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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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Cedar Point's 2016 coaster leaked? WKYC 3 reports a B&M Dive Coaster could be the next big ride in Sandusky! Click: http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/features/2015/01/14/cedar-point--dive-coaster-plans-found-in-memo/21751605/image.jpg.9c65529f362616bf34fafcf9c86e0f21.jpg

SANDUSKY -- When bulldozers began rumbling for demolition of the Good Time Theatre at Cedar Point, coaster enthusiasts started buzzing.


What would take up the land once held by the massive theater?

We now have our first hint…


The Sandusky Register says they obtained a memo that originated from a coaster company, which indicates a $15 million Dive Coaster is among the park's plans for 2016.


The memo, which reportedly comes from Bollinger & Mabillard, the same company that created Cedar Point's GateKeeper winged coaster, reveals the attraction would be a record-breaker.


According to the Sandusky Register, the coaster would reach a height of 223 feet with a vertical drop that will plummet through a tunnel. The ride's total length would be 3,625 feet with speeds up to 80 mph.

Below you can watch footage of a Dive Coaster in action (mobile users WATCH HERE). NOTE: This is only an example of a Dive Coaster. Cedar Point's version, if the memo is true, will be a much different experience.

At that height, it would become Cedar Point's third-tallest roller coaster – just above Magnum, but below Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force.


B&M says a Dive Coaster creates a unique ride experience based on the train configurations as passengers are seated in six, eight or 10-passenger wide vehicles.


Cedar Point did not respond to our request for a comment on this matter at the time of publication, but park spokesperson Bryan Edwards told the Register this possibility is just one "of many" things the park is considering for 2016. For now, they are focused on transitioning the Mantis stand-up coaster into the sit-down floorless Rougarou for the 2015 season.


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If this is true this is great news! I love how intimidating Sheikra looks in BGT's skyline, I don't think this will have quite the impact on CP's skyline because of TTD and MF but I'm sure it'll still be amazing!


The Dive Machines seem to be one of B&M's only models that haven't lacked the old school intensity in recent years. Of course Banshee was a nice return to form for B&M!


I just noticed that this would be about 500 hundred feet longer than any other Dive Machine built so far. I wonder what they will do with the longer track length?

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At first I wasn't too excited about the idea of a dive machine, but assuming the proposal from the news paper is true, I definitely am very excited! Just for fun I drew up (on paint) a fake layout.



Basically in my renderings the theater and both car rides are removed (Dorney Park gets the old car rides of course.) Calypso is relocated to make room for the coaster's queue and station. It is relocated to where the skyride plaza and marina entrance meet up. The area around the queue and station is remodeled in ordinary CF style, which includes lockers, gift shop, and a food stand.


The coaster departs the station and makes a 180 degree turn to the right. It then climbs the 233' lift hill at as steep angle. Once to the top it then makes a turn to the right where a holding break teases rides looking straight down into a tunnel which travels under the marina entrance. The coaster reaches its top speed of 80mph right before flying through a large immelman loop. Next, the train soars back down towards the ground right before entering a 360 degree overbanked turn (similar to Sheikra.) From there you now enter the midcourse brakes. Next is a second 90 degree drop the dives under a splash pool which teases the riders into thinking they're going under water. After the tunnel you encounter a second inversion this time a diving loop. After that the track twists its way through an overbanked turn to the left which ends up flipping riders upside down and then through a downwards spiral to the right. The rides grand finale is speeding through a splash pond where onlookers get the chance to interact with the ride by getting soaked by the trains massive splash. After that the train heavily banks and turns to the left low to the ground. Next are a few airtime hills with slight banking right before entering the final brakerun.


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^Heck I'm already in if they do a D10 train with a Zero G like Gardaland Oblivion. But a Dive for Cedar Point? I need to have a lay-out in front of me to get me excited on that thought, I mean I like dives but Cedar Point seems like a park that needs some more then just a 90 degree drop.

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The article says that the length is going to be 3635 feet - thats 400 ft. longer than SheiKra and 500 ft. longer than Griffon. That seems like enough for maybe an extra element but I wouldn't expect the layout to be too radically different from what we've already seen.

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Looking through the dive machines, this would be the tallest and fastest - what about inversions?

Yes, yes, and yes. This dive would take the record from Diving Coaster at Happy Valley (which is 10 feet smaller than this one). I'm assuming this would be faster than Diving Coaster since that's a ten-seater and this would be an eight-seater. Also the record for inversions is 2 (unless Baron 1898 has more). So the park could market this as the world's tallest and fastest dive coaster.

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I am intrigued to hear this new rumor regarding a Dive Coaster that may round out an already amazing lineup of coasters.


The price tag seems a little small to match the lofty details (rumors at this point...) being described so far. With that being said, I believe with three B&M projects in three years, and the fact that one of their newest concepts graces their new front gate, perhaps a heavy discount is being applied?


I have been avidly watching Oblivion 2.0 and Baron rising in Europe and was very happy to see not only that divers are making a comeback in the Western Hemisphere, but also that a zero g roll has appeared on Oblivion: Black Hole. Griffon is one of my all time favorites, but I always wondered if other elements were possible with the wider trains.


With Gatekeeper, Banshee, Leviathan, Behemoth, Rougarou, and Fury 325 being a big part of Cedar Fairs recent and potential success, I am pleased to see my favorite coaster manufacturer hand in hand with my favorite amusement park (and chain for that matter) I hope this project is real as I can't think of a more appropriate addition to Cedar Point.


Keep it up Cedar Fair! We love ya!

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I'm not much of a B&M fan so the possibility of a dive machine doesn't excite me. I would much rather see an RMC Mean Streak transformation or an Intamin wooden coaster. Whatever the new coaster ends up being I will ride it every visit whether I'm a fan of it or not.

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I absolutely love B&M Dive machines. Despite their short ride time they are a lot of fun to me and scare me a little bit the climb up and then the drop. I hope we can get some new elements into this ride. But after gate keeper I am not holding my breath or something too different

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