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It's Hot!

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I drove from Atlantic City back to MA today. In Atlantic City, it was 92 when we left at 10. In Montvale (NJ/NY line... about 10 miles NW of NYC) at noon, it was 106. In Hartford at 2, it was 101. Here at home, it's 92, with a 78 degree dewpoint, and it actually doesn't feel hot at all after being in much hotter temps earlier.

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On 8/1:

Sandusky, OH (11:00 AM): 88 degrees- left Cedar Point

Dundee, MI (12:30 PM-1:30 PM): 95 degrees- stopped at Cabela's

Howell, MI (2:30 PM-4:30 PM): 101 degrees- stopped at outlet mall

Lansing, MI (5:00 PM): 98 degrees- just driving through

Grand Rapids, MI (6:10 PM-7:05 PM): 96 degrees- dinner

Muskegon, MI (7:35 PM): 90 degrees- just driving through

Manistee, MI (8:50 PM): 83 degrees- arrived at home


It was hazy, hot, and humid all day. A big front is supposed to drop temperatures from near 100 to near 80 by Thursday in the midwest.

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it has been as hot as 94 here in santa barbara, today it was a chill 83 degrees im very lucky to be here in santa barbara, and on the mesa too which is close to the ocean. it gets hotter downtown sant barbra than from where i live about 5-10 degrees

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This time last week my grandma called us and said it was 114 where we live

luckily at the time we were about 100 miles above San Fran, and it was oh, about 60 degrees thank god we missed the heat wave. Since we got back it's been cloudy and cooler....weird

The week before that however I had to go to a camp in Orange and I think it was about 106 or so....and we had to march outside

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Wow... I used to live in Albuquerque but I aint ever felt heat like today in Jersey. This is ungodly.


And I'm going jogging when I get home from work.



Its 82 here is Albuquerque


not sure where you lived in Albuquerque, but it reaches 100 maybe once or twice a year


Albuquerque is not Phoenix, were 5000 feet up, and we get snow

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I live in Tel Aviv Israel and here it's 34 degrees (something like 88) but the worst part is the 75% humidity which means you are walking inside a soup ... . I live from one aircondition to another in my house, car, office , cafe etc. It is impossible being outside noon.

I was in Paris 2 weeks ago and it was hot and horrible there as they don't have any aircondition so you're hot and can't do anything about it.

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