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  1. The last time I rode anything like that in the dark was The Beast at Kings Island while on the Mid-West Tour. Which also was an amazing experience!
  2. As a frequent guest to Universal Studios Hollywood growing up, I can honestly tell you that the people in the water tank were indeed park guests. I was able to experience that show for myself and thankfully the water was heated. Once picked for the show most people were given some type of costume to wear (water tank candidates were given a complete set of clothes including under garments). It was a blast jumping from the platform into the water.
  3. Again thanks for the great pictures! It really takes me back to the days when I worked at Magic Mountain. I was there from '85-'89. I worked in Attractions and got to work on a lot of those now defunct attractions. My favorite rides to work on were Shockwave and the Revolution. What good times we had!
  4. Thanks for sharing with us. The memories the pictures bring back. Does anyone else remember the advertising gimmick that Magic Mountain used back in the seventies. They claimed the rides would knock your socks off. They would show people on the rides and then superimposed socks would come flying off the people. Advertising was great back then! The Revolution was better back then too. The trains were equiped with only lap bars in those days and not the over the head torture devises they have now. The memories are too many to to put in print but again "Thanks!"
  5. I enjoyed your update. I get a little sentimental when I look at your pictures of the Southern California parks. Kidtums gets cuter everyday! To answer your question about which roller coaster at Magic Mountain goes under water twice that would be The Gold Rusher. The oldest, still operating, coaster in the park. I remember riding it back in 1974. It's still one of my favorites!
  6. Dan's pizza looks like a Jim Henson creation. It looks like it's about to talk. How could he eat that when it looks like it was staring at him?
  7. This may have already been notated. If it has please disregard. The random waterfall that comes out from under the queue line is actually the reentry channal to the station from White Water Landing. The queue house used to be the Load/Unload area.
  8. I just got home. I'm sorry that it's over like I'm sure everyone else is. I had a really good time meeting all of you. I'm looking forward to my next excursion with TPR. I still stand on what I said yesterday, Son of Beast V2 was one of my favorites this trip. The new trains are great. Now this is comparatively speaking V1 to V2. I had two real good rides on it yesterday. Call me what you want I liked it. Before yesterday I swore I would never ride it again. Who knew?
  9. The first pictured robot that is holding it's arms up is from Space Mountain. It appeared further down the exit tunnel then where it is now. It's arms are up because it used to hold a "camera" that would video tape the guests just before stepping off the exit tunnel ramp. But everyone knew that the cameras were mounted in the wall.
  10. my name is richard weir. i'll be going on the mid-west trip. i grew up in the san fernando vally and worked at magic mountain for four years. i currently live in orlando, fl. where i work for walt disney world. i just can't seem to escape theme parks. i am a performer a wdw. during mickey's not so scary halloween party i was captain hook for the villain's mix-n-mingle. i perform in the festival of the lion king show and the voyage of the little mermaid currently. if you haven't already wondered i'm typing in all lower case. it is because that on dec. 26 during the 5:00 show at festival of the lion king i fell from my stilts and broke and dislocated my left elbow. it's just easier to type without caps. over the years i've been on over 140 coasters. i'm really looking forward to this summers trip.
  11. I've only ridden SoB once and it was the roughest woodie I've ever been on. The only part that I enjoyed was the loop. I guess that means I have to ride again on the Mid West trip to see of it's progress. I'll pack the bandages.
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