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  1. So is Batman backwards going to be open during Fright Fest just like colossus backwards, or is it going to be open backwards later in the season? And will colossus stay backwards after Fright Fest because they always have it backwards but they never announce like this so i would assume it's going to stay backwards for a longer period of time?
  2. Thanks! I didn't want to wait in line for 3 hours and then realize I cant go on And does anyone have any pictures of the FT plaza at night? I really want to see how the lights look!
  3. Are the FT trains the same as the S:UF trains because I heard that it's hard to fit on the S:UF trains if you're tall
  4. Actually JB's BBQ near the rock climbing wall and riddlers revenege is pretty good, and I haven't heard anything bad about it!
  5. Are these kinds of trains okay for people with long legs because I remember somebody saying that the trains for S:UF weren't and then reading that these are the FT trains are the same as S:UF trains
  6. thrillcapitalinsider.weebly.com/1/post/2013/02/rumors-of-new-small-additions.html "It's rumored that all Six Flags Park are to be getting new attraction including what they announced last August." I hope MM adds some good flats, they'll probably add it to the new themed area
  7. I think that MM should just redo Goliath and turn it into an airtime machine kinda like I305 just as long as they dont get rid of that helix! imo it'd be a lot better than redoing colossus so many people got upset about them taking out LJ imagine refurbing Colossus Or they should just pave Scream and put an airtime machine there
  8. Yes, I got the Six Flags Loyalty Program Survey (in the words of Tmcdllr, a food survey ) ....darn, I was hoping something related to the 2013 coaster! Me too! Did you get the survey about full throttle i didn't and nobody really posted what it said and its killing me!
  9. What makes everyone think that they're going to announce Full Throttle on aug.30th?
  10. You can still comment on photos, and plus if there was an issue like getting sick from the food it would make more sense to call the park, most of the things that people post on Magic Mountains wall is "Green Lanturn sux itz s00 stup1d itz a waist uv tim3" or something stupid and irrelevant haha
  11. What kind of ride do you think Magic Mountain is going to put in Deja Vu's old place i think its gonna be something like dare devil dive it just seems appropriate for that area
  12. Did anyone here take the survey that had to do with full throttle a while back? If you did, what did they ask on it? I read that full throttle is the name for the sling shot and that the ride where LJ used to name ends with force, he couldn't remember the first part, and that the six flags facebook page asked what the name for their new 2013 coaster should be and what color it should be, the top names were Super Nova and Cataclysm and the top color blue i read all this here
  13. Sounds like something magic mountain would do, funtime does make a slingshot that big so why not
  14. I went on superman on opening day for ll:dod and it was horrible in there, normally the air is running but it was so hot and it smelled horrible, i really hope they start running the a/c in there
  15. those ads have been there for a really long time i'm surprised they're still there! why else would supports be there, for decoration? lol
  16. A roller coaster^^ I thought we already went over this, I don't think full throttle is the name of the sling shot if that's what you were wondering
  17. That's funny, there has been no confirmation or announcement of anything. Uncalled for. It seems like a safe assumption that a park builds the rides that show up on its property, save a few examples of old rides being transported and left to rot. Brand new ride parts seem likely to be built, so pardon me for expecting that to be the case. You are pardoned. So it's not so much they are putting this up as it is they are likely putting this up. Is and maybe.... hmmm. But why and if this is going in did nobody see this coming? Maybe the FT rumors were just a distraction for what is really going on.... this thing! Actually i read a rumor on Six Flags getting a slingshot and that it wasn't going to be an upcharge ride but i thought it was a false rumor until i saw this haha
  18. So is full throttle going to be an intamin ride? Because those look exactly like intamin supports, i really think that's an interesting color scheme for full throttle
  19. those definatley do look like intamin supports *credits to FrightFest1408 or on youtube Psyclonechoaskid(SFMMCrazy)*
  20. They looked nothing like I305 supports when I saw them! They didn't even look like Intamin supports! That's what I'm saying! They look like sky screamer supports
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