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"I'll take Holiday World for $600, Alex"

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I hope that the teens on the show get through that entire category. I would hate to see this be like the "Colbert Report" delay.


I really don't think the researcher would have called me about this if the question didn't get used. Don't un-used questions get thrown back in the barrel for a future show?


Yeah, the Colbert Report thing just about drove me crazy.



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^In my mind, Alex will always have the 'stache.


BTW, since the episode has aired in some markets, did the question come up and did anyone answer it correctly? Who has a video clip?


EDIT: Never mind, I read the HoliBlog.

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I guess it makes sense that they pretty much worked all the questions so that no actual knowledge of theme parks was really necessary.



I finally get a theme park column on Jeporady and it was so unsatisfying!






Sucks that the one guy lost thanks to making a simple addition mistake in his wager...on national television, no less. Heh.



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