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  1. Sarcasm or not. This is actually very accurate. It’s November and I haven’t seen one footer in the ground on the land they cleared. July is a real possibility because we all know how they will say "Well it was a harsh winter" because it’s said every time construction gets behind in any industry.
  2. No hate from this guy. Also I would have taken Wicked Twister in a heartbeat had they relocated it. This reimagining of Zambezi Zinger is original and not a cloned coaster such as a raptor. Not throwing shade on a raptor either. I just think you gotta be excited when something original comes to your park that hasn’t ever been done before.
  3. EXACTLY. I hope they stick to it. I know things change when they go to build. I’m hoping the tunnel is on a turnaround low to the ground and has some length. Let’s bring back the snake fell on my head in the tunnel rumors. Not saying it didn’t happen, but that just adds to the thrill factor
  4. I’m pumped for this. Also worlds of fun’s website mentions a mid course tunnel( not seen in the vid).
  5. Also the fact that it was stretched out over 4 or 5 seasons seems like they were scraping for Pennies to pay for it if they finished it themselves. All that being said, I’m really pumped about what we might get for next year. Even if it’s a family coaster, I’m hyped
  6. From what I understand, GCI didn’t do the full retrack. I heard wof did the last quarter of the ride because it obviously was cheaper to do in house, which is why it’s probably still rough. I heard the return run up into the brakes was done in house. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but it would explain a lot.
  7. I visited the park today. Mamba was good, but Prowler was even better. I had a really good ride on Prowler in the back. In the past the back felt like you were riding on a gravel road and didn’t feel right, that wasn’t the case today. It felt very fast today and out of control in a great way. I experienced great floater airtime after the first drop and through the lift hill structure. The overgrown trees and brush really help the theming and feeling of a fast animal in pursuit running through a jungle. I didn’t staple myself in, and ride ops didn’t staple me in either when checking lap bars which was awesome ( both Prowler and Mamba). Not much change in the land clearing. Document online shows grading at 25 percent done. There was a decent crowd today. Mamba had a line out the station even with the ride reservations, but the ride ops were as good as they could have been for operating only one train. I got through pretty fast. I also noticed while waiting that Mamba had dispatched 2 trains in the time it took Patriot to dispatch 1, as you can spy the first drop of Patriot from the opposite side of the park in the Mamba station. Also seemed to be a lot of new supposedly first time riders. I know rides have been shut down more from pukers this year than I can remember in the past. Prowler and Mamba both had great ride ops today. Coasters restaurant was moving through a lot of people and had good service today. Overall a great day at the park.
  8. KC compass is being really goofy right now. I pulled this earlier today, but now when I search I’m getting 215,000 different plans which are throughout the city. It occasionally does stuff like this, or is down altogether.
  9. This is from the Peter Pumpkin Eater scare zone. Like PKIJizzman said they should really think about making it a haunt. It would easily be the longest haunt. Cover the area in fog and make it a werewolf forest. It definitely has the howling vibe
  10. Scott’s kitchen is great, I’m not a fan of the sauce, it’s heavy on vinegar, but the meat is smoked great. I agree with Peter Pumpkin eater. It’s a very cool scare zone that uses the old dinosaurs alive path and is heavily wooded. I think I saw the same skunk or maybe a family of skunks. The irony of the them running around in scare zones. I was in line for cornstalkers, and that little shit ran down a drain 10 feet from me. I told everyone to get quiet, I didn’t really want to be sprayed point blank. The haunts have improved a lot since my last haunt visit in 2018, with the exception being Zombie High, that haunt is still bad.
  11. ^ Copy that. I was wondering what was up. its amusing they are doing it by inches
  12. Oceans Mat racer slide will actually be tied with Hersheyparks mat racer slide at 486 feet in length. Not sure how they goofed on facts, but regardless I’m happy we are getting a great addition.
  13. Nice report guys. Hopefully next season they get the food preparation figured out. I personally would have hated to been there with kids expecting to eat at 5:15 and not having a bite til 7. I can’t remember what dessert we had, but it was really good.
  14. Not trying to change subject but it’s confirmed that Oceans will be getting something new for 2020. They are removing the diamond head water slides that launched with the park in 1982. Not sure what Oceans is getting yet. Probably something from KCK Schlitterbahn, hopefully the slide tower with the mat slide and the tube slides with good air time.
