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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^I'm not sure the material, but whatever it was didn't last long. Kinda like the speakers *ducks* What I don't get, are guests ripping them apart? Or is it maintenence not being carefull when they inspect the ride in the morning? I do remember touching those when they were brand new (as I do with new rides at the park, just to see if they'll stand the test of time), and they seemed rather solid...not metal or anything, but they felt like fibreglass, not styrofoam. It didn't feel like I could just "rip" a piece off or anything. Maybe I don't remember correctly. But it seems there'd have to be some serious scrapping or hitting to get them to look that bad.


Sigh, sometimes it seems like there's nobody at the park that walks around on a daily basis and just "looks" at things to make sure stuff is staying clean, fresh, and new when it comes to themeing. And if they are, boy they miss a lot of stuff we all seem to notice!

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Yes, if there's anything the theming gods have taught us its that when all else fails, throw some trash and random pieces of metal and call it apocalyptic theming!!!


Excuse me...


One word:





The end.

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The parks website now says "Ninja is temporarily closed". They no longer list an approximate time frame for it to reopen like they did when the website said Ninja would reopen in "late April". Hopefully this is just a short delay.

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This is from SFMM Facebook page

Six Flags Magic Mountain More Fans - More Fun!

Six Flags Magic Mountain fans are invited!

This Friday - May 7th

For $23.00 you can play all day AND stay after the park closes to the public from 6pm-midnight!

Visit sixflags.com and use promo code MCHMAY for details and to purchase.

And don't forget to pick up your "Private Party Wristband" on Friday before you enter the park.

Also http://kroq.radio.com/2010/05/03/kroq-takes-over-six-flags-magic-mountain-win-ticket-4-packs/

KROQ takes over Six Flags Magic Mountain Friday, May 14th. We’re locking the gates with you inside. No crowds, no lines, just you and the rides.


Six Flags Magic Mountain is packed with things to bring out the Little Six in you! More Flags… More fun… Six Flags!


You’ve got two ways to get in. Listen to KROQ all week to win ticket 4-packs or enter now via the Street Team!


You guys remembers what happened last time, TPR took over the Kroq event. Edited by trcg721
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Wow.. FB replies are an excellent source of entertainment..


There is a constant redundancy with Six Flags fans on FB, and it revolves around the word 'free'...

In response to the private party:


-Can play pass holders like myself attend?

-u'd think us season pass holders would also be allowed to stay till midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously cold!!!

-Can i use my pass so i can stay till midnight?

-season pass holders are considered... "THE PUBLIC''???

-thats cold

-What if you are a Magic Mountain fan, but you also have a season pass. Would you still have to pay the 23 bucks?? I hope not, you guys are awesome! Hopefully awesome enough for that haha. Tell Kyanti I said hi too!!!





Ok.. I'm ranting.. I guess I feel that the park is closed at 6pm; if you want to go 6 more hours, pay $23.. whether you have a pass or not. I am so used to Disney's prices, where a pass that is actually decent (summer/weekend visits) is about $300.


It's sad.. $60 is such a bargain.. without any blackouts.. yet people still bitch about twenty bucks or so.



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Does the park ever have season pass only nights? If so, the people on Facebook really don't have a reason to complain. Great Adventure is having Coasters After Dark this Friday where the park is open from 5 - 10 for Season Passholders only (the park is open during the day just for school trips) and I figured SFMM did something similar.

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^You know that if you go on a weekday this time of the year you can get an near empty X2 station with half empty trains all the time. I have gotten a solo ride on one of the sides around 2:00 PM. That is why for me I don't find the passholder night to be a big deal.

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