special moments and memories that our fans have shared over the years, but we also wanted to celebrate the bright, amazing future still ahead and the generations of guests that will continue to share in the experience.” Artist Tip: The art is a timeline with each panel representing a fifteen year span. It begins in black and white (a nod to when Disneyland was first introduced), and slowly transitions becoming more and more colorful with the inclusion of notable characters and icons that denote the timeframe and their debut.




The ‘Castle’ collection is quite dynamic and I think you’ll find the sparkling blue and silver hues almost hypnotizing. “We wanted to capture the heart of Disneyland and the love that so many people have for it,” said Cody. “Sleeping Beauty Castle to us is that heart. A centerpiece you can find day or night, glistening with magical diamond dust.” Accompanying this iconic symbol are none other than Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, who are as beloved and precious as any diamond you can find.




The ‘Diamond’ collection can be described in one word: stunning. The black, gray and silver tones are simple, classic and elegant. “We wanted to create a line based on the shape and qualities of an actual diamond, multi-faceted, unique and endlessly reflective,” says Cody, “it’s what Disneyland represents to so many of us. It gave our artists the opportunity to create rare and special pieces and provide something magical to our guests that we hope will last forever.”

As you can see, there are so many things to share with you and even more stories to tell. In the coming months you’ll get your first look at some of the amazing merchandise lined up for you, including cool must-have items that I can guarantee you won’t want to live without. Also keep an eye out for glimpses of rare, limited edition, high-end items that will make your jaws drop.

Join the countdown to this momentous occasion in Disney history with a special series of pins featuring memorable Walt Disney moments and quotes.




These pins will release each month, beginning January 31 through July 2015. Curious to see what’s inside these diamond shaped pins or when they will be released? Learn more here..

Are you excited to see more of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise headed your way?

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Seems they are going to be posting A LOT leading up to the 60th, because here is another post from the blog about possible additions to the Haunted Mansion.


Parks Blog




Now that Jack Skellington has given the Haunted Mansion back to its 999 happy haunts, the classic attraction is open once again for Disneyland park guests. And those with a keen eye will notice something strange when they leave the mansion and enter its spooky cemetery on their Doom Buggies … but what disquieting metamorphosis is happening in this space? Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll tell you as soon as this specter receives your sympathetic vibrations and is ready to materialize!

-Parks Blog




There are a lot of rumors as to what they could be adding to the Haunted Mansion, anyone know what it is or care to guess?

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^ Maybe the Hatbox Ghost will FINALLY be there, and greet them into the cemetery?


EDIT to add: And he'll replace the dog and caretaker, (temp for the 60th) with much lower

lighting for the 'effect' to happen. And if not there, then to the left of that scene, where

the cemetery actually begins. And the doom buggies will swivel to the left for all to see.


Or not.

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I just don't see why everyone is so infatuated with an effect that never even made it to opening day because it didn't work. Now I am sure the new version of it will be more projection mapped faces, which isn't even that exciting.

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From Disney Parks Blog:


After months of speculation and prognostication, we finally know this season’s Super Bowl XLIX champion: the New England Patriots. Well, I’m happy to reveal one other exciting piece of juicy information: star players of the big game – wide receiver Julian Edelman and cornerback Malcolm Butler – are going to Disneyland!


Source: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/02/super-bowl-stars-julian-edelman-and-malcom-butler-coming-to-disneyland-resort


Interesting that it's not the MVP though.


I would assume that they would also have players from the winning team go to DL next year as well, as Super Bowl 50 is in Santa Clara, CA.

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Some Disney corporate news and should be interesting to see how this affects the theme parks and who will step into Tom Stagg's position:




BURBANK, Calif.—Thomas O. Staggs has been named Chief Operating Officer of The Walt Disney Company, it was announced today by Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


A 25-year Disney veteran, Mr. Staggs is Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, overseeing the strategy, operations and creative development of the company’s iconic travel and leisure businesses. He will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer immediately, while continuing to lead Parks and Resorts until a successor is named. Disney’s senior management team, including all business segment leaders, will report jointly to Mr. Iger and Mr. Staggs, with the exception of the Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer, who will continue to report directly to Mr. Iger.


“Tom is an incredibly experienced, talented and versatile executive who has led Parks and Resorts during a time of unprecedented growth and expansion, including the construction of Shanghai Disney Resort. His proven ability to lead a business as well as his successful tenure as Disney’s former CFO make him an ideal Chief Operating Officer, expanding his portfolio into all the company’s businesses,” Mr. Iger said.


“It’s a privilege to step into this role, and I am humbled and honored by the opportunity. I look forward to working more closely with Bob and the talented senior management team across the company to continue to build Disney’s future through unparalleled creativity, innovative technology and global expansion,” Mr. Staggs said.


Since 2010, Mr. Staggs has led Parks and Resorts’ global team of more than 130,000 Cast Members, Crew Members and Imagineers, with the segment delivering record revenue, profit and attendance levels. In addition to overseeing the development of Shanghai Disney Resort, and a new Avatar-themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, during Tom’s tenure, Disney has launched two new cruise ships; opened Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, in Hawai‘i; added three new lands at Hong Kong Disneyland; doubled the size of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom; and completed a multi-year expansion of the Disneyland Resort with the addition of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park.


Prior to that, Mr. Staggs served as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company. He played a critical role in the execution of the acquisitions of Capital Cities/ABC, Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Entertainment. As CFO for twelve years, he spearheaded the realignment of Disney’s performance goals toward the combination of profit growth and strong long-term capital returns and free cash flow. He has been praised by Wall Street for his financial and communications skills, and was consistently voted the entertainment industry’s No. 1 CFO by Institutional Investor magazine.


Mr. Staggs joined Disney in 1990 as Manager of Strategic Planning and quickly advanced through a series of positions of increased responsibility, leading to his appointment as Chief Financial Officer in 1998. Before joining Disney, he worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley & Co.


Mr. Staggs earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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See ya later tires!


From the Disney Parks Blog


Luigi’s Flying Tires to Become All-New Experience at Disney California Adventure Park

posted on February 6th, 2015 by Erin Glover, Social Media Director, Disneyland Resort


Ever since Cars Land opened at Disney California Adventure park in 2012, it has been a huge success. This new land immerses guests in the world of “Cars” and makes them feel like they are standing in the town of Radiator Springs. We’ve heard from our guests that the cars themselves are one of the things they really love about Cars Land – and today I’m excited to tell you about a project that will bring even more four-wheeled fun.



At the end of the operating day on February 16, 2015, Luigi’s Flying Tires will close as our favorite Fiat departs for a vacation to his home country of Italy to visit with family. When he returns, his Casa della Tires will reopen as a completely new attraction in early 2016. The attraction will feature a new ride system and ride vehicles. We are excited to tell you more about this ride technology, so stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for updates as work progresses.

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It does seem it will be trackless in some fashion based on the art; because I don't I don't see the existing attraction being removed for this. Also, they could not realistically remove the existing ride and then replace it within the time frame they are suggesting. As well, if they were to actually remove the existing ride, they could not depreciate it and would lose tax write-offs (as all companies do with machinery and equipment. So I would assume Disney does as well). So it would seem this ride will be installed within the existing ride somehow. And that makes sense, the flat surface is already there to drive on!

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Rumors I'd heard a few months ago suggested that it's going to be an updated, non-water Aquatopia. Soooooooooo, you know, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


The art certainly makes the case for that style of attraction, as well.

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