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  1. Do you think that maybe you could download the park so we can get a try at it? That would be fun!
  2. I found this randomly on YouTube and it is the weirdest, funniest thing in the WORLD!
  3. I like the coaster....but the MCBR could look better....and there are alot of land holes.....but other than that, i like it alot!
  4. The Prestige- LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! Twists and Turns...then more twists. 10/10!!!!!
  5. Not really..... Did you know more people are killed by donkey than by planes each year?
  6. What type of ride is in the last picture, and could you send me a link to where you got those stairs on the lifts?
  7. I like the logo, but it's just a little to brown; it makes the logo too dark.
  8. Yeah, I was also curious about this one. I live about 3 hours away, and I just want to make a day trip to SFGAdv and I want to go on as many rides as possible. The standard pass is alot cheaper, but the gold pass says that it cuts the wait time up to 75%. Is that true, and what would you reccomend?
  9. This might be a stupid question, but where do you get those stairs that go along the lift?
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