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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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I work three double shifts back to back from Saturday to Monday so it's very difficult for me to get on RCT3. I also don't want to rush the project, it will come out much better if I take my time.


Soon there will be a new update when I finish off the JP area and move on to the next project.

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Do you mean the Jurassic Park River Adventure? There's not much more I can add to it... I was thinking about enclosing the lift, but what on the ride do you feel needs to be finished? I'm always up for suggestions.


I'll probably do some work on the park tomorrow since I have the day off and the girlfriend will be busy.

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I should be able to get a lot of work done later tonight. I have downloaded lots of new scenery for the horror nights section as well as lots of new street theming to go back and polish off City Under Siege. Does anyone have any favorite HHN houses they would like to see featured? As this area will be next after JP...


So far I'm doing Pitch Black, Scary Tales, and Run. The best one sfrom XI, and the best one speriod... I'm open for suggestions.

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*Lighting added to Marvel Comics City Under Siege


*Final theming added to Maximum Carnage


*Pterosaur's supports and station have been completed. (Second floor added to aviary/jeep show building)


*Hollywood area takes shape, park receives its icon structure.


Once JP is finished and I've added the neon/lasers to City Under Siege, Dueling Dragons will be made, then Hollywood and THEN the year round horror nights area.


The last half of Pterosaur.


This coaster would probably rank right between Superman and Tatsu.


Pterosaur's station is in the second floor of the aviary/show building for Dino Tours jeep ride.


The back of the JP area... what's that in the background? The park's icon - The Hollywood Sign and the beginnings of the Hollywood area which will feature Jaws, The Mummy, MIB etc.


I think that looks better than what you'll see on the first page.


Maximum Carnage has received some theming.


Someone asked to see Marvel at night - here it is. More lasers and such will be added at a later time...

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Thanks for all the comments.


While I'm taking a break from building the place, I'm going over some options, let me know what you think an dplease include any suggestions for a Universal ride you might want to see, or perhaps tweak an exisiting ride...


*Terminator: The Ride-This will be a heavily themed indoor tracked robocoaster (which was originally going to be used as the Van Helsing ride at USO before Mummy was built)


*Spongebob themed waterpark, I don't really care for Spongebob, but I just got a ton of spongebob theming that looks pretty good. I may incorporate it into a small kids waterpark kind of like the one at USO themed to "Feivel".


*Need ideas on how to make a modern-day Jaws...


I've also been getting lots of coaster detailing parts to add to my exisiting coasters like launch fins, lift motors so al lof them will be detailed further.


For Dueling Dragons, both coasters will go down spiralling drops and perform their duels in front of the drops and down in the canyon. Towards the ends of the tracks, both coasters will take indepent sides of the lift hills before going for one last corkscrew duel and then hitting the brakes.

Remember, the wind dragon will focus more on inversions and aerial maneuvers while Earth dragon will stay close to the ground and feature tunnels.


Let's keep these ideas coming to make this a decent park...

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I love this park!


I love the idea of a Spongebob "Fivel" area


As for terminator i think it wold be cool if you did Van Helsing instead but it all depends on what theming is available


I would definately have a boat house scene in jaws like the real one and maybe a few small drops here and there... fountains and maybe lights underwater to look like blood?


Im extremly excited for Deuling Dragons! and i love that you are puting your own twist on these rides!

keep it up!

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