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All I have left to say is Go Pack Go....can't stand any of the other three teams other then them. Plus they get some bonus points for trading Favre after dealing with his BS after he saying would retire....


So without further due.


AFC Championship game

The Steelers will host the Jets

The Bears will host the Packers.

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Lately, Al Davis is having considerable difficulty trying to disguise the fact that he is actually Satan. This photo is from yesterday's news conference announcing that Hue Jackson is the new head puppet. Uh... I meant head coach. I've seen better looking corpses.


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Wow. That pic is downright awful.


I'll still say this for Al Davis, as well as the Jerry Joneses, George Steinbrenners, and Mark Cubans of the sports world.....they LOVE their teams. Are they disillusioned at times? Sure. But at least they're not jumping ship when the seas get a bit rough.


Plus, the man had the greatest sports quote OF ALL TIME. Have they done it recently? Of course not, but "Just win, baby" is timeless.

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Only 5 more days! Let's go!


Nothing like Mean Joe Greene to pump up fans. I guarantee every Steeler fan gets chills down their spine after watching this.



NICE!! I absolutely cannot wait for Sunday! This should be a heck of a battle between 2 great football teams. All due respect to the Packers, but I believe this year we get number 7!! Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!


*Waves Terrible Towel*


My pick - Steelers 31, Packers 21

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I'm going with the Steelers. I know, how can I be a Washington Capitals fan but a Pittsburgh Steelers fan? Other than last year I have never agreed with my family in terms of who will win the Superbowl.(Last year I picked the Colts, that's the only time I've agreed with my family about the Superbowl since I've watched football.)

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