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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^1 train in the bay, 1 parked in the far station, 1 running. Annoying.


X2 audio is still unreliable. Only a few speakers working on train 3. The other one was better - didn't catch the number.


Drop of Doom queue house is 3/4 full. Not bad.


One more quick spin on Goliath and we're out of this toasty park. I have an obnoxious queue jumper tale for later.

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Went and rode LL:DOD tonight. The ride broke down right when we got to it. The riders were raised about 10 feet and then stopped. They brought them back down and had to cycle empty twice before letting people back on. Took about 15 mins. I choose the Single Ride line and waited about 25 mins. The regular line was just inside the queue house and the sign said 1 hour.


The ride is amazing, you really don't realize how high it is until you're up there. I sat on the outside seat and felt like I was just out in the open especially with the restaints being so freeing. You can literally lean forward out of them and look straight down, it's crazy. The drop seems to go on forever. Halfway down I realized we're still going and then decided to scream.


Overall a GREAT addition to the park. It seems mostly everyone coming out the ride had smiles ear to ear, high fiving and saying they can't wait to ride again.


Last note, as I was waiting in the single rider line, I counted about 15 people who chickened out at the last minute before riding.

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We finally got over there about 10 minutes before opening. Discover card people were walking over there when we were going up for the first time lol. I was able to get 4 rides in before people got over there from the 10:30 opening. We all asked for any sort of way to get something out of it since pretty much all of us only came to the park today for the ERT, but it was pretty much "sorry but not really" from them. It seemed like they didn't start tests until 10:00. Even S:EFK was testing at 9:15.

However, the ride is AMAZING. It seems like it never ends. The audio is great and we didn't drop until the whole sound byte finished. It really is like an "over the shoulder lap bar". I'm about 6 foot 2 and the OSTRs/handles didn't even touch my shoulders. I like the side facing DC Universe more. The outside seats are also much better IMO. Operations once we finally got on were great; they were running through checks. The whole DC Universe area was DEAD after park opening (I got a 5th ride of Lex at opening). I then headed to Green Lantern with my friend where there were 0 people in line! No flipping (although it was just us two, one on each side). The park seems fairly clean today. I'm looking forward to the single rider line on Lex at night today. Sorry for any typos, I'm on my phone...

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Went to the park this morning but missed the ride preview, although from the sounds of it I didn't miss much if it didn't open till 10. That's kinda lousy of the park IMO. Anyway, I went straight to Lex at 10:45 on the dot. Also as an FYI for anyone trying to use the single rider line, once I got to the ride they told me the single rider line didn't open until Noon.


So to waste some time I rounded the park one time and went on a few coasters. Lines for Colossus, Scream, Batman, Riddler, Superman, Goliath, Viper and Terminator we all practically walk-on before I left at 1:30. Operations were fine, and the park looked clean. X2 and Tatsu had long lines. Also, enforcement of loose articles and using lockeers was non-existent, which is fine with me. People were putting bags and souvenir cups on the side of the stations just like back in the good 'ol days.


Finally made it to Lex around Noon and got 3 rides waiting 5 mins max each time via the single rider line. The drop is great, and the trip up the tower is fun too, it seems like it never stops! On my first ride I got lucky and had a Superman car go up the tower just as we were getting to the top, and the tower shook pretty good. I think my favorite part of the ride is slowing down at the bottom of the drop. The forces are very strong, almost Goliath-helix-like and kinda make you realize how fast you were going and how quickly they bring you to a stop. It is a VERY long drop. Definitely re-rideable, definitely fun, and definitely thrilling. Funny side note, twice I heard guests mention the height of Lex. They were commenting how the ride didn't actually take you all the way to the top of the tower like they thought it would.


Tried some strawberry Dole Whip over by the former Log Jammer, and I think I found the best deal in the park. You get a huge cup of Dole Whip (with pineapple, mango, or strawberry flavors) for $3.49, or $3.80 after tax. It was very good, and I was surprised how big it was, but I couldn't even finish it all!


Overall I had a great visit to the park, but as a warning for anyone who may be visiting anytime soon, it was 98 degrees, so wear light clothes and drink lots of water!

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Lex didn't open for us until about 10:20. the dole whips are less than $3 with an extreme pass, and it really is a large amount. Tried the new flavors here for the first time today. Tatsu is running with one train for whatever reason. The second train is in the second half of the station, with the third in rehab. It would have been nice if they had a sign up before my friend and I got in line. I'm still in the park so I can get a night ride on Lex.

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Yeah any word at all about this supposed record breaking, uber maverick SFMM is opening?

Im stoked to finally go to Cali next year and after 10 years Ill get to go to Magic Mountain!


I dont usually bother with a drop ride but that Lex thing just looks insane!

Says it falls at 85 mph!? Epic

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One train on Tatsu? Does the park realize its July?

I THINK they do. They're still sprinting through Lex as they were this morning. I also finally got a drop when I was falling as Superman was going up the tower! It seemed like they were just having problems with the second train on Tatsu as the whole ride kept breaking down throughout the day and they had someone looking at the second train.

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This ERT on drop of Doom is amazing! It's 10:10am and still haven't been let into the park.


If any of you have the ERT voucher later this week, I suggest not even comming as the park is clearly not prepared.



Typical Magic Montain.

That's really disappointing to hear. I'm going Friday for the ERT.
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