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  1. We're planning a trip through midwest and eastcoast area plus Niagara Falls. We saw this online: www.extremeworld.com. Unfortunately we won't even get any close to this park, so we were wondering if there are any other places that offer rides like Terminal Velocity? Tanks in advance!
  2. #050 Rock'n Rollercoaster (Disneyland Paris) #100 Daemonen (Tivoli Gardens) #150 Oki Doki (Bobbejaanland) #200 Boomerang (Prater) #250 Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)
  3. You all shouldn't wonder so much about Der Der Dongt's post. I know him very well and he's just one of the greatest "Anti-EGF" dudes mankind has ever seen. Actually there's nothing to add so far, because I totally agree with most of the posts above. I know EGF from the very first day and after 180 rides on it it's still in my top 10, but the point is that Holiday Park was prepared for TPR, so you guys had the possibility to ride an EGF running like the first years. I would murder if i would get the guarantee that EGF is running like 2001 when i visit Holiday Park the next time, seriously, ju
  4. The best park I visited is Port Aventura. I visited it for the first time in 1999, and since than no park could top my all time favorite.
  5. The last coaster I rode was europe's largest: Silver Star *zZz* That was in november 1st last year.
  6. I have never seen such a massive coaster. It`s really impressive and I can`t wait to ride this monster in october when I visit the USA for the first time.
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