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  1. I took my first whirl last year and I think that will be my last haha. The area looks fun for what it is, but compared to the rest of the park it just seems odd to be on a well-themed parking lot carnival. I love Dinosaur though and as many times as I've been on Indy they both still feel like two different experiences to me which is awesome.
  2. I live in Hayward which is almost in between both parks, though I'm a bit closer to Great America. I would suggest looking at hotels in Emeryville, Oakland, Hayward, Union City, Newark, or Fremont. As I listen the cities going left to right, you get closer to Great America. Six Flags requires you to cross a bridge so I recommend getting that out the way and staying in the cities I listed. Without traffic from my city I get to Six Flags at about 45mins-hour. Great America is only like 25-35 minutes, I drive a little fast though Dublin is great too as Coasterbill stated but Dublin is about 15-60 minutes out the way East depending on traffic. Unfortunately, going that way can have the worse traffic in the area if you plan on hitting the parks on a weekday. That whole are is full of affordable homes so you have everyone driving towards San Fran & Oakland in the mornings for work, then it's just as bad when everyone heads back in the afternoons. You'll be fine on the weekends though it's just about 15-20 minutes out the way from N880 freeway that would lead you to both parks. Edit: I forgot the parks are only open on weekends now but so my traffic warning would only apply if you go on Fridays. I'm not sure how Sixflags FF is now as I actually stopped going due to them running it horribly a few times. If they still do wristbands, get those right away. I remember having to wait almost an hour one time due to them having only one person at each wristband booth.
  3. I'm going to have to do that next time. I've always loved rides on Riddler's but my last visit last year I couldn't stand it. Both my friend and I complained about the head banging and we both have multiple earrings which I probably didn't have on my previous visits. It was pretty painful as we kept getting stabbed by them. I'll have to push my shoulders up like you suggested next time.
  4. I chuckled at the irony of this too, but I know there were other factors at play with the Dragons removal. Is it irony, or is it Universal recognizing how much people loved having dueling coasters and deciding to bring back the experience in a new ride that's less dangerous and more importantly, less in the way of Harry Potter? I agree. People loved the ride & it will be great to bring something similar back. There are reasons for DD going away & clearly this isn't the same type of dueling coaster in design. Meaning, two trains aren't coming directly at each other so loose items wont come directly towards your face. Dueling coasters these days seem more like coasters chasing or wrapping around each-other, which I'm sure this one will be more of. Like Twisted Colossus or the still in development West Coast Racers at MM. Dueling Dragons was much more head-on with the dueling. I'm beyond excited for the new park. The hub area has a sci-fi theme going on & I have no idea what it is but I like it!
  5. You can only book up to two weeks ahead. I'm hoping to snag some good reservations times tonight at midnight as that will be the start of my two week window.
  6. Second train not even in sight today. Wonder what happened to it. SFDK never ran two trains on Kong or Roar besides the summer months over the past decade I've attended, which would make me pretty frustrated in the off-season. Even with the park crowded on a summer day you'll get on those rides quicker than going in the off-season. It is unusual for them to have one train in the summer though I hope this doesn't start becoming a habit as well. Oddly enough, I've never had a break down on V2 & it's open nearly every visit I've attended.
  7. This is what I'm thinking too. They did the same things with Waterworld Concord, which they did previously own before. I'm pretty excited about finally attending Waterworld this summer after not going since the day Six Flags sold it.
  8. Wow I’m beyond excited to see Dinosphere return. Used to be my favorite ride ever as a young child. So much that I actually cried coming home one visit because we didn’t ride it that day. I was so devestated haha. Would be awesome if the Dino’s in the queue came back.
  9. I agree. I’ve had 2 great experiences with FP+ and one decent experience. The only downside was it is a little difficult to be spontaneous with FP+. My last visit was during a busy season & we didn’t know we were going till weeks before. When I can book my rides, it does make me a lot more relaxed though which I love. I book my coasters at night & get to relax until then, riding attractions that are not as popular. I know it’s not a good thing, but because most of parks don’t have much in quantity of rides, I’m usually able to book the only rides I feel are must-see attractions and everything else is bonus. That’s going to change in a few years when all the additions are open. At Disneyland it would be more difficult since the park is stacked with rides. At Disneyland I’m usually the one running around to get Fastpasses for the family & it can get a bit annoying. If the Maxpass remains $10 during my next visit I’m definitely planning on utilizing it. Seems so worth it!
  10. I agree. But to be fair, I don't think I would buy at all if it were twice as much. I'm a full-time college student and full-time employee who doesn't make much and yet I make more than my friends. It's actually specifically why the reason I have a Sixflags pass this year as opposed to Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair is a bit different, well at least Knotts is. You have plenty to do there for families & I'm not sure if SFMM can compete with that market. They are known for coasters, which obviously attract tweens to coaster-loving adults and families who can't afford the Disney/Cedar Fair option. From where I live, many people only can afford to go to Disney every few years or get a cheap Cedar Fair pass specifically in their area (for me that would be Great America). But no one ever has a problem going to Sixflags. So to suggest for the pass to be twice as much will definitely be great for the park, but I think they would price out their main customers. I would love for them to be charge more for it to be a better park, but then my stomach just dropped cause the thought of it means I probably will not be able to go or take my friends, which I was recently able to convince some friends to do in January thanks to the cheap pricing. I'm just glad I have options between parks, as when I have a good year I definitely get that Cedar Fair pass.
  11. My first thought. This ride would have been absolutely perfect for a sky-themed park. Oh well... I think an Up-themed ride would be very appropriate in this park at least. This is Tokyo, I'm sure what they come up with if the rumors are true will be nothing short of amazing. Pretty excited at the thought of a 3rd park in this location.
  12. Totally agree! I go to SFMM frequently because it's dirt cheap and they have awesome coasters. If I want anything more, I'm glad Knott's and Disney are nearby. I've expressed the same exact feelings. Only helps that they've been improving the park & their older coasters while remaining cheap as hell. I literally could not ask much more from this park while asking them to remain at their current price.
  13. ^Missed that, my fault. That’s awesome though thanks for sharing that link I’ll be using it from now on.
  14. Short answer: no Long answer: no, but regarding that second part, use Queue-Times instead of the app, it pulls data from the same source but If you're not sure if a ride is closed long term or if it's temporarily down for a short mechanical issue, click on it, go to "Last Week" and use the interactive chart. For example: Batman the Ride is closed right now. If I click on it I see that it opened with the park (I think this website is on EST by the way) and has been down for the last 50 minutes or so. If I click on Green Lantern, I see that it hsn't operated in a week (I assume that blip on the 25th was in error). Right now it seems that Green Lantern, Apocalypse, Slingshot, Sand Blasters, Scrambler, Tidal Wave and Jet Stream are all down for extended maintenance. Goliath might down too. It was oddly down all three days I visited 2 weeks ago. Not sure what the status is for it today. I honestly think the best bet is to just call before visiting.
  15. This event looks like a blast! Made some friends waiting for Diagon to soft open, and even if your not too familiar with the movies the fans & enthusiasm make it even more fun. They were having wand battles waiting for the soft openning and it was pretty funny to watch. My parents and brother consider FJ their favorite ride and they don't know much about Potter. Those costumes are great! It would be hard for me to tell who's an employee and who's not. I can't believe Delores's outfit was actually smoking. I'm sure once the new Potter ride opens I'll finally try to make a trip the event.
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