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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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This construction is really moving allong nicely its nice to cedar Point has not allowed the weather to slow down progress. I like that they are ripping the park lot instead of just placing the coaster on the parking lot


Of course they will remove pavement, SFMM has the patent on placing Roller Coasters on parking lots!!


I'm pretty sure they said it will be landscaped where the track crosses over the parking lot. Believe this was answered during a Q&A or something.

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The beach is already looking like it's re-claiming itself with a proper beachside. Amazing how horrible you realize a structure was when its gone. Sorry DT, you were one heck of an eye sore if really fun to ride


The throw back colours look awesome.


The hotel news. This is good and very exciting! Has anyone ever stayed in the Bon Air wing of the Hotel Breakers? Anyone realize why the price was substantially discounted compared to the rest of Hotel Breakers? 1950's school boiler room smell, must, no elevators. Hotel Breakers used to be a historic treasure until they expanded without giving any thought on how to keep it such or at least maintain some character while expanding and modernizing. They turned it into a sprawling mess of mis-matched parts. You have the classic rotunda in the lobby that gives you a sense that things will be great and then you go to your room where it just goes nuts from there. From the Bon Air nasty wing to new addition wings, you have the typical Cedar Fair build quality and bland/ no sense of anything/ sterile architecture that feels like a high school built in the mid 90's or simply, Breakers Express. Anything that they can do to breathe life in this area I'm sure will go a long way and is great long term planning.


Although the room was kinda sorta..ok very nasty, I have to say that the staff and service has been awesome at every Cedar Point hotel that I've been able to stat at.


The hotels at Cedar Point are great look at how Cedar Fair can sterilize the character out of anything through corporate blandness. I'm happy that at CW, the only signs of this are at least limited to the Coasters restaurant, the Behemoth entry plaza/ queue/ station and a few ride op booths. Since the change in leadership, we have Leviathan that blends into its area very nicely with an incredible entry plaza, sign, queue and station. It is far from being typical Cedar Fair-ish. There could be hope!

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I've only booked Bon Air once, but didn't actually stay there since due to being full they bumped us up to a tower room.


I normally book Sandcastle since it's a bit cheaper then Breakers, and the extra pull out couch works well for my group. Plus wall mounted LCDs instead of the 1980 era CRTs in Breakers.

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Looks like the other side of the immelman is going up!

^Did a double-check on that. Thought I was seeing double





Interesting video and photos on GateKeeper construction, very informing at first. Then ends with a GP statement



-nearly 600 pieces of steel set to be laid over a 100 day period

-180 footers

-1,000+ anchor bolts

-Testing is set to begin in April and last for at-least a month before human riders.

-Footers have been poured for the Zero-G/Inline roll. (But the same gate is still there )



EIDT: Apparently, multiple rides have their lighting packages in Yolo.....err full gear.

probably due to all the wiring just laid. Glad too see they're precocious.

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^Exactly what I thought when I saw it. The introduction of the gorgeous colors of Gatekeeper plus the colors of Windseeker which tie everything together really make for a fun, vibrant, beechy color scheme at the front of the park. I'm a fan.


Gatekeeper is looking great. I can't wait to ride it next season. It'll be exciting to see them construct the keyhole front gate. Definitely going to be the ultimate entrance feature.

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