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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Rode LLDOD 3 times today. Really great ride! For the first time I ran straight to the ride and waited about 30 minutes. The second time, I waited a total of an hour and 50 minutes due to 3 breakdowns. The third time I used the SR line and got on in about 25 minutes due to another breakdown. When I left an hour ago the wait time was about an hour.


Post any question here and I will answer!



Full review coming later!!!!


I don't know if it's just me, but Supreme Scream and knotts doesn't give the same drop ride 'feeling' as other drop rides, such as the old Freefall ride. It feels more like a rapid descent than an actual zero-gravity freefall.


Maybe it's just me and I'm crazy.



Which drop is more intense... the S&S compressed air drop or the literal freefall intamin gives?

Does Lex Luthor five that true dropping feeling? The lose-your-stomach-cant-breathe-all-the-way-down feeling?


It was broken about 15 minutes. There were about 20 people in front of me in the SR line. The queue is air conditioned, but not very well. I was still really hot in there because of all the people.


As for the ride...

Yes it does give you that feeling in your stomach. And on my third ride, I was lucky enough to get synced with Superman (which was running great by the way) and wow does that tower shake! It wasn't swaying too much but the vibrations were intense! It made the ride so much better! The spiel at the top was all in sync today and there were no problems. When the ride broke, it was because the catch car would get stuck at the top of the tower after the ride dropped. Maintenance was on hand and all was fixed nice and quick. The operations were really good too! What fascinated me though is once the ride was clear to launch, the ride operators had a key and a lock to the gates that riders used to enter and exit. Every time the ride would cycle, they locked the gates with the lock and key. Wonder why they had to do this. I must say the scariest part in my opinion of the ride was when you are about half way up the tower and the brakes end and the ride speeds up as it climbs. The drop was really fun and I had my hands up by the third ride. It is a great ride and the they kept the line moving relatively fast. The ride is on the Flash Pass, but Platinum only (not sure about an upcharge). The line is 1 hour to the door of the queue building. The queue works like this: you wait through the switchbacks inside and then they have an employee stopping the line at the end of the switchbacks. This is where Flash Passers are let in (they come in through a door just to the left of the slingshot game). Then a long hallway is left open and the line backs up again right at the door to go outside. When you are in the inside queue, you can't really hear Superman at all. When you are outside, it isn't too annoying. After the line goes outside, you will come to a junction. This is where a ride op will put you in row 1 or 2 (for each side). This is where the groups of 8 are made. If when all the people that go back do not add up to 8, single riders will be placed in one of the 2 lines. Then there is a 2 car wait from there. Since everybody is already in groups of 8, the ride loads really quickly. This was all really thought out and designed very well. I saw Neal, Tim, and even the Ice Queen out at Lex. Tim and Bonnie were just there in the morning, and Neal was there all day. Also, if it makes anyone feel any better, in my opinion the ride looks a lot taller from the ground than it does when you are at the top. It is a great ride and totally worth it. It's not one of my favorites, but it easily makes my top 10 rides at the park.


Again, feel free to ask any questions.


Edit: And the harnesses felt perfect! No pain whatsoever, and you did have a lot of freedom! You wouldnt have even known that The bars that went over your shoulder were there unless you were holding onto them.


Sounds great! I can't wait to get back to Magic Mountain. From other reports it also sounds very re-rideable which is important to me. Sound like the queue line is organized well, and a little a/c won't hurt either. I'm always a single rider, so I'm looking forward to that. A shaking tower at 385' - OMG!

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^Excellent video--the best one I've seen of this ride (loved David/Spears ride and all the other angles). It's cool when it syncs up with Superman.

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^My son and I are set for the Monday AP preview - our confirmation emails arrived this morning. I'll try to post how it goes.


I'm already nervous! (Which is completely awesome - it takes a lot for a ride to give me the twitchies.)

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I was pretty ehhhh about Lux Luther but after looking at the video I'm pretty excited to ride it in August.


Don't like drop towers much but the views and it being on Superman I'm going to have to force myself to ride.

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I remember "back in the day" when people were saying MM should get a drop tower and many thought it would never happen, and at the same time Robb once 'hinted' of the idea of putting a drop ride on Superman- many thought it was impossible.... and look where we are now.

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The ride looks really great, and that was a slick video! I'm really proud of MM for doing that make-over and addition to the Superman tower. Looks like a great ride combo. Thought it wasn't shown in the video, the audio at the top is a nice touch, too! The 4.5 second free fall looks absolutely nuts. One day I will get to Valencia. One day.

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It is really freaky the way the tower sways every time superman is up there. Being at the top with that must be intense!

Now that Lex is there, the tower doesn't really sway. It still does a little, but not as much as it did before.

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It is a great ride and totally worth it. It's not one of my favorites, but it easily makes my top 10 rides at the park.


Your review, and that part in particular, cracked me up. So a 400' free fall tower that you JUST gushed about is 'easily' in your top 10....AT THE PARK!?!?! I know the park has a lot of coasters, let alone "rides", but just putting it in the top 10 is funny!


That video montage put together by TPR was GREAT....don't skip it if you think you've already "seen it all" in other videos. The helicopter shots along with all of the rider reactions was great. I don't know if the park put that part of the package together and released it, or if you guys edited it, but nice work!


