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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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That would actually be better than the "my family comes here too...keep the park clean" they have on trash cans and the backs of employees shirts!


"A Summer Job at Six Flags...Better Than Nothing!"

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Went to the park today. Plenty of line jumping from summer camp kids and their camp counselors were just letting it happen, Full Throttle had a 5 minute wait around 2PM, the ride-operator at Sandblasters was horrendously slow being distracted on his cell phone, and Revolution is in bad shape. Seriously, there was duct-tape holding the queue together. I think Revolution should be the next ride to get a rehab. Overall, not the best day at the park, not the worst.


Also saw 3 stilt walkers. One being a Parrot maybe, another from the Lion King Musical, and a Pirate.

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Was thinking of heading to the park Tuesday the 30th because I'm in the mood for a "Better than nothing day" but what has YOLOcoaster's lines been like this summer?



I was at the park this past Tuesday and later in the day the line was about an hour to an hour and a half. But they are moving fast with getting trains in and out of the station.

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I understand that there are significant flaws in the way Six Flags Magic Mountain conducts itself, but come one! A theme park with 18 roller coasters and a series of world record holding/holders, I think we're being way too harsh. I'd love to live near a Six Flags Magic Mountain. Instead, the nearest roller coaster to me is a old wooden wild mouse 300kms away. The likes of Superman, Tower of Terror II, Arkham Asylum and so on are over 1100kms away! I think some of you are perhaps taking Six Flags for granted... I agree there are some improvements that could/should be made, but please, see it from my perspective where Six Flags Magic Mountain has more roller coasters than the whole of Australia put together!

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Anyone else notice (what looks like) the return of Riddler's missing train? Was it shipped back from NJ? Thought I saw it by Scream!


It is too bad that there is no chance for some sort of transportation ride to return to this park - this park, more than many, needs it AND they're just nice to have. In the "old days" it always seemed nice to have a "ride" that everyone could go on (most every ride at the park really requires you to "have" to be a ride person)....I know, I know, the park is FOR people who want to ride - but there are still plenty of parents/grandparents that tag along that end up just spending time sitting on a bench/holding jackets/watching the stroller!


On a somewhat related note, anyone know what the status of that old kennel down the road is (the one where the guy had rescued a bunch of MM relics)? I know he "temporarily" went out of business, just wondering if all of the stuff is still there?

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