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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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An official teaser has been put out by SDC regarding the new water ride replacing Lost River next spring.


Will it be Lost Caverns or Mystic River Falls? Both have been trademarked as a water ride name. Have fun speculating.


Personally, I am hoping this is alluding to them keeping the indoor/dark ride segment from the Lost River finale in the new ride. What would be sweet is if they include a slide/elevator lift (ala Infinity Falls) built into a faux mountain structure and you slide into a cave for the finale.




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Ooh, I like both those names a lot, as well as the the Marvel Cave theme. I know you know this, sdcfan88, but for the community at large here, the Mystic River Passage is a section of Marvel Cave that has never been fully explored. It goes back a ways and eventually becomes too small for a person to fit. So we don't know what's back there....


Now doesn't that sound like a cool idea for a ride?

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Visited my Favorite Missouri theme park last week. Had a great time as always.

I Introduced the kids to Grandfathers mansion, and I actually rode Thunderation for my fist time.

I want to say I loved it, except for the turn in the tunnel is painful, painful and similar to the

entry of WOF TW helix (was). Kind of snaps my back funny.

Took some pics of the construction area 2020, but none as good as what were already posted.

Everything was a walk on except fire in the hole.


Ate at Gettin Basted on 76 hwy and it was excellent. Couldn’t figure out what kind of wood they used probably because they use only charcoal. Its probably my first time where I can say the sides were as amazing as the meat.

I had a good experience at The Branson Coaster too. They let me go down a second time because I had to brake for people in front of me. I was fine with the ride, but they insisted I ride again brakeless and made sure I was spaced out from other


I love it down there.



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Never been to the park but plan on going in September. Question about the "regular" trailblazer. It says on the website you get 8 rides with it... could you hypothetically use all 8 on Outlaw Run, for example? Or do they have to be spread out / is there a limit on the big coasters? I know at Dollywood at one point you could only get a single ride on Lightning Rod or something weird with their skip the line. Not sure how it is now.


Also do you get to choose your row, with a merge point?


Is the unlimited really needed if we get there early and knock some stuff out in the AM? We would be going on a Sunday at the end of September. I will budget in for the pass but I'm guessing I should wait and see, but I just had no idea how the regular pass works.



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Regular Trailblazer is eight uses total. They can be once each on eight different rides, or eight times on the same ride. Opening year for Outlaw Run, Firefall, and Time Traveler they limited it to once per day on that ride, but just for that year. Currently there are no such limits.


However, on a Sunday the end of September you will not need a Trailblazer at all. That's the fall crafts festival, and lines are always short for every ride at that time. In addition, this is a pretty religious area, so in general right at opening on a Sunday is a great time to be there, as even on crowded Sundays most people don't show up until 1PM or so.


That said, budget for Trailblazer because you should always budget for the skip the line at every park that offers it when you plan a trip, but realistically you'll likely use that money for cinnamon bread.


Don't forget the cave tour.

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I went on a Sunday last year (Memorial Day weekend) and most rides had no wait. That included Outlaw Run presumably due to its location in the very back of the park.


I don't know if waits have cooled down for Time Traveler, but that was the only crazy wait. That was posted at 60-90 minutes until the evening. PowderKeg and the water rides got up to a half hour. I think the kiddie coaster actually had the second longest posted wait but it isn't on the Trailblazer pass.

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I also want to add that there are two or three ticket kiosks to the left at the tram drop off.

No one was using them, everyone wanted to wait an hour in the ticket line after getting off the bus.

Not sure if it’s marked very well, I was too excited that I walked right up to it.

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Construction update from the new and improved Lost River ride at SDC, the new Ribhouse has gone vertical and the massive new water pumps were added. The concrete channels also continue to grow and expand. The announcement date is August 13th!


You can watch the short progress video that I shot this past Sunday here:













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I was also there this weekend to see it again in person. This thing is immense. It's a bigger project than even Time Traveler. For a park that has to use it's space wisely, this is a huge piece of land they are developing. It's not just the ride even, they have already replaced a ton of pathway in the area to make it wider, and the new building in front is a replacement for the old Rib House restaurant. There will be a huge new seating area as well. Just an absolutely huge project that must be costing them a ton of money on infrastructure and concrete alone.


Also, summer is such a great time to visit SDC. Time Traveler was a walk-on all Sunday and had like a 15 min wait on Saturday. I mean, Branson was packed but SDC was barely filling their closest parking lots. It was definitely hot, but that usually doesn't stop people this much. Maybe it's the lack of water rides this year... By fall I'm sure it will be packed out again for Pumpkin fest & Christmas.

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If you have done the train ride at Silver Dollar City, how about at night during the summer with Moonlight Madness and having fireworks going off overhead? Check out my video below.





I really like the unique atmosphere the ride provides at night during this time of the year.



Also, I recently rode thru The Flooded Mine and shot high quality photos of the entire ride. Thought these turned out awesome considering you are nearly in total darkness as a rider. Wished I could do the same for Fire In The Hole.




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Looking good. They are getting it together quick. Probably for the announcement next Tuesday. I wonder if they are gonna have media get to tour the site like what was done for Time Traveler. Strangely enough I haven't heard anything from the park yet.

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Got word last night that our club at school was granted a few media day passes for Tuesday!!! I’m very excited for the announcement! There will be a hard-hat tour, so I’ll try to bring back some pictures to post of the construction site inside the fence.

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Congrats! I too got an email granting me to attend the media event like I did for Time Traveler and I will be sure to get plenty of photos and video of the ceremony and the construction site as well. Been itching all year to get an on site tour.


Look for me in a red media shirt and a big DSLR camera bag. Feel free to say hi if you are attending.

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