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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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The Sound, I didn't have time to make the waterpark on my days off this week but it will be the next project after DD is finished.


Everest, My version of Dueling Dragons is teal blue and green because they represent a "wind dragon" vs. an "earth dragon" rather than fire and ice. Earth is more of a terrain coaster while Wind focuses on aerial maneuvers and inversions.


That castle is going to be a pain to build... I have no screens but all supports and details have been added to DD besides the castle building.

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Sorry for the long wait between updates...


Dueling Dragons is complete! I had to rebuild the entire castle because I didn't like the way it came out, and I wanted to perfect the "duels" the ride has so it took some time...


Next project will either be JAWS or the kid's spongebob water play area.


The dragons race for the final brakes.


Next update soon!


The final duel of the ride, flat spin/air hill over the pond.


A look at the station and queue house.


Dueling Dragons third moment of dueling is a dark helix through the castle's tallest tower. Earth dragon spirals down while air heads for the sky.


...but that's where the similarities in layout end.


Earth dragon and wind dragon take their seperate paths from the top of the lift hill just like the Orlando version...

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Thank you all for the comments, next ride will be JAWS and will be located close to DD's Immelman, in the lagoon of course. Still trying to decide if I want to put a weird twist on the ride or keep it basically the same, a mild tour boat ride or maybe a Jaws rapids ride?


Any ideas, thoughts? An entire area will be built to accomodate the ride and will also have several "boardwalk" rides throughout Amityville. (Ironically Jaws will not be located in the Hollywood section of the park, I'm saving that for Terminator, Mummy, etc.)

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I am just amazed at that wonderful scenery.


Maximum Carnage and River Adventure look outstanding. How did you make all the elements to the Symbiote Showdown darkride? I am trying to duplicate it for my own park, but it just won't work!

I think you should make your Jaws ride a rapids ride, but either way, it will turn out great. I have looked at those photos over and over again and they are actually making me swoon.

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Thanks for the comments, which effects are you talking about for the Spidey dark ride? There are quite a few... I would of course be happy to assist you, just don't know exactly what it is you're talking about.


In a couple of days all of these buildings should be highly detailed.


I've taken some suggestions and fixing up some of my blocky buildings with more detail.


Effects like this?

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I am planning to try to make my own Universal Escape type park, but I do not want it to be a total rip-off. Instead of a Spider-Man/Venom ride, I was thinking of the same type of ride, this time with the Fantastic Four.


Here's the plot.

You are a group of pedestrians looking for cover against the city's most deadly foes, and your only choice is the Baxter Building. However, when you enter, you discover you are prisoners of the extended Frightful Four, now the Frightful Seven. They have put the Fantastic Four out of action, and took the flying ability out of the Fantasi-Car. (The Fantastic Four are still alive, just locked up.) The Frightful Seven consists of Wizard, the Sandman, Trapster (Paste Pot Pete), the Red Ghost, and the Red Ghost's super apes. you board the Fantasi-Car, and are stuck in a battle to free Invisible Girl, the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, and the Thing and defeat the Frightful Seven.


As for the technology, I would feature screens (not 3-D, unless it can be done in RCT3) that show the Sandman shooting sand at you, pipes falling, the apes leaping on to your car, anything indoor dark-ridish with the Fantastic Four and the villains I listed in my plot. I am not absolutely sure what I want yet, but I will know eventually.


I have just started down-loading expansion packs, and I am not great at using them yet. Do you have any suggestions for making scenery like you made in the first picture specifically? (What would you download, etc.?)

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