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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I agree with Jahan, i hate it when ride ops have mobile phones at their posts.


When i was at Oakwood they had mobible phones and mp3 players, this really got me a bit cheesed off. Because they could be listening to their favourite song and mischeck your restraint and cause you to fall out. You never know.


Right time to start ranting on another forum.....

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Well, SFMM doesn't look *that* bad in this one. Hopefully they're improving (at least from Robb and Elissa's last trip.)


The A&E show thing does look really tacky. I think the V2's are getting the overlay also, as is Medusa as SFMW...


Anyway, nice pictures!

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If any ride Ops has a MP3 or Mobile Phone in their hands while working in the control room / area they should be reported, it's so dangerous if they mis-check your OHR and something happens.


Good idea to have a 1 thead for a park as this will def cutdown on the notes posted.

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Ok, since its for all updates, here is an update from yesterday. Operations sucked, they ran one train on tatsu most of the day. The fastlane line was fortyfive minuets to an hour long. DejaVu only had three opps and they were all messing around. They were letting people come up the exit ramps to ride and there was no one asigning seats. Every one prety much floded the station which ment no one could use the single rider line. Every thing else was just ok. Oh, and to top it off some one pulled the fire alarm in tatsu and it took at least forty minuets for some one to come and turn it off. My ears felt like they were bleading by the time i got on. Expect another crapy update saturday.

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Check it out they took down the building for future enjoyment wall in front of flashback.

I also saw mechanics working in the station.


Holy crap, I don't think I've ever seen it without that wall up.

Cool... I hope they're actually doing something with it.... riiight....

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