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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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Jurassic Park River Adventure is about 60% done, there's still alot of theming to be done and the show building is only about half done. There will be some great lighting effects in the t-rex room before the big drop.


The JP area will also have a jeep ride called "Dino Tours" that will focus on velociraptors, and a flying coaster themed to pterandons. There was orifinally a jeep ride planned for IOA that never made it, so I will showcase my take on it in this area. Keep in mind, this JPRA is not meant to be a clone of either of the existing rides, but again, what I would do with the concept...


Progress on the show building.


This area is coming along pretty nice.


My version of JPRA has a double down drop into the plesiosaur area.


JPRA still has no station, here I am just checking out some banners that will be used, they're not staying there.

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I'm getting the basics of the rides done first, then I'll go back and polish off any rough edges and add more details. For example, Marvel still needs a lot of touchups, and the first JP ride isn't even done yet. Everything will look nice for the download. I'm done with JPRA for now, more detail will be added at a later time.


Top of the show building, again - not finished!


A look up the first lift.


JPRA entrance and gift shop.


The area where City Under Siege connects with Jurassic Park.


A view of the JP area and the River Adventure.


Outside of the building is complete.


A look at USE so far.

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City Under Siege is officially done. The next rides will be the following


-Pterosaur (B&M Flying Coaster)

-Dino Tours (Jeep Adventure)

-JP Discovery Center

-JP Restaurant


When these are done, the next area will be Lost Continent and my take on Dueling Dragons, earth vs. wind. The coasters will be teal and green and will be based off the DD concept but have different layouts and two very different ride experiences. Earth will be a terrain coaster, diving through trenches and carving against the ground while Wind will focus on high aerial maneuvers. Both coasters will interact and duel just like the Orlando versions.


Here's a few random screenshots of whats been done recently.


Peeps seem to like JPRA.


The two new buildings are Storm Force Accelatron and the City Limits arcade.


Look's like Dr. Doom's Fearfall is more popular than Maximum Carnage.


More details added throughout the city's paths...


The completed City Under Siege!

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I say this is quite a good start for a park. Have you ever tried the David Walsh cheat then Ctrl+U to get rid of the GUI? Great for taking screenshots. Makes for great shots. Also, can you show us what the area looks like at night?


Overall, a pretty good starting block for greater work.

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Thanks for the comments, but yeah, it's good but not the best out there by any means. I think it will be impressive the week it's shined up with details before I release it for download. Here's what's happened recently with this project.


*Atmosphere music added to JP and CUS, makes the atmosphere a lot better.


*I had the jeep ride about 30% done when RCT3 decided to crash on me while adding palm trees, feeling a little frustrate, I saved the rest of the Jp area for later, and I may scrap the flying coaster Pterosaur as it seems too similar to one of my Dueling Dragons...


*I built up a hill on the left back corner of the park which will be Lost Continent when completed, Dueling Dragons (wind vs. earth) is in the very early stages of construction and will feature tunnels, mist pits, a massive castle station and not to mention precise duels.


Down they go...


The lift hills of Dueling Dragons.


I don't know if I'm satisfied with this logo yet.

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Very nice!


This is probably one of the best RCT3 parks I have never seen! Excellent work!


The entire Jurassic Park section is great! I think it would add a lot, if you use the real Jurassic Park song/soundtrack in that area (if you haven't already). If you don't have, I could send you it. (The JP theme).

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