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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 115: New preview of Harmonious nighttime spectacular!

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Also on Thursday, I had the time to stop by Epcot for the first time in a while.


What do you to stay out of a Florida rain storm? You go an an Energy Adventure!


Inside of the ride, new vehicle shells are slowly being installed on the old ride vehicles.


Blue is new versus the old red/purple.


Not much more visible progress outside of Test Track yet.


It was a really slow day...




Is anyone here?


No, really. This place was empty!


Over in World Showcase, a ton of the International Food & Wine Festival Booths have been installed.


It looks like the locations might have been switched up this year for some booths. The popular Australia booth is normally closer to Germany.






I normally skip the South Africa booth, but maybe this year there'll be something I'm interested in trying.


More work going on over by Germany.


Poland is over by Italy this year.



Over near the American Adventure several random characters like Bolt have appeared for guest photos.


Wendell from the Country Bear Jamboree was also out to meet guests.


Here's a cool new World Showcase shirt for you foodies!


And a more retro one also sold at the American Adventure.


The Hops & Barley Market (one of my more recent favorites) has moved to the side of the American Adventure.


Here's another fun shirt I hadn't seen before!


New for this year is the Fresh from Florida booth. I'm hoping it is as good as the old Florida booths from the past used to be, because those shrimp and citrus items are some of my all-time favorites!



Singapore also moved from its previous location.


Morocco on the other hand is exactly where it always is.


The plot used for the Belgium booth is currently being prepped.


France looks like it is almost ready to go!


Construction work continues on what is rumored to be a more permanent DVC booth at the Canada pavilion... But I'm really hoping that this ends up being a quick service location that serves the cheese soup and chicken sausage with polenta... I'd eat there all day!


I can't wait for this to return!


Same here!


And who can forget about those Kahlua Pork Sliders?

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^If you are planning on watching the show during dinner, the best place to do so would be at La Hacienda de San Angel at the Mexico Pavilion. It was built just over a year ago out onto the water so it is the closest table service offering you'll be able to have near the water. They actually will loop in the music from Illuminations Reflections of Earth in the restaurant so you get the whole experience while viewing. The food is spectacular and the pricing is reasonable for sure. That being said, you'll probably have to work at it to get a reservation (and a window-view seat) around the time of Illuminations, but it is well worth it.





The only other restaurant with a direct view of Illuminations from the window that I can think of is Les Chefs de France, but that also requires having a window view, and that is farther from the water, since there is a walking path in front of the windows.




The only other option I would recommend is to eat before the show (reservations are easier to get before Illuminations anyways) and then find a good viewing spot after you eat.

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So Im Planning my first trip to Disney world next month. The first night im there im trying do dinner at epcot see the night time show. What are the best places to eat at with a great view of the show?




Aside from what Adam recommended, I believe Tokyo Dining in the Japan pavilion offers a pretty good view from the tables at their front windows. Again, it's back across the walkway, but if memory serves me correctly, you can still see everything from there. Also, the food is excellent as well.

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^Totally forgot about Tokyo Dining and I couldn't agree more. The food (and atmosphere) is spectacular and if you are near a window closest to the water, you should have a really nice view. Much like with the other table service restaurants with windows facing the water, try to plan to get there early (or get a reservation with a special request) for a window seat.

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  • 2 weeks later...



We know that many of you are as excited as we are to celebrate Epcot’s 30th anniversary here at Walt Disney World Resort on October 1.


In honor of the milestone, the park has lined up a few special offerings for guests who wish to mark this special occasion.


Throughout the day on October 1, guests can attend Epcot history presentations in World Showplace courtesy of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club. These presentations are included in park admission and are limited in seating.

  • 1-2 p.m. – Designing the Future – Past and Present: A panel of Disney Imagineers remembers 30 years of building tomorrow!
  • 4:30–6 p.m. – Epcot: How it Changed the World with Marty Sklar
  • 6:30–8 p.m. – Epcot: How it Changed the World with Marty Sklar

Guests can also attend an anniversary moment at the America Gardens Theatre at 3 p.m., which will feature appearances by Disney leaders and include performances by Mariachi Cobre and Voices of Liberty. (Seating for this presentation is also limited.)


That evening, the October 1 presentation of “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” will feature a special 30th anniversary tag.


