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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I will be there that day. Hopefully for your brothers sake X2 will be open. In 08 and 09 there were no lines on Super Bowl Sunday, so I will go either way but no visit to SFMM is totally complete without riding X2. According to weather.com it is supposed to rain in Valencia next weekend but hopefully the weekend after that will have good weather.


10 day forecast for Valencia, starting today. http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USCA1182


^^ Psyclone and Flashback are the only coasters I have ever decided to stop riding due to how much pain I was in after I rode them. They are my two least favorite coasters ever and I am happy both of them are gone.

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According to the parks website X2 is currently closed. The ride closures on their website are not always accurate though. When I went on 1/10 Goliath was open but the website said it would be closed. Also, when I was there in December Deja Vu was open when the website said it would be closed. If anyone goes today or tomorrow I would be interested in their findings.

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Today the following coasters were closed:


- Ninja

- X2

- Deja Vu

- Scream

- Superman


Ninja and Vu are down for the Winter. X2 is waiting on some random part. Scream and Superman may just have been temporarily closed for the day.

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^^^ Thanks for the info. Five coasters closed is a lot, even if Ninja and Superman aren't that great anymore. The most I have ever seen closed at once is four and I have only seen that happen one time. That was in Feb, 08 when X2 was being remodeled and Scream, Deja Vu and Ninja were also closed that day.

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^Judging by how fast they constructed Terminator, I'd imagine that it'll stay a plot of dirt for a taaad bit longer since I can't imagine it takes that long to build a roller skater or a ride similar to one.


Speaking of it going up quick. What are the odds of it being up and ready for WCB??

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I took yet another of my unplanned trips out to SFMM today. The first lot was just over half full, so I figured the park wouldn't be too crowded. Sure enough, as Elissa mentioned before, Ninja, X2, Deja Vu, Scream!, and Superman were closed.


During my four-hour visit, I got the following done:


Tatsu - 2 rides.

Batman - 2 rides.

Terminator - 4 rides.

Riddler - 1 ride.

Goliath - 1 ride.

Revolution - 1 ride.

Viper - 1 ride.


None of the wait times exceeded ten minutes; in fact, most were walk-ons and Batman and Terminator were re-rides without getting out.


The park closed at 7pm, but I was out by 6:30.



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^Yes, but at the time was there a park that wanted it? Cedar Fair is just relocating Demon Drop because it is much cheaper than purchasing a brand new ride. Cedar Fair gets to save a little money, and Dorney gets a new ride yay! Besides Demon Drop was listed for sale for how many years? No one wanted to buy it.

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