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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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I scrapped my MARVEL ACTION PARK idea for something more broad and Universal Studios Escape was created... The park will feature many classics from Universal Parks and many new ones, here's the first update...


The airtime hill and a good shot of the prison. Look for more updates soon when the area will be themed up.


The flat spin goes above the entrance and in front of the marquee.


Out of the drain and up into the midcourse brakes, this area will feature water later on.


The underground diving loop into the sewers.


The massive cobra roll. Part of this area will be enclosed in a building, simulating an attack on a public works facility.


The zero g roll crosses over the entrance to City Under Siege. This area will be themed nicely at a later time.


This being B&M's second launched coaster, they went with LIMs this time to propel a floorless train out of the prison at 55 mph and down a carving drop picking up even more speed.


I have started theming here. The queue will explain the Cletus/Carnage backstory before winding through the prison stairwells.


The marquee.

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The supports are pumper's steelworx, the inversions are part of the extended coaster menu.


I put some more detail on Carnage and added a restaurant to the left side of the City. There will be many scaled skyscrapers on the right side for the dark ride.


Here is the tentative list for some of the attractions in this park...



-Maximum Carnage coaster

-Spiderman vs. Venom: Symbiote Showdown dark ride

-Dr. Doom's Fearfall

-Storm Force Accelatron flat ride



-River Adventure

-Dino Tours jeep ride

-(unnamed) flying coaster

-JP Discovery Center



-MIB Alien Attack

-Earthquake: The Big One


-Revenge of the Mummy coaster

-Terminator coaster


THE SHADOWLANDS (year-round Horror Nights)

-Pitch Black maze

-Run maze

-Scary Tales maze

-Screamhouse maze

-All Nite DrIvE In maze

-Ghost Town maze



-Flying Unicorn coaster

-Poseidon's fury

-Dueling Dragons coasters

-Explorer coaster


New cafe added


Transfer tracks and storage shed


Added water to the "storm drain"

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Yeah, I agree the area looks kind of hilly to be a superhero coaster, I'm adding a bunch of industrial theming as we speak. I'm going to turn that area where the coaster dives down from the launch run into a park to blend in with the city.


I've finished the storm drain area, I don't believe I know of this tubes pack but I would look into it, can I get a link? I've also begun work on the dark ride and its skyscraper facade. I put up a "public works" building in which the coaster drops through before coming up into the cobra roll. It's starting to look a lot more city-ish.


Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming, I take all suggestions seriously.


I like how this ended up.


The new public works building which breaks the cobra roll up from the rest of the ride.


The beginnings of Symbiote Showdown.(dark ride)


Another view of the city.


Marvel Comics: City Under Siege, starting to look more like a city than a natural area.

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Today I finished up the Spiderman dark ride, which has a mock skyscraper facade as seen in the screenshots. I've also added a gift shop near this building.


Per your suggestion, I have added a skyscraper inside the cobra roll which actually houses the "Dr. Doom's Fear Fall" ride. Theming has not been started on this yet...


The completed Spiderman show building and gift shop.


This building houses an Intamin gyro drop.


How's that?


A look at the improvements.

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It's a ghost train type dark ride, there really isn't much inside it yet. It's themed wall to wall but not where I need it to be...


You can all guess what my next project will be...


BIG project...


A peak inside Spiderman vs. Venom Symbiote Showdown

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