And don’t forget to be on the lookout for special Epcot 30th anniversary merchandise while you’re at the park. Check out Steven’s recent blog post on the selection of T-shirts, hats and other 30th anniversary items that will be available. He’ll also have an update next week on what else you can expect!


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On Friday I was fortunate enough to win two tickets courtesy of BabyCakes NYC to "3D" Disney's Dessert Discovery, a special event only offered four times this year at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. An upcharge event held in the World Showplace venue (formerly the Millennium Village Pavilion during the Millennium Celebration), it is comparable to the Party for the Senses, just a little bit less on the menu and a bit more affordable at $55 per person (park admission not included).


Interestingly enough, the menu changes completely for each of the four nights, so no two evenings at this event will be the same. As you'll see in the photos below, there was a huge amount of food and drink to indulge in and it is definitely something I would pay to go to again!


I'd like to give special thanks to BabyCakes NYC again for giving us the tickets to attend this awesome event. I might not have ever tried to check it out beforehand but it is definitely on my radar for next year (as the remainder of this year's "3D" offerings are sold out)!



Before the event we spent the day in the park enjoying the Food & Wine Festival...


This year's updated lamb chop recipe is definitely my favorite out of those offered over the last few years. The potato chips combined with the pesto went perfectly with the lamb!


Another favorite of mine from last year was the Jerk Chicken Drumstick from the Caribbean booth, and it was just as great this year!


The Dragonberry Colada (also from the Caribbean booth) is great on a hot day and cuts the heat from the jerk chicken very well!


This is the first item in years that I've actually really loved from the Germany booth. Schinken Nudel for the win!


Poland's new flatbread (more like a garlic toast with mushroom, cheese and homemade ketchup) and the pirogies were both great as well.


The Hops & Barley Market is a personal favorite of mine. I had a lobster roll, a pumpkin mousse (probably my favorite "value item" offered at the F&W Festival) a Samuel Adams beer flight including the Chocolate Bock, Cherry Wheat, Boston Lager and the Sam Adams Seasonal.


In all of the five years I had seen Starship starring Mickey Thomas (in passing) at the Food & Wine Festival, this was the first time I heard them sing 'We Built This City."


Time to escape the rain...


Let's go inside!


When I say that the menu for the evening was huge, I mean it. This was handed to us at the beginning of the night and while I'm almost positive that we sampled a ton of it, I'm sure we didn't get to everything.


There was no shortage of food items at this event!


Each station had a theme, like this one, which I stayed away from.


The event also had a live band singing candy and sweets-themed songs to pair with the theme for the evening.


Cruzan Rum had a tasting station and was also making spiked Ginger Beer for anyone interested.


A favorite of mine for the evening was the Red Stag-carmelized doughnut...


Everything tastes better with a little fire!


The doughnut was served with a scoop of either rum ice cream or whiskey ice cream. Both were incredibly strong (and tasty) but I opted for the rum since the doughnut already was glazed in whiskey.


I'm in heaven!


Some more indulgent desserts!


Another favorite for the evening was the Hot Spiced Cider with Red Stag.


While I'm not normally one for flavored waters, I figured I should get with the "Discovery" theme of the event and try with an open mind. The one on the left was Cranberry Bog Water, which tasted slightly sweeter than normal water thanks to the cranberries. The one on the right is Ghirardelli chocolate water, which was really interesting. Again, not my normal thing, but I did enjoy trying it out.


So much food!


Oh, and there was a Savory station too!


The Fruit Station's menu is evidence that this isn't the standard fruit dessert spread...


Singing in Candyland...


I had to go back for more!


BabyCakes NYC also had a great spread of desserts including their fantastic gluten free cookies and cupcakes. I loved their stuff before but this event made them even sweeter in my eyes!


Serrano ham muffins, sliced meats and more filled the Savory station (and my stomach).


What's so peculiar about this chocolate? Well it is at the Savory Station for one...


This is chocolate covered bacon!


They also had the cheese-lover in me satisfied!


At the end of the evening the event moves from the venue out into a fantastic (dead-center) exclusive viewing location for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth... So it was time to head out...


Time to wrap this up! I'll definitely be looking into returning to the "3D" Disney's Dessert Discovery event next year! It was a tremendous value with so much to enjoy!


Thanks again to BabyCakes NYC for getting us into this incredible experience!

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