  15. Grand Carnivale!!! Loved it!! I wasn’t sure what it was going to be at first, but now I get it! It’s a little bit of Epcot with food from around the world, Disney parade with fireworks at the end. Small scale though. But Awesome!!! Dance party after the parade. Kids and I enjoyed it. Thankful that Worlds of fun was chosen to be a host park for it. I was impressed.
  16. I also want to add that there are two or three ticket kiosks to the left at the tram drop off. No one was using them, everyone wanted to wait an hour in the ticket line after getting off the bus. Not sure if it’s marked very well, I was too excited that I walked right up to it.
  17. Visited my Favorite Missouri theme park last week. Had a great time as always. I Introduced the kids to Grandfathers mansion, and I actually rode Thunderation for my fist time. I want to say I loved it, except for the turn in the tunnel is painful, painful and similar to the entry of WOF TW helix (was). Kind of snaps my back funny. Took some pics of the construction area 2020, but none as good as what were already posted. Everything was a walk on except fire in the hole. Ate at Gettin Basted on 76 hwy and it was excellent. Couldn’t figure out what kind of wood they used probably because they use only charcoal. Its probably my first time where I can say the sides were as amazing as the meat. I had a good experience at The Branson Coaster too. They let me go down a second time because I had to brake for people in front of me. I was fine with the ride, but they insisted I ride again brakeless and made sure I was spaced out from other riders. I love it down there.
  18. Never knew this was needed. New for 2020 a 3 story employee dormitory.
  19. I will start the conversation. So everyone probably saw Cedar Fair acquired two of the Schlitterbahn parks In Texas with the option to buy Schlitterbahn KCK for 6 million. I think they part out everything at Schlitterbahn KCK and flip the land for a nice profit. There are a lot of fans of KCK Schlitterbahn and it always did well, however I don’t see Cedar Fair operating an Oceans of fun West. If they did keep it they should definitely build some of those little cabins that WOF has. That would be a hit with the public. I personally don’t care for Schlitterbahn KCK, the adult pool is heated, the slides are nothing you haven’t been on. One of the set of slides was used from wet n wild I think, its also the set of slides I would want at Oceans. They have some decent air time. What are your thoughts?
  20. Fury is back with audio and a lighting package. Like the old days. Went to Cotton Blossom BBQ, it was good. I recommend the Pulled pork, it had some bark on it which holds That smoky flavor, I couldn’t see a smoke ring on the brisket and it was one color, so a little disappointed there. The sauces were good. The Original was spicy and tasted like a good Gates clone. The sweet sauce was really good to and still had some spice to it. The extra hot was just okay. Park was beautiful today
  21. I follow them on Facebook and I have a feeling it will be permanent. They didn’t allow kids until the last week it was open in KC. It was strictly an adult arcade, Draftcade, up and down, all adult arcade bars. They were asked if they were coming back to KC and they wouldn’t comment. I think it’s a done deal. I think It will do well in Branson, nostalgia.
  22. Let us know what bbq joint you checked out. My faves are Q39 and Joes KC. Also if you happen to like Doppelbocks, KC Bier Co. makes a great one, KC Bier Winter Bock. My favorite Blvd beers are The Calling which is a lighter representation of a double IPA and their Rye on Rye which is seasonal unfortunately. I agree about Prowler, ride towards the front. If you ride in the back you’re gonna have a bad time lol
  23. I’m absolutely not trying to spread false hope, and what I’m going to tell you is or was just small talk. When I was at Crypticon in July, I talked with a haunt promoter and asked what was new for 2019. He told me the truth and answered “ nothing” Then he told me that there was loose talk about how They would like to Do a reimagining of Zambezi Zinger. Again just talk at that point, probably still is talk, I don’t think Dino’s Leave until 2020? Not sure. Anyways didn’t really want to say anything about it on here, because most likely it will become nothing, but it gives us something to talk about. I also think this is the direction of the park, family and bringing back the nostalgia. It’s been happening
  24. The only food that I think is decent is the bbq. I think they are really Trying to improve the park food. I had some fried potato skewer that wasn’t quite Fried long enough, had the consistency of scalloped potatoes, kinda mushy. Nothing like you would find at Silver dollar City, but props to them for trying I guess. The park is very pretty, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Ride the Prowler, it actually rides decent with it being cold. Also purchase your ticket online, I believe it’s cheaper. Otherwise it’s 41 something with tax at the gate
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