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Just watched Justice League: The New Frontier movie last night. Animated movie direct to DVD from Warner. It was actually pretty good. It impressed me. Plus it was the style that I really like, nice clean lines, appealing character designs and a bit of depth that you don't see in the animated series.

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This last wednesday I saw a screening of the new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall (releases Apr. 18). It was absolutely hilarious and is one of the funniest movies to come out in awhile. It's another Judd Apatow flick so if you've seen any of his stuff (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Anchorman etc...) you know what to expect in terms of the type of comedy.


Definitely worth checking out once it's released!

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I am Legend takes a great novel by Richard Matheson and turns it into a lame, CGI rehash of the 28 [fill in the blank] Later flicks. It's actually decent until right after the scene where Will Smith finds the zombie "hive," then gradually slides downhill--where it simply slams into a brick wall and stops.


This may seem a little late to be talking about I Am Legend, but it's coming out already on DVD this Tuesday so I'll say this... For those who have seen the movie but are relatively unfamiliar with the novel, the original meaning of the title was completely lost. To people, vampires are mythical, legendary creatures. In the book, the Richard Neville character hunted them during the day as they slept. A role reversal has occured, the new society consisted of vampires, and a lone man hunted them, so to them he had become a legend.


There have been 3 movie versions of the book I Am Legend, if you want to see the most faithful adaptation of the book, check out The Last Man On Earth with Vincent Price. The Omega Man with Charlton Heston is the other.

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2001: A Space Oddesy


wow this movie was intresting, boring and confusing


can some one tell me WTF happened at the end???




Wow, I can't believe I missed that. 2001 happens to be my favorite movie. There are many interpretations of what happens at the end, but the simplest explanation is that Dave Bowman ages, dies, and is reborn. It's also been said he was being observed by aliens, which would account for all the strange noises. Still, passing thru the "stargate" is considered one of th best sequences in movie history. 2001 is now 40 years old, yet the special effects, although don't look "new," definately don't look "old fashioned" or fake.

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**Poss Spoilers"*



Well the new Funny Games is remaining as one of the most disturbing and controversial movies ever made. The scores are so divided ranging from 0 -100 on metacritic. Since I "enjoy" Michael Heneke I understand that his movies try to send messages to the audience in some unconventional way. Funny Games lets you in on the horrific acts one small family must endure during their vacation. It is brutal without showing any real violence and just when you think it is all over, you, as the audience member are quickly brought back into reality for one of the most simplified endings in the history of movies.

FG is without a doubt an actors movie. Long 10 minute takes without angle changes shows Namoi Watts reacting to the awful truth that her son just was murdered and her husband is in crippling pain.

It is not pleasant or fun but should be seen once by anyone who doesn't think that this is reality everyday for some family.


The Hollywood Reporter sums it up nicely


Michael Haneke's Funny Games is simultaneously the ugliest and most repulsive violent melodrama I've ever seen (including the thoroughly disgusting I Spit On Your Grave) and the smartest and nerviest critique of sexy-violent movies in the bang-flash vein of Quentin Tarantino, Tony Scott, Oliver Stone, Eli Roth and other purveyors and marketers of homicidal style.


A fair percentage of those brave enough to see this Warner Independent release this weekend are going to walk out on it -- trust me. It's a hateful and infuriating film, no question, and yet it has a worthwhile point. And you can't not respect Haneke for this.


It's certainly one of the ballsiest movies ever released by Warner Bros. (technically Warner Independent) in its 90 year history. I mean this in a sense that average people might come out of showings feeling enormous hate for Warner Bros. for having done so. Seriously. If the final effect wasn't so stunning and dispiriting I could imagine people beating up ushers on the way out.

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I found the Mist to be a fantastic adaptation of the King book even though more was added to the ending. I think the non traditional endings help keep a viewer alert and in touch with the material. If we see the same thing over and over it would become routine and boring. I think my feelings here are why I "enjoy" Funny Games and movies by Michael Heneke. Many US viewer think that the Sixth Sense was one of the first movies to twist the end and catch people off guard but in 1997 the orignal FG did this for me. The end of a movie can slap you in the face and tell you to wake up. The Mist is one of those movies.


The Mist DVD, which comes out next week, will be 2 discs and one disc will have the movie entirely in black and white.

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