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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Some of the quick service stands are not able to provide water. Not sure what the reason is but usually they would/should direct you to a local stand/sit down location that is able to provide this. In addition, any freestyle machine has a water option as well. Just let the attendant know you are only getting water and you should be good to go as well.


I only tried at Backlot Grill (and asked if it was the same throughout the park and they said yes), so I didn't bother trying anyplace else. I had drinks in the car anyway, so it's not like I was parched the whole day, just a bit annoyed (I didn't want to drag the wife from place to place)


And as for the rumor about "Taking the park back", I just found it strange to hear from a park employee on the clock rather than seeing it on a message board, but even I could tell that Cedar Fair are in it for the long haul, that was obvious, even to the untrained eye.


Oh, and two more observations: The Carousel was lovely, I really liked the Chariots and Flight Deck was shaky and squeaky, and I don''t mind SLC's.

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Here are some photos from our visit on October 5th as well as a few from Niagara Falls.

















Love the Chariots!








Mama, Mama I am Having Nightmares.....






Quite fitting for the season!



I loved this simple design



Adios Skyrider!











Geauga Lake (then Six Flags Ohio) had one of these


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Thanks, everyone. Yes, definitely some Oompa Loompa action going on, as It was overcast for a good part of that day, so since I didn't have time to go back and re-shoot things when the skies cleared, I used some filters to make things "Pop".


I'd say I shot close to 200 pictures that day, half with filters, half without. And by the way, these are just camera-setting filters, and nothing has been brought into Photoshop.


Overcast, no filter.

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Small update on SkyRider: The brake run, final turn and a portion of the drop have been removed. The track is still on site and is laying where the brake run used to be. Sorry for the poor IPhone quality picture


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I'm honestly glad to know that Skyrider was bought by another park. Of all of the Togo coasters I've been on so far, it was definitely one of the more tame, enjoyable experiences. I remember bracing for pain for my first ride at Behemoth Bash but walked off totally surprised by how decent it was!

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Credit to CWFANSITE & INTHELOOP for the recent pictures, really enjoy the updates they have been providing.


So the stake in the ground is very similar to Leviathans stakes in the ground C19 (coloumn 19) is used in the coaster construction industry for supports.


It's already beginning to look like another big coaster project even though the articles have pretty much hinted towards it.




new construction markers near Skyrider.


Leviathan construction markings

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Plot twist - They end up sending it to Dorney like all of CF's leftovers.

Seriously wouldn't mind if it was sent to Dorney, as the coaster would still be within driving distance of me. However, seeing as it's in the chain, and CW put the ride up for sale, I doubt that'll happen.


What I'm personally hoping for is that this might mean a new park is starting up somewhere in Canada, & they'll buy it. If not, I at least hope it'll stay in the country, and be sold to one of the smaller parks... Maybe the ones on the east or west coast? (ie. Sandspit park, PEI, or Playland, Vancouver). In the last few years too many of my favourite rides have been sold to the states from up here in Canada

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I would NEVER complain about SkyRider at Dorney. It is/was by far my all-time favorite stand-up.


Although it bothers me that Dorney only gets used rides, Sky Rider is the one exception that would actually excite me if it was relocated to Dorney. I don't get the hate on this ride. I rode it 2x this summer and both times it was spectacular. I was devastated when I learned they were removing it.

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I would NEVER complain about SkyRider at Dorney. It is/was by far my all-time favorite stand-up.


Although it bothers me that Dorney only gets used rides, Sky Rider is the one exception that would actually excite me if it was relocated to Dorney. I don't get the hate on this ride. I rode it 2x this summer and both times it was spectacular. I was devastated when I learned they were removing it.

Dorney Park gets used rides, but they are unique.

Possessed - There are only 6 Twisted Impuse coasters

Stinger - Only 4 Invertigos

Demon Drop - One thing is that 1st Generation Freefalls are rare, another thing is that they are scattered around the world.

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