Do we know if there really IS more stability (less sway) with Lex on the tower? I'd love to see a video of it visibly swaying....and/or shaking....as I don't think I've ever noticed it when at the park in the past.


Anyway, everything seems to have been executed pretty damn well!

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At the park, X2 is still my favorite, then Goliath, the Tatsu, then Lex, then Superman. So #4 at the park. Haha. I didn't think it was worth the nearly two hours I waited for it one time, but it would easily be worth 45 minutes to an hour (which is what the wait was like today I'm hearing). It's a really fun ride and worth checking out. And you MUST ride in an outside seat at least once!

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I may have been the only one to notice it yesterday, but I really enjoyed the music played inside the Lex Luthor building. I didn't recognize any specific songs but it was all very motivating orchestra music - one of my passions. Did anyone else notice it, or know where it might be from?

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Got back from a very long, hot day at the park today. Medium crowds, and hit all the rides perfectly. Longest I waited all day was the hour for LL:DOD.


Waited about an hour for Lex, starting at about 5:45. Was walking out the exit just before 7:00. Very impressed with the queue and how it all turned out. The a/c was blasting inside the line (that of course everyone crammed inside the building). The things all over the walls and theme stuff was fun to look at as you circled around the inside in the switchbacks.


I was surprised for the amount of people in the park that the line wasn't longer. But there were a ton of people waiting at the exit who I'm assuming didn't want to ride, and a ton of people that were probably turned off by the intimidating wait inside the building. The line moved surprisingly fast, and operators were on their game. Never saw a single empty seat on Lex all day.


At around 3:30 or 4:00, LL:DOD broke down. I was in line for Superman at the time. An op came into the cave after they had announced that there would be an "extended delay" and explained something had happened with LL that was causing them to not be able to run Superman simultaneously. I exited the ice cave with pretty much the rest of the tunnel. Rode Ninja, sat down for a couple minutes, heard Superman again, and walked on. I never did figure out what the problem was.

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I'm sure you get that freefall feeling as the ride starts, but does it actually go long enough where it stops? And you just get used to falling? I've always been curious about that.


You get the free fall feeling the first half of the drop, then the second half you're just thinking, "when is this thing going to hit the brakes!?" It seems like you're falling forever.


Before I blab on about the specifics, here are the main observations:

1. The ride experienced mechanical issues quite a bit. Pretty much every time I was in line there was an issue at some point. Luckily most of them were minor 10-15 minute delays.

2. The most frequent problem was the catch cars not returning to the station after dropping the gondolas. (Happened four times at least)

3. There was one major two hour delay during mid-afternoon. (the one JJ referenced above)

4. The crew they have working there does a great job.

5. According to Neal Thurman, there is no plans to take out the SR line for Lex Luthor. The reason I asked him is because the main SR sign said something like, "This attraction has a single rider line today." The word, "today" got me a little curious if they only plan on doing it during the busy parts of the season or something.

6. The average wait time for the SR line was around 20-30 minutes (including the mechanical delays).

7. Some of the general public need to take a lesson on what the SR line is.



I managed to get on Lex Luthor nine times total. We got to the park early, jogged to the ride, and got on about the 5th cycle. By the time we got off the ride, the line was at about to the front door of the main queue building. We went on some other rides and then came back for another trip on Lex about a hour-and-a-half later. This time we went straight to the SR line, which had NOBODY waiting in it. I got on the ride within about five minutes.


We went on some more rides, then the rest of my group had to head home. I decided to stay and get some more rides in through the SR line. I got to the line (which had about five people in it) and that's when the major delay happened. I still don't know what happened exactly, but one of the ride operators was holding about a foot-long piece of severed cable. The cable was very thin, probably about a quarter inch in diameter.


One-by-one mechanics filtered into the station area until there were about eight of them all looking around at the ride. They seemed particularly focused on the back of the catch cars. They brought a ladder out and had one of the mechanics climb up in the little cage and go up both sides of the tower slowly to inspect the ride (this was the reason Superman was delayed.) Overall this delay lasted around two hours or so.


The most frequent delay that happened (four times that I witnessed) was the catch cars not returning to the station after it dropped the gondolas. The good news is these delays only lasted about 10-15 minutes. They would call in a mechanic and lower the catch cars at a relatively slow pace. When the catch cars reached the bottom, they would run one test cycle and reopen the ride again.


One thing that I thought was pathetic was some people's behavior in the SR line. As LaMapa said earlier, the way they have it set up is people in the main queue go through the building, get stopped, and released outside in clusters. The outside portion of the main line usually had about 25-35 people waiting at a given time. Right next to the main line, there is an area where a ride assistant in charge of the final groupings walks up and down looking for groups of 2,3, (etc) to fill the car.


Every time I waited in the SR line, there was usually at least one douche bag who would repeatedly yell to the ride assistant something along the lines of, "Come on! That's what we're here for! Use us to fill the seats!" It even got to a point where I apologized to the kid on behalf of the SR line who was just trying to do his job and keep the main line flowing as best he could. I guess some people have a hard time grasping the idea that single rider line is for when a SINGLE seat becomes available.


Overall, there were a lot of mechanical issues, but most of them were minor and dealt with swiftly. The loading crew does a fantastic job and works very fast. As for the ride itself, I don't want to over-hype it too much, but get to SFMM and ride this thing!

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