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KidTums Goes To Florida! An Ongoing Photo TR!

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You know, Kidtums will probably say her first word on a ride, and will also probably say her first cuss word on a ride too,lol. I said my first cuss word , in front of anyone at age 6 on Space Mountain, thanks to my dad tricking me onto the ride, but that's where my thrill ride passion began.

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Hey guys, first of all great pictures. It looks like Kidtums is having a great trip. What I said, I am sure in 20 years she is the person with the most coaster credits world wide. hehe...

Anyway, I am glad I had another chance to meet you both before I am leaving, soon. Thanks again for the great dinner at Carrabba's.

I am sorry I was not in the German Pavilion a few days ago, but it was so damn busy in the kids area and I was on the road around Epcot to get some stupit KidKot stuff...

Okay, enjoy your days here in sunny Florida.



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I'm glad that KidTums is getting her first trip to Disney World so early. It took me forever to get there. (It also took me forever to grow a significant amount of hair...)


I'm jumping in a bit late on "The Enchanted Tiki Room" discussion, but I just wanted to put in my two cents worth. I didn't see the original version. When my mom and I were in the MK last October, I was debating as to whether or not to bother with the Tiki Room. The deciding factor was that the heat was oppressive (in the 90s most of that week) and we desperately needed air conditioning. So it was a happy experience due to air conditioning! As for the show itself, yeah, I could have lived without Gilbert Gottfriend shouting at me. I enjoyed the singing birds before Iago came barging in, so I probably would have preferred the old show.


MILF (love the abbreviation!) wasn't open yet, and I didn't even bother with Stitch. From what I'd heard, it wasn't worth my time.

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Wow!!! I miss a few days (or weeks) around here and KidTums has grown so much!! I was so excited to see her at WDW!!


I will warn you R&E... give it a few years and you will find that KT will not think that the Nexus of Suck sucks, in fact, she will likely LOVE Stitch, as Samantha did. She thought it was the greatest (of course, Lilo and Stitch was one of the first Disney movies she ever went to see, so not surprising) attraction in Tomorrowland.


Looks like you had a great time and I am looking forward to helping KidTums get a few more ride credits in August!



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Plus KT is an awesome flyer!


This makes 3 roundtrip flights now, all at least 3 hours long and she's done great! (Slept through most of them!)


In fact, this was the first time we had someone with us in our row, and he even commented on how good she was!

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did you guys get any crap on the planes from others around you for having an infant?

No, why? Last I checked there wasn't a rule against having an infant on a plane.



i mean by others who may have assumed kidtums would be just another screaming baby on the plane. Not by airline officials, but she IS a good flier, like mommy & daddy kidtums is too

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I must admit to being one of those people who is wary of infants on planes. I tend to sit near the back of the plane (I'm usually on Southwest, with open seating) because there are less small children there. However, this backfired on a flight from Orlando to Baltimore, since a couple with a baby who screamed nearly the whole flight brought her to the very rear of the plane by the lavatory. Thus she was further away from many passengers, but right behind us.


I should add that I do not hate babies. I often find them charming. And I don't blame the baby for feeling lousy and screaming. It just grated on my nerves. (I'm also sure that it would be different if it were my baby.)


So I must heartily congratulate KidTums for being such a good traveler! (And I have no qualms about possibly sharing a bus with her on the MidWest trip. It's KidTums, after all!)

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