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KidTums Goes To Florida! An Ongoing Photo TR!

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Robb, you're not alone in thinking Ice is the best. I've always been a ice man myself, though the end is a bit disapointing. However, the wall makes me happy.


Goliath513, you, however, are alone in thinking it was a mistake taking out that BTTF ride. I don't know anyone who could ride that without nearly puking.

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Today we spent the day at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World with KidTums.....


KidTums' first Disney park! Video!!!

(downloadable version at the bottom of the post)


"I want to go back to Magic Kindom already!"


Time to head home...we had an AWESOME day!


It's like the made one big castle out of all those cute little Disneyland castles!


In order to fit the entire castle in frame, all humans had to leave.


We had a good day at the park with a real castle!


Hello Patrick! Sorry we missed you.


Big Thunder passes gas.


More random coaster goodness.


Obligatory coaster shots.


Cool little mining town and other random goats.


Bye mommy and daddy! I'll miss you!


Luckily we found this seemingly harmless cast member to watch baby Kristen.


"awww....I want to ride too...."


"I'm sorry but she is NOT allowed to ride!!!"


Yay! Time for a coaster!


Another really really really BAD idea!


If we were at Hong Kong Disneyland, these guys would be there own attractions!


Other parks take note....bottles of soda are only TWO DOLLARS at Disney World!


I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I really like the "park" feel of Magic Kindom over the cramped feel of Disneyland.


I miss being in a Magic Kingdom that has lots of SPACE!


I would have been able to get KidTums in the photo, but the castle was SOOOO BIG that it was not possible.


Wow as in "Wow, this attraction was really rushed!"


Now I will say that "MILF" wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be, but it felt so "thrown together." It was kind of a bummer. Just an overgrown Turtle Talk and not as good.


This entrance to Tomorrowland is now known as "The Nexus of Suck."




Little baby ducklings.


And this one.


Now for some Space Mountain trivia...do you know what these animatronics originally were for? Here's this one....


"Time for some Space Mountain airtime!" I don't understand people who claim there is no airtime on this ride. My butt left the seat FIVE TIMES, two of them being substantial air!


Could these trains eventually show up on Disneyland's Matterhorn?


These random Brits reaped the benefits of the "baby switch pass." They said they were from just outside Manchester. Lou, do you know them? =)


The happiest moment of KidTums life.....(says Elissa!)


Time for "Fun With Furries!"


"Don't worry KidTums, daddy won't eat you...he has a Turkey Leg coming!"


KidTums says "spinning is good", Mommy says "You're not my baby!"


Time to see if KidTums likes spinning!


"I love the Peoplemover!"


Reed and Stacey were here too! Congrats on your recent wedding!


KidTums looks a bit worried about riding backwards.


KidTums' first Disney ride...the Peoplemover!


Yay! Monorail orange!


Don't worry Kristen! You'll get lots of new ride credits today.


"Hey KidTums! You're on your first Disney parking lot tram!"


Downloadable Version of KidTums at WDW!

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Oh...and I still dont understand people who say that Space has "airtime".

And I don't understand people who go out of their way to bash something just because it's not at "thier" Disneyland.


--Robb "Thanks for rolling your eyes at me Jahan!" Alvey

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Oh...and I still dont understand people who say that Space has "airtime".

-Jahan "Love you all" Makanvand


For me, it didn't have massive airtime, but there are a few little pops of air. Of course there's also people that claim MF has "no airtime", so obviously people's definition of "airtime" varies.

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The ride has airtime. My fat ass left the seat 5 times during the ride sitting in the back seat. Now it's not "El Toro" airtime, but there are pops of air, two of them fairly substantial where you float all the way down the drop. Again, it's not "extreme" airtime, but "Disney airtime."


I got the airtime, Elissa got the airtime, and it is more prominent in the very back seat.


Anyway, can we please not turn this into another silly "California versus Florida" Space Mountain debate? I heard enough of this in October to want to strangle some people.


Thank everyone!



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I didn't realize that's what this was........I was just commenting on the photos, but it looks like I should have quoted Elissa instead of Jahan to make that evident


I like both resorts (though honestly, WDW a bit more), I was just stating my preference for most of the DL versions of the MK attractions.


Either way. Great pictures, and I'm so jealous that KT got her first Disney experience before she will even remember it. My parents made me wait until I was in 8th grade.

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Great TR, and I'm jealous that Kristen has more ride credits now than I did when I was 5.(well, I'm not really jealous.) She always seems to have a "What the hell is going on!" look on her face though. Although I don't know what is so bad about the tiki room...


Airtime-"in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room-&Gravity

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Although I don't know what is so bad about the tiki room...


Airtime-"in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room-&Gravity

OMG....have you seen the "Under New Management" show where Zazu and that other stupid bird take it over, make fun of the old Tiki room and start singing like lounge music?


Wow...it's bad.


It makes me want to go ride Stitch!



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Although I don't know what is so bad about the tiki room...


Airtime-"in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room-&Gravity

OMG....have you seen the "Under New Management" show where Zazu and that other stupid bird take it over, make fun of the old Tiki room and start singing like lounge music?


Wow...it's bad.




Yeah, I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to hire Gilbert Gottfried to do voice acting.

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You didnt steal the DeLorean for me!?! Jeez!


And dang...KT is livin the life!



Glad you guys are livin it up in Orlando..keep us up to date!!




The DeLorean is gone!


NO!!! Damn the Heavens!!


Anywho! Again, fantastic PTR..made me smile! I really do like how KT's hormones have made her to speak like Robb!!



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The first pictured robot that is holding it's arms up is from Space Mountain. It appeared further down the exit tunnel then where it is now. It's arms are up because it used to hold a "camera" that would video tape the guests just before stepping off the exit tunnel ramp. But everyone knew that the cameras were mounted in the wall.

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