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Best Theme Park You Have Ever Visited?

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"What was the last coaster you rode?" - "Worst coaster ever!" - "Best drop ride!!!" - and now: What was the best Theme Park you ever visited?


My favorite one is Disneyland Resort Paris.


--Soeren "visits DLP this summer" Schomburg


Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant - Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Yeah, maybe we should change this to Theme/Amusement/Carnival Park!


Elissa "it's all about Williams Grove! " Alvey


Man, I wish I went with you guys when you guys went to Williams Grove. That sounded like a blast.


Anyway, it's a toss up between SFNE, HP, and Knoebels. But if I had to decide I would pick Knoebels since it is such a very family oriented park and it's not run by one of those big theme park industries. Yeah it only has 3 rollercoasters but who cares, it's about the atmosphere, cheap food, and not having to pay a gate and parking admission.


A few crazy Westcoasters on the little train at Knoebels during the 4th of July weekend meet.

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I would have to say the same as you CoasterBill, Cedar Point is may fav. theme park I have visited. Some of the theme parks here in Canada are pretty good too, but Cedar Point in the Sundusky Ohio is a very cool theme park. 8) You have to say there for the hole weekend just to ride on everything there.

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The scarier thing in that picture is that there are TWO women!!! WTF?? Must not have been a real enthusiast meet!


Elissa "Take me to your women" Alvey


Hey Elissa, there were three women. You, Rebecca, and Mare. And how come it didn't justify as a real enthusiast meet? Did most of us not meet the weight requirement or something?

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