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  1. I see six flags doing another 2 hybrid re-tracking for the 2016 season, meaning boss at six flags st louis, and maybe le monstre gets a treatment sort of like twisted colossus, Maybeeee
  2. I've been planning to go to la ronde for a while, but i keep hesitating because i don't know if it's worth the price. I'm only 4 hours away but i prefer Wonderland which is only a 10 minute drive, but hey! i'll head over to Montreal once they get that new coaster
  3. A wing rider would be awesome, but that means ill have to wait until 2016 to make a trip down to Virginia, maybe the 2016 coaster could go over the main entrance, cedar fair seems to like making coasters that pass over the main entrance like gate keeper, leviathan, and fury 325.
  4. Im still disappointed that CW is only getting a used waterslide and a another kids play structure, Splash works never received an expansion in like forever, i was hoping for a slide complex like snake pit at Dorney
  5. I hope skyriders space wont be wasted with a zac spin or s&s free spin, something launched would be nice and give more variety inversions pleeeez
  6. I would love to ride a b&m family coaster, they have so much charm! kings dominion might do what carowinds/canadas wonderland did with the whole giga and hyper, but going from giga to hyper may lessen the hype for GP
  7. Kings dominion never received a large attraction in way too many years, yeah 40th anniversary was pretty big but a new roller coaster would be great (how about taking out the hurler? ) b&m flyer would be amazing for KD but another launched coaster i don't see happening, heading down to kings dominion next year!
  8. Does anyone know approximately how long it will take them to take down skyrider? and i'm still hoping for that launched b&m wingrider or floorless , well... ANYTHING WITH INVERSIONS
  9. Well Cedar fair has always given Canada's Wonderland prototype attractions, and a B&M dive roller coaster does not exist in a single cedar fair park, this could be a possible addition but not within that space, and that would be one short coaster, i'm still mad at leviathan for not being long enough, not being what it could have been, and that "Worlds longest brake run" gives me the chills
  10. I made a small layout "plan"but i may have gotten carried away with the length and scale of the ride . :This may be a bit pricey for CW and to me it lacks inversions, but what do you think?
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