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  1. Jason lee, in My name is Earl and Mall rats , Strong Bad, Jay, Slient Bob, Dante and Randal.
  2. Sue, I find that to be true in MD, Va. People love going slow in the fast lane. While here in NJ, If you travel 55 North to 42 we have that infamous two to one lane that backs up for miles coming home from the shore. I've learned to drive right next to an 18 wheeler and coast along with them blocking both lanes. By doing this no one can cut either of us off and it makes for a better transition for the both of us. I see trucks do this all the time on 1-80, 76 and 95. It's called common courtesy
  3. ^ Plus you can get some wicked blisters on your pinky finger, go figure. 8 ball cover up was crazy the night of ERT on Great White.
  4. Here I'll help you out with some pictures. I pretty much made a credit run on my way to DL. Hopefully next year I'll spend a little more time to do the water park and Flat rides as I had a lot of fun on the Bobsleds. Welcome to Seabreeze. The Cache location 100ft from the park .It's the old pool from the 30's Action Shot of Whirlwind. Full layout. The craziest ride in the park. Those of you who heart Lift hill shots. More of Jack Rabbit's layout Flyer's, that I skipped. The Rabbit's station.
  5. Speaking of your avatar ...You didn't ride the best bumper cars ever? Looks like you definitely need to go back for them, maybe for PPP!
  6. BGE BGA carrowinds Rye LC Gillans pier Jenkinsons Casino Pier SFGADV SFA TGE Knoebels Kennywood Idlewild Hoffmans PKD Wildwood Astroland Deno's Black Beards Keansburg
  7. It all went downhill after they removed the dark ride and bumper cars. Oh, wait ...it was really the day Jack Rabbit crashed that the park started to fall apart. I still heart J2, but that's really the only ride I go on. And as for Mr Neptune, the whole ride is built over water. That's what makes it so special.
  8. It had a reason, It was old and parts were hard to find. The cost to keep it open wasn't worth it. It's the very same reason all the first generation drop towers ( Stuntman's Free Fall ) are being removed or sold. Oh , btw... I'm glad you enjoyed Lake Compounce. If you get the chance go back in late September for even better night rides on BD.
  9. ^ I really don't think those other three people would sit and look over the edge of the pool knowing there was a ghost behind them. Instead they would of looked around the corner to get their money's worth. Other then that, it's something I would definitely check out if it was closer. If your ever in Philadelphia come check out the Eastern State Penitentiary for some orbs.
  10. You gave away the secret of which the Treasure cave strives on, nobody really knows it exists. If too many people do find out about it ... they might actually remove it. It took me two visit to even find it
  11. I sat in the middle , front row! Ride the front row just for the views alone. If I went back again I would try for an end seat, front row.
  12. If it weren't for those huge trees , I'd swear you were at Story Book land here in NJ.
  13. Wow, don't use that map. It's hot here in Jersey as well in the summer time, lol. Ok, Of course I'm going to say Sfgadv but that's because it's close to everything else. 45 mins : Seaside /Keansburg/ Jenkinson's/ Bowcraft/ Coney Island 1 hour : Clementon lake park/ Wildwood/Ocean city NJ./Rye Playland/Sesame place/ Jeepers 90 mins: Dorney/ Blue Diamond park 2hrs : Hershey 3hrs: Knoebels/Ocean City Md. 4hrs: SNFE/ Lake compounce/Quassy/ Kings dominion/lakemont/Delgrosso's 4.5 hrs: Busch Gardens/ Water Country Usa 5hrs : Kennywood/Idlewild. But if it was me, I'd go to Cali cause I'm so tired of these parks.
  14. Pick a nice overcast day and go midweek. If not... take Larry's advice as it gets pretty crazy on the weekends.
  15. What exactly are you looking for? It would be hard to narrow it down to one persons signature with so many members. Williams grove closed in 2005. The auction is this September.
  16. Very nice photo's ! I really need to get back to KI's as I missed FOF and Top Gun. Plus now the addition of x-flight and Avatar it's almost a whole new park to me.
  17. Great shots from the Ferris wheel, I never ride that thing. I rode BD earlier this year and still think the part before the on ride photo feels like the train is going over railroad tracks. It's smoother than the potholes last year , but that feeling is so odd and fun. It's great to see zoomer's finally open as well.
  18. How can something so funny, turn into something so serious. You're talking about 12 years getting 12 tons of steel delivered to build a f#$^^ loop ? Come on, don't take this so serious. It's a commercial and a very good one at that!
  19. While waiting in line for my first night ride on Kingda ka it broke @10:59. Usually they send you home , but not this night. I was lucky enough to be sent to El Toro at 11:10pm Again being Lucky, I sat in the Front Row. This had to be one of the fastest laps I have ever been on. The lift still clunks and speeds you up 3/4 of the way until the train is one length from cresting the top. At this the point I've ridden it were it either crawls around the turn, or it's going around five or eight mph. While ridding in the back earlier that night I still got the same feeling as being pull over from the drop and slamming my thighs into the lapbar. Let alone that crazy Ejector air coming over Rolling Thunder. (you know the part where it actually seems you might get tossed out and land on Kingda ka) Well, that's still there as well as the insane speed the train picks up going through the twister part. Did I mention they sent us around a second time that night. Both rides were incredible and so far my most enjoyable to date. This is also being said after I rode a dozen or so times on Media day which were good , but no where compared to what happened last Saturday night. Will I miss the speed around the turn, sure ! But... did it effect the ride after the drop, No.
  20. I also got the same message Katie and Mark. 3 people all with the same story, how can it not be true? Unless it's the Coastermania Hoax of 2007?
  21. I've been to Rye twice this season and I'd say the dark rides and Bumper cars are worth the trip alone.
  22. ^ I don't think so . I rode Apollo on the 22nd of May and it was Blah. Even last year when I was looking to ride for the first time it wasn't that great either. I think it's one those coasters that gets over hyped, but that's just me I guess. No harm, No Foul. Oh! Nice P:tr by the way.
  23. Three words... Kumba, Montu and SheiKra. It's an easy choice. The best rides at BGE are Da Vinci’s Cradle followed by Escape from Pompeii. Both parks are great, you won't have a bad time at either one. So... what are you waiting for, flip the coin already
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