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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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^ Do you mean the little dip before the drops? I think I can do that easily.


I have no screenshots yet but the jeep ride is about half done for anyone following this park. I'm not going to take any new pictures until the entire JP area is done and I've made some new banners in photoshop.

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^^ You and me both, the DD project is more difficult than I thought it would be to get dueling spots down with perfect timing. The ride also has to be unique to its Orlando cousins so while the concept isn't new, these tracks will be. Theming will also be an important factor.


^As for the jeep tours, they came out pretty good, just needs some custom banners. I'm not about to show you a "naked" ride, it will be done within the next few days when I get a day off from all this overtime.


Sean ::stuck here for third double shift in a row:: Costa

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*Jurassic Park updated with Dino Tours


*Dueling Dragons lift hills fixed due to suggestion


Large t-rex (scene 8)


The last half of Dino Tours winds alongside the JPRA's double down drop. This area features several raptor animatronics.


T-Rex (scene 4)


The tour starts with a trip through the aviary. This indoor show building will also be adjacent with the "Pterosaur" B&M flying coaster's station to keep with the theme.


JPDT Station, watchtower, and show building.


The Jurassic Park Dino Tours jeep ride is located to the left of the area's entry and the JPRA.


More buildings have popped up in JP.


How's that? ;)


An overview of everything but Lost Continent.

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I kind of like the idea of having the ride winding above on the hilltop to the right of the path. All of the buildings will be on the other side and the scenery on the right, makes it seem like guests are actually in JP and not in an area cluttered with buildings.

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I'll get some new ones tonight, I'm going to finish off the JP area which means I'll be adding the B&M flying coaster PTEROSAUR and the Discovery Center. Dueling Dragons is a very frustrating project and I'm taking a break from it for a while. It's important I don't rush any of the rides.

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*Pterosaur coaster track is all in place, supports about 15% done.


*Pterosaur banners created


*2nd floor of aviary has been started (not seen in screenshots)


An overview of Pterosaurs layout before it's covered in jungle forever.


Pterosaur's lift hill, drop and pretzel loop. As you can see, I'm not very far along with supports or theming.


Pterosaur (B&M Flying Coaster) takes peeps on a wild flight through the jungle starting from the JP Aviary where the actual pteronadons are kept. This area will eventually be enclosed and themed as a second floor added to the jeep ride's show building. Th


This area looks terrible right now seeing how Pterosaur has hardly any supports and theming. There will also be another big building added (Discovery Center) and a smaller restaurant. Think of this as a BEFORE picture to compare to the way it WILL look.


As you can see, I'm trying to keep the coasters as far apart as possible. The Lost Continent is way up on a hill in the opposite corner from City Under Siege.

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