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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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It would be great if La Ronde bought it to put near Ednor. That way they can have an invert and stand up at both sides of the park.

What a terrible idea ! We already got enough crappy relocated coasters like that, we don't need another one !

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^^^ If Six Flags can have 12 Batmans, I'm sure one more Rougarou won't hurt.


Unlike Six Flags, Cedar Fair doesn't use the same name twice for existing coasters. More than likely they could reuse the Mantis name since it's no longer being used.


But didn't they re-use Woodstock Express, Vortex, Demon and Flight Deck quite a few times? Just saying.


Anyways, I think they might have another mythical beast name for whatever will be taking SkyRider's place. I think it might be called Ziz, since they already have Behemoth and Leviathan in the park (and that would complete the trio).

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Well, Paramount is the one that called 5 of their drop towers "Drop Zone" and 4 of their coasters "Top Gun".


So, it's not entirely Cedar Fair's "fault".


Seriously, we all know Six Flags re-uses names a lot more than Cedar Fair.

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