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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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I think that after the Cedar Fair takeover, the park stopped stagnating. I've noticed huge improvements in the park (and not just in the extra trash cans). They've added a fantastic B&M hyper, actually got the waterfalls on Wonder Mountain to work, put in a pretty decent Planet Snoopy, kept the place clean and added Windseeker, a big draw for the GP.


I've actually been quite happy with how they've managed the park and definitely look forward to whatever new B&M hotness is coming our way next year.


CF has been working really hard to improve the former paramount parks,having been to Carowinds recently I noticed as a first time vistor a very well landscaped park with a fairly decent ride selection & CWL should be no different as KD has also seen improvements in landscaping & operations as well,not to mention ride installations.


Not all parks choose to mark an anniversary season with some huge E-ticket ride such as a coaster,heck using KD as an example all they got for their 30th back in 05 was a floorless topspin but nobody complained abut it as more rides were soon on the way.

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CedarFair where are the markings cl113 and 114 located at? If's its by the grass alongside the general parking lot it seems like it will be another out and back coaster that goes out into the front gate and turn around where the marking cl71 is by the canadian flag and come back. If that's true it should be a one long coaster

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Granted, with construction underway on our new attraction I no longer feel this way - Even if it turns out to not be a giga, I will still be grateful for what will no doubt be another important addition to the park.

You sound like a jaded local who won't be happy no matter what they put in the park. You're not the kind of customer they are targeting.

Sorry Rob, but not sure how you come to the conclusion that I am Jaded. You quoted me as saying I will be grateful for what they give us, and then state I won't be happy no matter what? Not wanting a fight here, just confused is all.


CedarFair1: thanks for the update! Dang that's a lot of re-bar... Thursday cannot come soon enough

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^ Don't ever again take something I said out of context. It's rude and obnoxious and I won't tolerate it. Your posts sound like a whiny little bitch because the park hasn't built YOU a bunch of new roller coasters ever year. If you don't want people to think that's how you feel, stop posting that way.



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It was not so much that we got the ride that upset me, and others - it was that we thought that it was going to be our 30th Birthday present for the park.


SFStL got SkyScreamer for their 40th anniversary. Every year can be a "birthday" year, parks have to expand and build what will bring in the desired crowd for the desired cost. You have to admit the park has been doing a lot of great improvements since CF bought it. I don't remember there being 208 pages of conversation about the park back then. Behemoth and this new coaster are coming at the right time for the company. In the long run you have to remember CW is part of a chain of parks and individual anniversaries (especially insignificant ones) don't always fall on the right year to build the next best-improvement-ever types of rides.

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So I love my TPR Family too much to make you wait until I post stuff in the morning. So here's the update from Monday August 15 - HD PICTURES! The construction area is slowly starting towards the front gate. Could this monster of a coaster actually make it that far???


Full gallery with all pictures: http://www.cwmania.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=242&page=1&sort=dd055.thumb.JPG.14438d772dcf32a87680f00d47ec0aaf.JPG

A lot of dirt has been removed from the area around Dragon Fire's corkscrews...


And moved here.


Overview of the employee parking lot area under construction.


A trench is being dug and those large concrete slabs that are piled up in the parking lot are being placed in it.


A lot more stakes have been placed along the grassy hill that runs along the parking lot. This shot was taken facing North towards the employee lot.


There's two stakes in this picture. One up close and the other just the tip is visible behind the fence.


One is numbered C21.


The other is numbered C113.


The random stake out by the flag pole near the main gate entrance is C71... Could this coaster really be going that far out? Low "C" number for the course/track out that way and the high "C" number for the track/course returning back???





General construction area near Speed City Raceway.


Another general look at the construction area facing Dragon Fire.


Track (okay, so it's the same track I had pictures of before).


More track (not really more, just the same old track but different pictures).


You can see the support column is a darker blue than the aqua track.


Now it's time for bed. G'nite all!


(Canadian) Nick

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^Here's something I hope will give you a rough idea. Red area is where the construction is going on currently. Yellow balloons are markings, the southern most one by the front gate being C71.


BTW thanks for the pics kunpc1 and cedarfair1


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Though I've never been to CW, That one yellow marker in the parking lot looks too far away from the other markers to be incorporated into the ride. That is what I gathered from that picture^^


It does indeed look far away from the others and I too am puzzled on why it is there. However since they are still pouring footers they might place some in-between the 3 yellow stakes. I can't wait for this announcement! Just about 2 days exactly left!

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If anyone can get a look at the manufacturers tag on the track we can possibly see what the coaster is.


X-Works is the code for Wing Coaster. (BTW)

Someone's a little behind... http://www.cwmania.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=2413

X-Works is just a code to hide the identity of the park the track is going to while it's sitting out at the manufacturing plant.



For those that are watching out for stakes, did you notice any others alongside the ones you found? We see the straight line of stakes, but we could judge the height of that specific spot if we could see the footer for a lateral brace. I'm starting to have an open mind on the giga... My mind will be blown in a couple days either way.


And I'm kind of curious... Has the employee lot been relocated to the public lot?

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^Here's something I hope will give you a rough idea. Red area is where the construction is going on currently. Yellow balloons are markings, the southern most one by the front gate being C71.


BTW thanks for the pics kunpc1 and cedarfair1


Thanks man! Looks like a pretty giant area and definitely something fit for a giga coaster possibly...


Less than 48 hours until we all know!


Does this mean you'll actually get up here to check it out Garbs? I guess all we need now is something like Schlitterbahn

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So the middle yellow "balloon" on the google map (along the long stretch of trees) has 2 markers. One has C21 on it and another about 20 feet over has C113. The marker in that little "island" has C71 on it.


This coaster could actually go that far. C21 being for the track/course going out towards the front gate area, C71 being the middle/turn-around section and C113 being the return track/course back towards the station.


Don't worry, I'll definitely keep you guys posted with more HIGH QUALITY pictures as this progresses!


(Canadian) Nick

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New to this board. I know there's less than 48 hours to go until the big reveal.... but I thought y'all might find these two pix interesting. I took them yesterday ( AUG 15 ).


One shows a box with "GC SEATS" spray painted on it. I can only think of "Ghoster Coaster Seats" or "Giga Coaster Seats". Any other guesses?








Edited by cfc
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The "GC SEATS" has been there for over a month (maybe longer).


And I'm amazed that people continue to break park rules by taking camera's on rides. Especially real coaster fans that are suppose to respect the park and their rules...

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