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  1. The announcement time is 5:30am EST, quite early! Also, it mentions that this will be the park's largest announcement in history, woAaah
  2. Thats too much, I dont think they would construct a brand new coaster that stays close to Behemoth I think that my plan is a more possible layout for the brand new coaster, but anything could be possible
  3. I've said this before, but since not too long ago a lot of us were complaining on how un-menacing the name "Ziz" was , I went out and researched other names that "Ziz" was called in mythology, names such as Renanin, and Son of Nest
  4. something as awesome as helix would be great, remember cedar fair still works with mack, so we may see a mack launched coaster go into the forest behind splashworks
  5. I know this is a bit out of the blue, but has anyone ever considered dueling roller coasters for Canada's Wonderland?
  6. First of all, you just said you think they were NOT getting a wing coaster, now you say they are? I really wonder how your mind works.
  7. it's not great to be the guinea pig of the parks, we receive the first (leviathan) but then other parks like carowinds get new and improved, better versions of the ride (fury 325, and intimidator)
  8. we already kno that skyrider is being removed,and the ride replacing it would be yet abother b&m, if they do remove flight deck, i highly doubt they would invest on. another b&m.
  9. Intamin blitz or mack launch similar to helix, b&m wing seems the most plausible option though
  10. "Excited" (sorry I get picky) Wing coaster seems to be the most reasonable
  11. Hey who knows, maybe GCI may start to do hybrid re - tracking? One can only dream
  12. somethjng like helix into the forest would be amazing, im a big fan of costers with inversions that have lap bars, so awesome
  13. kings dominion needs another coasters, it's been 5 years, and by 2016 6. valley fair as well. 2016 is probably CW, VF, and KD's big year for a coaster VF will get a $10,000,000 - $15,000,000 coaster KD with the $20,000,000 + coaster CW with the $25,000,000 + Still cheering on this design though, tweaked it up a bit too! since that launch is too small!
  14. I do, very much agree with you. What i'm expecting: - $25,000,000 + -inversions -B&M -more theming than what we got with levi and behe -not ziz pls (hopefully renanin) -goes through the forest behind splash works -SUPER FUN AND AWESOME pls SO STOKED!!!
  15. no, that's why i want one really bad, the closest one is gate keeper, heading there Summer 2016,
  16. I actually don't think going over the lake would be that great of an idea, they already have vortex running over the lake. Having too many coasters in one area would ruin the image of a beautiful park. Going into the forest behind splashworks would be visually beautiful and a great place to see it pop out of the forest. What pops up in my head would be those kind of picture like you get of Apollo's chariot
  17. an intamin wing would be nice, but cedar fair hasn't installed an intamin coaster since i305
  18. Goliath, Batman The Ride, Boomerang, bizzaro, many superman rides, its all because they're taking advantage of dc heroes permissions, cedar fair owns barely any franchise other than snoopy , and snoopy isn't very menacing, hopefully the name will be unique and not ziz, there are alternate names for ziz, such as Renanin, sewki, The seer, son of the nest. Maybe one of those names will be used
  19. rougarou is no longer an option, sorry to the people who believed the olympic naming coincidence
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